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January 29, 2023

Editor's Note: Normally today I would publish an article about the January 25, 2023 Claremont City Council meeting.  However, I am not going to do that today as that article will be published next Sunday.  Today instead I have published the next article about the Claremont Fire Department regarding how most Full-Time Claremont Firefighters are not responding to emergencies both here in Claremont and for Mutual Aid Emergency Calls in surrounding communities.  As you all know I work a full-time job and I research, write and publish these articles  in my spare time and I simply did not have the time to do both articles this week so I made a choice and I believe after you read this article about the Claremont Fire Department and learn about the severity of the situation and the impending consequences if nothing is done, I believe you will agree that I made the right choice to inform the public, the City Manager and the City Council about this crisis now instead of waiting another week to do so.

Three new articles published today.

Article #1

Article #2

Article #3

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