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  • Greg (Sunday, October 01 23 06:34 am EDT)

    Koloski will win and has done nothing wrong.

    You shouldn’t talk about private investors here, they read this forum. Greg & Mark are the most important people in the town to get behind your campaign as they answer to Whipple.

  • Gary (Saturday, September 30 23 09:53 pm EDT)

    Nice try fake user David. It is election season so here we go with all the same rehashed bullshit that has not mattered to those that actually like the TRUTH. Good thing he is not a tenant in Claremont Savings Banks new building with the large abatement they received at the same time. Same with the Peterson Mill building. He worked at Walmart once so that is probably why all of the Walmart stores filed for abatements and won. With everything tossed at him you simple minded knuckle draggers give him way too much credit. Must be the most powerful nobody in this city.

  • David (Saturday, September 30 23 08:54 pm EDT)

    Here is a little more truth. Jim Sullivan broke the story about the Topstone building getting a sweetheart backroom deal with a tax break of over $250,000 of our tax dollars and a property tax abatement of nearly 80% so the property owners no longer pay their fair share in property taxes making all of us pay more in taxes to make up the difference and the story about how the off-duty firemen were not responding to fire calls because they are working second jobs instead and they do not care about public safety or the lives of the people in Claremont. Koloski covered up both so do not believe for a minute that Koloski is any kind of a hero instead Nick Koloski is a big zero who has been on the city council way too long representing special interests instead of the citizens he is elected to represent.

  • Truth 102.5 (Saturday, September 30 23 06:42 pm EDT)

    Common response of this forum. Everyone in the community is mindless and is not allowed any opinion different than any other on this forum. Be forwarned if you have a different opinion on matters or agree with Koloski or Stone you are just Koloski or Stone. Carry on.

  • Matt (Saturday, September 30 23 06:36 pm EDT)

    I love the mindless of Claremont shit talking Stone and Koloski on here, have you idiots actually watched a meeting? The both of them are the only ones who actually have something to bring to a discussion. Maybe we should go back to the old days of see no, speak no and hear no evil. I will be voting for both of them once again.

  • Truth 101 (Saturday, September 30 23 06:18 pm EDT)

    Stephen W. is Koloski trying desperately to defend his noble character.

  • Stephen W. (Saturday, September 30 23 06:14 pm EDT)

    Dennis, if you followed the details closely and didn't just blindly accept the narrative, you would know that Koloski voluntarily stepped away from any discussions related to his landlords. My wife and I personally inquired with him about this, and he publicly stated that the city mishandled the situation and should have let it proceed to court. So, your accusation lacks a solid foundation and is untrue.

    If Mr. Sullivan had taken a thorough and impartial look at the Topstone abatement and compared it to similar cases filed in superior court for the city of Claremont, a consistent pattern of property over-assessment would become evident. A simple visit to the City of Concord's website reveals a link where property owners subject to any Brownsfields program can request a reassessment, a state offering that is not prominently advertised by the City of Claremont or similar programs. Interestingly, there is record of owners of Topstone requesting their file, which disclosed prior owners also seeking tax abatements. Obtaining these files under a 91a request, I found that they contained little to no supporting information for the city's assessed value. In fact, it included false details about a large walk-in cooler attributed to a previous tenant, the "veggie guys," before Topstone Holdings acquired the property. Additionally, it inaccurately listed chainlink fences and storage trailers as taxable items, which, by law, they are not. I tend to agree with Koloski's perspective that the city should have allowed the matter to be decided by the Superior Court, which could have potentially led to more than just tax abatements and could have corrected other city wide errors.

    Before sharing information on a forum, it's crucial to consult with someone knowledgeable in law and verify the actual facts. Initially, I was puzzled when I first learned about this situation, but I calmed my concerns by seeking out accurate information that is available to anyone who makes the effort to request it.

    Regarding Koloski's involvement in the matter that supposedly involved not whistle blowing to firefighters not responding to call-ins, it's essential to consider whether he raised any ethical concerns that may have triggered the response it received from city management. My understanding is that he was directly connected to this issue being resolved, which may explain the appointment of a new Fire Chief. This perspective is shared not only by the former Chief but also by the current Chief. Perhaps reach out and ask them.

  • AI (Saturday, September 30 23 05:51 pm EDT)

    Why stop at Limoges, Stone and Koloski? O’Hearne has become a mess and now it seems he has two buildings being demolished on his street, coincidence? You also have our very own assistant mayor who works for one the largest landlords in Claremont and she also sits on the planning board, nothing to see there. Mr. Batchelder is the mayor’s neighbor. Take a good look at the names on the list, Zutter is the walking billboard for special interests. Jonathan Hayden has been hand picked to run against Stone and we all can guess who he serves. Huse is advising on the crackhead cab guy in town and seems to have an agenda of his own. Let’s not forget Joel Trembly, the former police commissioner fired by the council. Bet he is nothing more than a puppet with someone else pulling the strings. Giosi list O’Hearne’s address in case you didn’t notice. Thank god Contois and Mooshian have finally done the right thing.

  • Dennis (Saturday, September 30 23 05:31 pm EDT)

    I will take a stab at that question. Mike you are right about Stone. Koloski is the building manager for the Topstone building where all of his businesses are so do not tell me Nick had nothing to do with the city government granting the property owners tax forgiveness of about a quarter of a million dollars and a huge property assessment decrease a few years back. Nick also was a big backer of the local firefighters as he is one of them and do not forget that he hid from the city council that the firefighters who were off-duty were not responding to fires in Claremont and in other communities requesting mutual aid. This went on for several years with mutual aid companies from other communities picking up the Claremont firefighter's slack so these greedy firefighters could work second jobs set of keeping Claremont residents safe. That weasel Nick Koloski kept silent about all of this because he thought more of his buddies in the fire department then he did the the people of Claremont he is supposed to be representing. Limoges is just Jon Stone's bitch vote exactly as Stone tells him to do. Limoges serves the same masters as Stone. Koloski and Stone and Limoges all need to be voted out of office for the good of the taxpaying public.

  • Mike (Saturday, September 30 23 05:05 pm EDT)

    What special interests do you think these incumbent councilors serve? Jon Stone is clearly in the pocket of GBRB investments but what master does someone like Limoges or Koloski serve?

  • Koloski Fan Girl (Saturday, September 30 23 04:00 pm EDT)

    Koloski is obviously going to win.

  • Bill (Saturday, September 30 23 01:11 pm EDT)

    Some of the new candidates are clearly being pushed by special interest groups that have lost power over the years. This should be an interesting election either way.

  • Steve (Saturday, September 30 23 12:39 pm EDT)

    Interesting lineup of candidates for city council. I was happy to see some competitive races because the incumbent councilors need to be ousted from political office. Jim Sullivan is right about the fantastic news of Jim Contois and Matt Mooshian not running for reelection. Already two fresh faces guaranteed for January with the potential of throwing Debora Matteau, Jonathan Stone, Nicholas Koloski and William Limoges all out of political office too. If the Claremont voters do this right we could replace two thirds of the city council in one fell swoop and maybe return the Claremont city government back to the people instead of to the special interests that the current city councilors are all pandering to.

  • Jim Sullivan (Friday, September 29 23 06:22 pm EDT)

    Special Report!

    The Claremont City Council Candidates List is published on the News Flashes page of this website. See which incumbent Councilors decided not to seek reelection!

  • Jummy (Friday, September 29 23 08:42 am EDT)

    We know because he has a unique was of looking at the world and writing.

  • From Headquarters (Friday, September 29 23 08:07 am EDT)

    @ Jummy
    And how do you know Donk doesn’t post here? Without any credibility he/she/it could be doing like all the cowards do. Just change your name.

  • Jummy (Thursday, September 28 23 07:33 pm EDT)

    Jim doesn’t even write his articles, he uses an artificial intelligence text generator.

    Donk doesnt post here because we scared him off.

  • The Jig is Up (Thursday, September 28 23 12:25 pm EDT)

    Tyler, they don't want this to be a forum in which you must validate your identity. That wouldn't allow those who write articles to use aliases to show fake support for the outlandish claims they make.

    The purpose of this page is solely an effort to make others believe that the authors have any level of support.

    Let's be real, this is Sullivan, Gauthier, and Maranville with a few people who know what those three are up to and call it out from time to time.

    Verifying identities would show exactly how few folks pay attention to this mess, and that would be bad for business, in their minds.

    Jummy, Generation X is far too smart to engage with the Boomer set. We'll just wait for them to die and then fix the messes that they've created. Tick tock, tick tock.

  • Tyler (Thursday, September 28 23 10:36 am EDT)

    @ Jim Sullivan,

    It would be great to have this forum more functional, such as forcing users to authenticate themselves and possibly even moderating. Not everyone wants to be on Facebook and those related Claremont sites. Your site could be quite a useful and interesting tool for citizens of this town. I understand you work and have limited financial resources. "Disqus" is a common platform for a discussion board and does force verification. To have it with no ads is only $12/mo.

  • Jummy (Wednesday, September 27 23 12:11 pm EDT)

    Gen X and Milennials couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper towel.

  • Joe Osbaad (Wednesday, September 27 23 12:05 pm EDT)

    I enjoy it when Joe Osgood wakes up from his slumber and shows his true colors. Not sure how someone so small has gotten too big for his britches, but here we are. That guy is just another boomer that needs to walk away and let GenX and the Millennial set take over and get the many ships he has steered off course, back on.

  • Jim Sullivan (Wednesday, September 27 23 11:51 am EDT)

    Breaking new, We weren't talking about Donald Trump

  • Jummy (Wednesday, September 27 23 11:06 am EDT)

    Prove it! Baseless claims and accusations!

  • Nick (Wednesday, September 27 23 10:38 am EDT)

    Jummy is Nicky boy

  • Agree With Breaking News (Wednesday, September 27 23 10:11 am EDT)

    Although I don’t agree with the assistant Mayor on many things. I do respect her commitment to getting the job done and working with those that are in it for the same reason. Unlike the faceless con artists on hear I believe she would not post without identifying herself.
    Fruit for thought.
    A con artist will do everything to hide their identity when in the con mode. They will do everything to shine a light on their so called good deeds. When close to being exposed they will come out swinging at those that have them figured out. Even to the point of total off the wall statements to take the attention off them. Many people are coned by these people.

  • Jummy (Wednesday, September 27 23 09:30 am EDT)

    No she doesn’t!

  • Breaking News (Wednesday, September 27 23 09:23 am EDT)

    Deb Matteau would use her real name, unlike little Nicky.

  • Harold (Wednesday, September 27 23 05:47 am EDT)

    Yeah, sure. We know who it really was. Deb talks about this site all the time in private conversations.

  • Oy (Tuesday, September 26 23 09:27 pm EDT)

    Harold, Debbie R posted. Deb Matteau is assistant mayor.

  • Harold Caron (Tuesday, September 26 23 07:35 pm EDT)

    Why is Deb the assistant mayor posting on here anyways?

  • John J. O’Connor (Tuesday, September 26 23 07:08 pm EDT)

    Joe O,
    I completely agree with you, Jim has absolutely no influence when it comes to local or state elections but he does help keep those we elect honest with his inquisitive investigations.
    I wish more people used their legal names maybe then we could have a serious conversation. As long as people can remain anonymous this site will never be more than it currently is.

  • Joe o (Tuesday, September 26 23 06:24 pm EDT)

    Debbie you’re barking at the wrong people. Jim has never been able to have any influence in the real world. This is a fantasy site that allows Jim to be a biased journalist and pretend to be a mover and shaker. It also allows a few others like John J a place to vent without doing any harm.

  • Debbie R. (Tuesday, September 26 23 03:34 pm EDT)

    Someone clarify for me. Who has Jim Sullivan ever taken down with this dribble? I once asked Mr. Koloski about this page and Mr. Sullivan. He didn't have anything negative to say. Same about John O'Connor and Joe Osgood. He respected them for giving of their time towards their once elected positions. I really thought that was a good response where one might tear someone down especially since he is often attacked by Mr. Sullivan and this page. That wasn't the case. Everyone can assume things until you get to know someone or ask them directly. I always find it is best to ask directly. I certainly hope more people run for positions. I can't imagine when you are trying to do what you think is best for your community being dragged through the mud is very fun. On the Nicki comment. I really don't think that is very kind Joe. I have seen it over and over here. That was something I mentioned to him. He wasn't offended. He said his late Memere used to call him that growing up and it brought back fond memories. Have a little respect Joe. The kid certainly has some for you. I expect better.

  • Union insuder (Tuesday, September 26 23 11:40 am EDT)

    Did you know that when negotiates with Unions we actually have to say no we don’t want that much.

  • Kim (Tuesday, September 26 23 11:34 am EDT)

    Koloski is untouchable. Jim has tried for years but cannot get to him. He is the only one Jim has not been able to take down.

  • Suh (Tuesday, September 26 23 10:07 am EDT)

    Becky, the Nicki is because a couple posters always assume anyone who disagrees with them on here is really Nick Kiloski using an alias lol

  • John J. O’Connor (Tuesday, September 26 23 09:44 am EDT)

    I think what Joe meant to say, there are a lot of people that post here under phony names and those that do that, are cowards in his opinion.. they are also cowards in my opinion too.
    It’s perfectly OK to question your elected officials but use your God given name if you want some respect.

  • Becky (Tuesday, September 26 23 08:42 am EDT)

    If you are trying to insult someone Joe Osgood don't spout off in code. Be the god loving man you preten to be. I used my real name. You know me personally and are normally dismissive to me despite me being respectful. What is this Nicki comment and calling me a coward. It doesn't surprise me as you act holier-than-thou and above everyone. You disagree so you name call? Very mature Sullivan County Commissioner. Be sure to say hello when you tour the new build again. You so far have been rude to me twice on the job site. Your true colors show when you get a little ruffled. A coward is dismissive of others opinions. I see you didn't counter any of my actual points instead going straight on the attack. Is Nicki supposed to be an insult? Is that some attempt at gender shaming? I think you meant to call me a Karen perhaps.

  • Joe Osgood (Tuesday, September 26 23 07:39 am EDT)

    Back at Becky/Nicki
    Just let it play out.
    No name
    No face

  • Puckershire (Tuesday, September 26 23 03:47 am EDT)

    Hey Jim, what did the wetlands scientist have to say about the property when he visited the area? I am sure you must know? Every good investigative journalist investigates both sides of the story before he confirms he has one, doesn’t he?

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, September 25 23 09:16 pm EDT)

    I have received a tremendous amount of calls begging me to change my mind so I’ve changed my mind, I will file this Friday for the position of Mayor.
    Thank you for your support.

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, September 25 23 06:14 pm EDT)

    The filing period for open Council seats does not end until this Friday. The list I published this morning is only those who signed up so far. The final list will be published next Sunday.

  • KEN (Monday, September 25 23 05:22 pm EDT)

    NOBODY is running for ward 2 all the money spent on shit for brains cuntois and he's not seeking re-election neither is Kawalski this should be interesting.

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, September 25 23 04:32 pm EDT)

    Joe, the article I wrote was about what occurred during the September 13 Claremont City Councill meeting and that is precisely what I reported. Presumably you are upset because one of the owners of the abutting property next door to Mr. Davis' property has the same last name as you. Also, once again I will state that I am definitely not running for any of the nine open Claremont City Council seats and I have no intention of conducting a write-in campaign. Phony posters are saying that I am running so please do not pay those comments any attention. Thank you.

  • Gary (Monday, September 25 23 03:48 pm EDT)

    Savoie and Huse will be a winning combination for city council.

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, September 25 23 03:43 pm EDT)

    Please write my name in for Mayor.
    I appreciate your support !!!

  • J. Oconner (Monday, September 25 23 02:59 pm EDT)

    So nobody is running against any the mayor or assistant mayor, stone or ohearn. No wonder they don’t answer or pay any attention to this publication.

  • Save us from Savoie (Monday, September 25 23 01:12 pm EDT)

    Gary Savoie is SO educated. Just ask him, he's the only subject he excels in. Claremont needs Gary like it needs more muck raking keyboard warriors.

  • Becky (Monday, September 25 23 12:32 pm EDT)

    Joe Osgood and Jim Sullivan a few councilors do have the facts so instead of having a question and answer session during the public forum they are able to rely on the hired manager to do his job. During the break Don Davis did get an earful. Not everything has to occur on television. This isn't Jerry Springer. Fact is Joe Osgood is connected to the land and always should probably have taken a deep breathe and not weighed in on here. Fact is city doesn't need to be involved with a civil matter besides DPW entering private property. City will deal with that. Have a great day. Oh and how do I know. I participate in my city government and when I have a question I directly contact councilors and ask. Sure Jim will just call me a troll. Joe will tell me I am wrong and then I can just counter with the number of times Police have been involved and the court. The accusation of cover up by Joe according to Mr. Davis. All things that are bs and do not need to be the city of Claremonts issue and dealt with by my tax dollars.

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, September 25 23 10:50 am EDT)

    I have faith in the Citizens of Claremont and I definitely think there are enough that know how to write to make my election a real possibility.
    I appreciate your support, please vote for me in November!!!!

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