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  • Scott (Wednesday, July 06 22 02:38 pm EDT)

    With so many city employees causing more problems than they solve it is no wonder that the city is in such a mess today. Our biggest problem is that the city councilors are all going through life with blinders and rose-colored glasses on because they are too afraid to confront city managers with terrible job performance. They seem more concerned about their reputations, political careers and not stepping on any toes than making the difficult decisions to well represent the citizens. I think the reason why they avoid decisions so often by tabling them to a future meeting is that they are avoiding offending large segments of this population because that could affect their chances for reelection.

  • Diane (Wednesday, July 06 22 01:24 pm EDT)

    The potholes around Claremont are growing in number and none of them seem to be drawing the appropriate attention from the public works crew. Do any of them know how to fill a pothole? Why are these potholes not being filled so motorists can traverse Claremont without ruining their vehicles? What are we paying such high taxes for in Claremont if we are not receiving even the most basic level of services? Why do our nine city councilors ignore this problem? If they cannot get potholes filled then what good are they and what hope do we have for them to achieve any other results that would be more difficult to reach?

  • Joe (Wednesday, July 06 22 12:26 pm EDT)

    Tyler has a great point.
    The school budget is Claremont's biggest enemy, and needs o be addressed and lowered
    Administrator cuts should be the first thing where cuts need to be made, as well as other cuts to lower the massive school budget.

  • Wrong again, losers (Wednesday, July 06 22 10:13 am EDT)

    Chief Chase isn't going to be the next city manager. He seems to be very much looking forward to an early retirement and enjoying life outside of the public eye.

  • Bill (Wednesday, July 06 22 09:03 am EDT)

    Tyler is 100% Correct, the SAU 6 budget needs to be under city control. The schools are all in Claremont, and the budget is out of control.

  • Rod (Wednesday, July 06 22 08:28 am EDT)

    Says a bunch about comprehension skills. Dollar General always build where there is a Walmart or do they choose smaller towns that lack such? When you are trying to make a point maybe do some homework.

  • Tyler (Wednesday, July 06 22 07:54 am EDT)

    Nothing wrong with holding city officials accountable, but I tend to think Mr. Sullivan doesn't have all the facts before he goes on a rant. I cannot believe how much he has belabored the point of a $100,000 per year subsidy at the transfer station, which actually benefits Claremont residents, when the school budget is so wildly out of control with vastly more waste and corruption. For example - Sullivan trashes the DPW for selecting the high bidder on a sewer truck when he really knows nothing about WHY that bid was chosen. It would not be unreasonable to find out why the high bid was chosen, and far more responsible to get more information before trashing this decision. Yet by the same token, the school district purchases buses by people who know nothing about what makes a good school bus or not. This is evidenced by the recent purchase of propane-powered school buses, which cannot travel to athletic away-games because of their limited range and lack of refueling infrastructure. There is also a question of safety and longevity. If there was a solar powered or battery powered bus, you can bet these "woke" education officials would buy a fleet of them, even if they needed to be charged halfway through the normal morning school bus route. Bottom line: the school budget is what the people need more control over, not the city budget.

  • Joe (Tuesday, July 05 22 11:30 pm EDT)

    John J O'Connor, everybody knows who to blame.
    A restaurant owners who isn't able to provide a nice place inside to eat, so wants to seat his customers outside on the sidewalks.

  • Mike (Tuesday, July 05 22 11:23 pm EDT)

    Adam, save yourself and don't move back to Claremont, move to Cornish and save money.

  • Carla Rogers (Tuesday, July 05 22 09:29 pm EDT)

    I’m so tired of having to read all these stupid comments. This forum should be to discuss Jim Sullivan’s writing and ideas and that’s it.

  • Jason Dobert (Tuesday, July 05 22 08:13 pm EDT)

    Well, everyone knows splash pads are lame, so that’s why that didn’t happen! I’d rather have TP in the park bathrooms. Maybe someone can donate some TP.

  • John J O’Connor (Tuesday, July 05 22 07:28 pm EDT)

    Can’t wait to see all the projects that are on paper actually being constructed.
    I’ll believe it when I see it.
    I remember when the administration promised a children’s splash pad in place of the outdoor pool, I assume that’s one of the projects the planning board is working on .

  • Clancy Derrill (Tuesday, July 05 22 06:59 pm EDT)

    Dollar General couldn’t compete with the businesses in Claremont. Go check the records, you’ll see record construction.

  • John J O’Connor (Tuesday, July 05 22 04:53 pm EDT)

    Clancy … where is all this new construction you’re talking about?…. I appreciate the hard work the Planning department is doing or trying to do but they don’t control the tax rate.
    Dollar General puts up buildings overnight and they bypassed Claremont to build one in Newport and another less then 10 miles away in the middle of no where.
    That should tell you all you need to know. The proof is in the construction.

  • Clancy Derrill (Tuesday, July 05 22 04:24 pm EDT)

    New construction is non existent? Maybe go see the building department. you’re crazy. They are busier than ever.

  • John J O’Connor (Tuesday, July 05 22 03:30 pm EDT)

    The state will never institute a Sales tax, it would never gather enough support from the southern border towns that benefit from Massachusetts consumers.
    I do agree, it seems Claremont is at a financial tipping point but it’s obvious the City Council will never agree to layoffs.
    Closing the Transfer Station would be a good start but the savings are just a drop in the bucket.
    Claremont needs to lower their combined budgets by at least 7 million dollars to be in the middle of the pack as far as tax rate is concerned. The reason you are seeing new construction and business’s relocating to others areas and not Claremont is solely because of the tax rate.
    Claremont will always be struggling to provide basic services as long as it tax rate remains high and new construction is non existent.

  • Donk for mayor (Tuesday, July 05 22 01:30 pm EDT)

    All of it can be fixed with a sales tax.

  • Tim Mulligan (Tuesday, July 05 22 12:34 pm EDT)

    I agree with Donk but would add that the school system needs to be completely re-thought out.

  • Donk (Tuesday, July 05 22 11:46 am EDT)

    The plain truth is is that Claremont can no longer provide the level of services it has in the past.The infrastructure is completely going to shit in a last ditch effort to maintain the payroll head count.Meanwhile the people that do work for the city are asking for raises, and they are probably due decent raises.

    We can pay people decently if we eliminate some of these services by reducing head count.If we eliminate the dump subsidy,move city hall into the community center, and eliminate a full time fire department we just might have enough to maintain city infrastructure the way it's supposed to be.
    The citizens of Claremont do not have any more money for taxes so let's get real about what needs done for the city to survive.

  • adam (Tuesday, July 05 22 06:14 am EDT)

    i am moving back to claroemnr any recommended neighborhoods/landlords?

  • Ronk (Monday, July 04 22 10:24 pm EDT)

    Sure buddy. Sure ya do you powerful man you. Loser

  • Donk (Monday, July 04 22 07:00 pm EDT)

    My life is better than most. My apartments are good enough to raise the rent and make more profit than I care to divulge. I have a tremendous amount of influence.

  • Ronk (Monday, July 04 22 06:17 pm EDT)

    Donk you have zero influence and everyone thinks you are a pos. Your life is in disrepair as well as any property you have. Maybe you can give them pointers on pretending to fix it as cheaply as possible.

  • Donk (Monday, July 04 22 05:07 pm EDT)

    Mark Chase is a shoe in for the job and someone I would put my massive influence behind to get support of the council and public. Also, I couldn’t help but notice the roof of the community center is in disrepair.

  • John J O’Connor (Monday, July 04 22 03:31 pm EDT)

    I have to assume the reason why the Council is not actively searching for a new City Manager is because after another 6 months of “on the job” training they will offer the position to Mark Chase.
    In regards to Pleasant St., I’m having a hard time imagining what they final product will look like based on the current condition of the street but regardless of that , I think there should be a plaque thanking all those responsible.
    Let the public know for generations to come who is responsible for the reconfiguring of Pleasant St. so those people can be thanked properly and constantly.
    In the Community Center they have all the names listed on a wall as to made the decision to build it. They should do the same for Pleasant Street.

  • Rob (Monday, July 04 22 03:29 pm EDT)

    "Greg" you should perhaps actually watch a meeting, attend or read. Without trying I can rattle off a list of things Koloski has pushed forward and implemented over his tenure that has made a difference and has made cuts where appropriate. This is why I vote and support him. This transfer station disussion and the request for proposal was his motion and idea and had council support. The Forced welfare inspection programs are one such area as well. I recall the City used to piss away security deposits prior to this. I can rattle off more but clearly the voters that do support him know what he has done so pretend someone standing up for someone being trashed means propping one up on a pedestal. This fake Topstone thing is such old news that its so low level to keep trying to make something out of nothing. I saw it was even recently seen again at a meeting where the owner showed up and the idiot councilors who buy in to fake news got educated. Claremont Savings Bank, The mill buildings on water street, Walmart all got tax abatements. Why? Overtaxation. Why do we only take about this one. Because its a bullshit attack and someone elected rents there. If you bother to actually pay attention he is the 3rd largest tenant in the building not the 1st. Documents online show that. Basic information available to anyone. As far as your horeshit with the fire department he must be one powerful dude to force 8 other councilors to do his bidding let alone they didn't get crap for a raise. Wait, they all act as he does, with research and facts and not rumor from this fake page "Greg". You should pick a better fake name so people don't think you are that Daddys money, fake baller that runs the shitty car dealership in town. I watch the meetings and comment in the threads online with my real name if you want to come out in to a real arena. I get miffed when anyone who bothers to serve gets trashed online. That does include Limoges, Stone, Contois. If you are not going to make a difference in your community at minimum pay attention and stop with fake bullshit.

  • Greg (Monday, July 04 22 11:36 am EDT)

    Don, that is because if the city councilors budgeted $1.5 million for roads paving that the DPW requests then city employees would not get their salary raises without a huge tax increase. The city councilors have always put the city employees before the taxpayers. Very few of the city councilors are really looking out for the average everyday citizens. Shelly that includes Nicholas Koloski, whom you have naively placed on a very high pedestal. Nicholas generally does not support budget cuts or new ideas to save the public money. Nicholas wants salary raises for his friends on the fire department and in other city departments too. Would the Topstone scandal with the huge generous tax break bestowed upon the owners of the building have ever happened unless Nicholas Koloski was the largest tenant in the broken down building? Grow up.

  • Donk (Monday, July 04 22 10:18 am EDT)

    I have also invested a great amount into this community. Actually no one invests more than me. Many are saying I am the greatest investor Claremont has ever seen. Is it true? I don’t know, but they are saying it!

  • Don (Monday, July 04 22 10:06 am EDT)

    None of the city councilors or the city employees seems to care about saving money for the taxpayers or finding budget cuts to lower the property tax rate. All most of them seem to care about is new spending proposals when they will not even realistically budget for road paving.

  • Shelly (Monday, July 04 22 09:14 am EDT)

    Shawn you are wrong. Try reading Koloskis posts thanking community partners and the community. You seem to be blinded by your dislike or with a lack of understanding or wanting to understand. I know several agencies use him for assistance. 3 hospitals I work with and VNA think its very valuable of him to give of his time to do this. Not everything in life is free. Time, storage, bagging, answering requests, delivery. I offered money to contribute and he won't have it. If you bother to visit him he will explain and deflect that he is a small piece of what goes on. That is truly what he thinks. I understand as well as the others that get medical equipment for our patients that what he deems a small part is larger than anyone can understand. Your hatred is blinding you and has you putting incorrect comments in to the community. I don't think you comprehend produce doesn't keep itself cold or hand itself out. Medical equipment doesn't clean, sort, repair, store and distribute itself. Time and money make it happen. Both of which are his.

  • Todd (Monday, July 04 22 08:45 am EDT)

    Teri you know how the city councilors hate to make decisions because thinking makes their poor little heads hurt. They probably have not made the decision yet to look for another city manager even though that decision should be a no-brainer which should be right in their wheelhouse.

  • Tim (Monday, July 04 22 08:41 am EDT)

    Invested a great deal in Claremont? Guess your definition of building something that only lines ones pocket is something everyone should turn a blind eye to. Its as ridiculous as the comment that section 8 housing would somehow not have the issue. Shows how out of touch you are. The community overwhelming condemns section 8 housing when its even mentioned yet in your brain it would be openly welcomed, not question and allowed to do whatever they want including fill in wet lands to benefit their own pocketbook. Moronic.

  • Teri (Monday, July 04 22 08:28 am EDT)

    Are the city councilors even looking for another city manager? I do not see any notices for nonpublic meetings to get the process started again.

  • Pat (Monday, July 04 22 06:56 am EDT)

    The new reporter for the Eagle Times is the worst yet. It took him ten days to report about the passage of the city budgets and the article contained few facts due to its brevity. Most of what is in that rag is news from other places well beyond our local area. Isn’t a local newspaper supposed to concentrate on local news?

  • Shawn (Monday, July 04 22 05:28 am EDT)

    Chris that is not fair there are several city councilors that are trying to do a good job. It is not their fault that a bunch of fools outnumbers them. I think the mayor and the assistant mayor are doing the best that they can trying to herd the cats on the council. Mr. Stone tries to show some leadership every now and then and Mr. Limoges is showing great promise. I do not know how many of you Facebook but Mr. Limoges did a terrific job setting the record straight about the city council’s plan to privatize the transfer station and the many benefits that will bring to our community and to the taxpayers. The rest of the councilors are useless as they do not add to the conversation, offer any solutions, or show leadership. I know someone will say Mr. Koloski but I would respectfully disagree because he is an egomaniac who suckers the dim bulbs in this community to believe he is a community icon by taking credit for other people’s donations by collecting those donations and getting publicity for distributing those donations. Mr. Koloski wastes a lot of the city councilor’s time with frivolous questions to hoard camera time to build up his fragile ego. Claremont needs more adult acting city councilors who do not have a political agenda unlike Mr. Contois and Mr. Mooshian.

  • Chris (Monday, July 04 22 12:55 am EDT)

    The bidders all knew the specs for the sewer vac truck and I am sure they all know their business and sent in proper bids to meet those vehicle specs. It makes no sense to spend $37,658 more for a vehicle when you do not have to do that. I am sure if it was not ratepayers money that Mr. Gleason was spending he would not have spent his own money so cavalierly. The DPW’s vehicle purchasing policy is very out of touch with common sense and no one has curtailed this lunacy. Mr. Sullivan is right about zero accountability with our city government. The jellyfish city councilors should have fired the last non-interim city manager but that would have required a smattering of courage something sorely lacking with the current bunch of imbeciles in charge. This current group of nine struggles to make simple decisions that require no courage. Leaders they are not.

  • Steve (Sunday, July 03 22 09:00 pm EDT)

    The city's finance director is a real nitwit. I have seen her in action at council meetings and she just does not know what she is doing. It took her a tremendous amount of time to calculate the few changes to the budget so the councilors could have the final numbers to give their thumbs up to the budget. Jim's article last week about the paving bonding scam was shocking. The duplicity with the finance directors spreadsheet should have been grounds for her immediate dismissal. This week Jim reveals more incompetence that appears to have caused the over taxation of all of the taxpayers in Claremont. Will the councilors listen to Jim Sullivan and demand that the tax increase just approved by the councilors be cut nearly in half by $.21? Or will they keep the money and spend it on some idiotic thing that our city really does not need but city staffers want? I have little faith in our city leadership as none of them are bringing good ideas to the table to lower our heavy tax burden. The only person who seems to be doing that is the private citizen who operates this local news website.

  • Donk (Sunday, July 03 22 08:15 pm EDT)

    I noticed that the Goddard Mansion is in need of a new roof.

  • Bob (Sunday, July 03 22 06:40 pm EDT)

    I bet if the city was trying to put more section 8 housing in on Charlestown Road this would not even be an issue. You wouldn’t want to support a business like Claremont Ford who has invested a great deal in Claremont.

  • Jim Sullivan (Sunday, July 03 22 05:01 pm EDT)

    Two articles published today on the News Flashes page of this website.

    1) Is a $.21 property tax rate cut in Claremont's future?

    2) Claremont Ratepayers get hosed again!

  • Carl Jantzen (Sunday, July 03 22 02:25 pm EDT)

    Park a jacked up F-350 in that mud hole.

  • Red (Saturday, July 02 22 10:20 pm EDT)

    Who’s a better landlord, Donk or the guy with the corvette?

  • Tim (Saturday, July 02 22 06:16 pm EDT)

    Those vernal pools cradle the most wonderful creatures Mother Nature has to offer you heartless jerk! It’s disgusting that someone would decide that one life is more valuable than making money. We must take a stand and save those precious creatures.

  • Donk (Saturday, July 02 22 06:05 pm EDT)

    Let the Ford dealership use the muddy field! All it is are some ruts from the tractor mowing it and nasty drain run off from all the adjacent parking lots. It’s not wetlands and NOT valuable as it is except to test drive Raptor trucks and Broncos in the mud! Frogs will go somewhere else, if they aren’t already squished, and the mosquito population will decrease.

  • Terri Pat (they/them) (Friday, July 01 22 10:41 pm EDT)

    Forgot to add my pronouns, sry

  • Terri Pat (Friday, July 01 22 10:40 pm EDT)

    Please no fireworks!!! They scare my cat!

  • Tim Mulligan (Friday, July 01 22 05:49 pm EDT)

    I’ve been advocating to close City Hall and the “Visitors Center” for years. Relocate to the community center. It would be a much smarter solution. I have sent a detailed plan for this along to the entire City council and new Interrim City Manager. I would have asked Jim to Co-author it but he wants me to remain behind the scenes.

  • Ray (Friday, July 01 22 05:39 pm EDT)

    How about a targeted sales tax on public companies. Maybe the city council can figure out why the city doesn’t have that power and what they need from the citizens to re-gain that power.

  • adam (Friday, July 01 22 02:49 pm EDT)

    No body takes into account the BUSINESSES paying sub par wages in Claremont. City employs many positions which are typically given benefits, and they are underpaid office workers managers and directors. When Walmart refuses to give workers 30 hours and benefits, they get those benefits from the government subsidized programs you pay for. Why not get the Businesses to pull their own weight by providing real employment, or remove everyone's Medical from the picture with universal healthcare? that would reduce the insurance costs for the city as well.

  • Joe Bag-O-doughnuts (Friday, July 01 22 01:23 pm EDT)

    Just be careful if you close the old city hall.Nancy Merrill may come along and promote a non-profit LGBTQ funhouse.

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