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  • Matt Mooshin (Saturday, December 03 22 05:45 am EST)

    Does Claremont support veterans? Not really the property tax credit they give is an absolute joke and the 4 councilors promoting this now “purple” heart city are only doing it as a political gesture due to the visibility of BLM and Charlene’s efforts to be a sanctuary city.
    Why don’t they spend more time figuring out Claremont’s revenue issues instead of pretending they are patriotic when one couldn’t even cut it as cop and the others are clearly in it for some type of personal financial business.

    I see 1 vet underneath the sign and bunch of politicians ready for a photo op so they can pretend they care.

  • Bob (Friday, December 02 22 05:53 pm EST)

    Good point. What does it mean to be a Purple Heart city? At least one Purple Heart recipient lives here? What did Claremont do to deserve this besides pay a fee and put a sign up? Do we support veterans more than anywhere else?

  • Factchecker (Friday, December 02 22 03:05 pm EST)

    Because making Claremont a Purple Heart city is about as meaningful as designating one a sanctuary city.
    There are far more important things our councilors should be doing. Plus it’s a bunch of non vets seeking publicity using veterans.

  • Marla (Friday, December 02 22 02:45 pm EST)

    Why wasn’t Contois and Matteau supporting the Purple Heart veterans sign?

  • Missy (Friday, December 02 22 11:18 am EST)

    I love James Contois.

  • Bob (Friday, December 02 22 10:56 am EST)

    I love having JC on the council and he will continue to run unopposed as Ward II cares more about the environment than a fat fuck needing a larger parking lot.

  • Missy (Friday, December 02 22 09:05 am EST)

    Contois is the only honest and genuine person on the council.

  • Jc (Thursday, December 01 22 05:34 pm EST)

    Oh he's something what a loser and that's what we have for representation that explains alot really

  • Bob (Thursday, December 01 22 03:41 pm EST)

    Just watched last nights council meeting on facebook. Jim Contois should just resign, what an embarrassment to himself and the city.

  • HardHitter (Thursday, December 01 22 03:12 pm EST)

    If you could be a street in Claremont what street would you be and why?

  • Phil (Wednesday, November 30 22 06:07 pm EST)

    I found it interesting and surprising in reading the tax tables that Claremont still has well over 3000 acres of farmland under cultivation. I am sure it was probably many times that back 100 years ago. I find Mr Sullivan's articles interesting, eye opening, and frankly he should be on the council or in a position where he could do more good. He does his research and is always looking out for the public's interest and has good ideas for solutions, and seems quite well versed in how public finance and government works. He certainly has exposed the ineffectiveness of local politicians. This web page while easy enough to navigate, still seems limited in some ways. I would be interested to know his real numbers of readers. He maybe should consider posting his articles to a Twitter account. I wish there was a simple solution to the high taxes Claremont taxpayers pay, as it is very unfair, but then again, as long as the state relies on property taxes they are not going down any time soon anywhere in the state frankly. Sales or VAT taxes are probably the fairest solution as you can choose not to buy that product or service. But NH lives and dies by the no sales tax creed.

  • James (Wednesday, November 30 22 12:19 pm EST)

    Easy, Stone. Successful and a good guy with powerful friends.

  • HardHitter (Wednesday, November 30 22 11:06 am EST)

    If you could become one of our current sitting councilors, what councilor would you choose to become?

  • Jim Sullivan (Wednesday, November 30 22 09:32 am EST)

    I don’t come here often, but I think we can all agree that the public comment section is particularly terrible. Jim’s articles are interesting, though biased in an anti-government slant. Which is a fine bias for a journalist to have. For instance, why are Claremont’s property assessments so out of line with reality? We’re given the continued stain of “highest rate in the state” only by artificially low valuations. Meanwhile the only thing commenters want to discuss is their hatred of a city councilor who easily beat his competition in the last election. And that’s only because Jim has stopped posting fake comments praising himself after every article. Perhaps it’s time to reform the anonymous commenting. I think it would give this website a little more seriousness and allow Jim to play an important role in our city’s institutions without the gravity of such pathetic discourse holding him down.

  • tony baker (Wednesday, November 30 22 09:08 am EST)

    Wow, I think we are down to 3 posters. the value of this site as a news source is small, and as a political influence, negligible.

  • Harley (Tuesday, November 29 22 12:09 pm EST)

    Jim and Patrick should have a journalism contest.

  • BumbleInTheJungle (Tuesday, November 29 22 07:47 am EST)

    Gomes and Contois should hold a bumbling contest. The best bumbler gets their way.

  • Tavin (Tuesday, November 29 22 05:29 am EST)

    Any agricultural kills massive amounts of insects and creatures. Baby deer routinely get gobbled up by those machines that harvest your “vegan” food. That Ford dealership is a relief for those critters.

  • Pam (Monday, November 28 22 09:03 pm EST)

    Where was JC when farmers
    would mow the same field all the time so dairy cows could shit all over it, talk about a whole lotta carbon footprints !!!

  • Fred (Monday, November 28 22 07:48 pm EST)

    Oh please Mike. And JC has killed more butterflies with his Prius barreling down the highway at 63 MPH than any excavator will ever think about harming. That little storm water puddle meant absolutely zero to the local ecology. Mow the fields down.

  • Mike (Monday, November 28 22 06:31 pm EST)

    As annoying as Jim has been through this process, I must admit I’ve lost quite a bit of respect for Gomes.

  • Factchecker (Monday, November 28 22 10:30 am EST)

    I noticed the excavators at the Ford garage seem to have butterfly flags and skull and crossbone flags on them as they do their work. I assume this is Christian Gomes attempt at shoving it in the face of whackadoo councilor Contois and his insistence that the butterflies, frogs, and birds spoke to him. #ItsAFact

  • Jim Sullivan (Sunday, November 27 22 06:30 pm EST)

    I see that some people have been having fun speculating why I published articles later than usual today or making up phony but humorous article titles, so I guess 'tis the season for practical jokes, Fa la la la la, la la la la!

    Anyway, I had some things I needed to do this weekend before I began writing and publishing the following three new articles posted on the News Flashes page of this website.

    1) Claremont's MS 1 document full of surprises!

    2) School Administrators continue to push Elementary School Restructuring Plan!

    3) Arrowhead Update.

  • Jim Sullivan (Sunday, November 27 22 03:58 pm EST)

    Sorry for the late articles, my dictation software was on the fritz.

    New articles this weekend!
    1. Yoshi’s got a new pair of shoes
    2. The Sullivan tower gets a new life thanks to an endangered owl species
    3. Gomes announces run for Contois seat
    4. Council requests safety study of city hall in about face blunder

  • jeff (Sunday, November 27 22 09:26 am EST)

    i haven’t bean able to post here, censored because o don’t support Donk and he know i know the dirty secrets

  • Tim Mulligan (Sunday, November 27 22 09:25 am EST)

    Would you support a Sullivan party for local elections? We would be asking for large donations and have some serious political influence. All in favor say aye.

  • Charlie (Sunday, November 27 22 08:05 am EST)

    Leave Jim alone, he is still recovering from playing Santa .

  • Matt Green (Sunday, November 27 22 07:07 am EST)

    What no articles today bro?

  • Betty (Saturday, November 26 22 01:21 pm EST)

    Jim is too skinny to play Santa. Call me Jim.

  • John J. O’Connor (Saturday, November 26 22 08:28 am EST)

    Great job playing Santa last night at the tree lighting.
    Happy holidays..

  • Jimmy (Friday, November 25 22 05:37 pm EST)

    Yes Penny

  • Tim Mulligan (Friday, November 25 22 12:39 pm EST)

    I had a nice thanksgiving with Jim Sullivan and family. I call him JS. We had a long chat about the future of this site and this town.

  • Alison Sullivan (Friday, November 25 22 10:55 am EST)

    I’ve known Jim for a long time. Leave him alone.

  • Penny (Thursday, November 24 22 06:07 pm EST)

    Big Jim S the government wannabe?

  • Fact-checked (Thursday, November 24 22 08:02 am EST)

    That’s what happens when someone confuses censorship with being an actual verified user before posting.

  • John J O’Conner (Wednesday, November 23 22 10:21 pm EST)

    What a dying forum. Three multiple personalities and a government wannabe.

  • Yanks Mechain (Wednesday, November 23 22 02:14 pm EST)

    Ok Ross.

  • FactChecker (Wednesday, November 23 22 08:03 am EST)

    "So crowded nobody goes there anymore" is a Yogi Berra quote, not an anonymous, sullivan report posters original. #FactChecked

  • Tim Mulligan (Tuesday, November 22 22 07:01 pm EST)

    “So crowded no one goes there anymore” is the craziest sentence I’ve read this week. This place is too entertaining 😂

  • Henry (Tuesday, November 22 22 06:50 pm EST)

    Jeep/ Dodge will be moving to Charlestown Road.

  • Phil (Tuesday, November 22 22 05:48 pm EST)

    I wonder who is buying all these cars and trucks and other equipment at Claremont Ford? Is business really that good they need to expand further? I thought there was a recession on hand.

  • Bob (Tuesday, November 22 22 03:39 pm EST)

    Not even trying to earn a profit just cover the expenses.
    Hopefully they approve refinishing the tennis courts next and really piss the 5 people on this forum off.

  • Bill (Tuesday, November 22 22 03:28 pm EST)

    The problem with Arrowhead is it’s so crowded no one goes there anymore.
    In the past I attempted to take my grandkids sledding at Arrowhead to only be disappointed because it was closed down due to an over abundance of people or not being able to find a parking spot .
    Rent out the building and let people sled and ski the hill like it was and stop trying to turn a profit.

  • Donk (Tuesday, November 22 22 02:26 pm EST)

    There is nothing about the current set up with arrowhead that is worth keeping. Besides the tubing and all that still available as long as enough people volunteer. Besides I don’t use the hill so I don’t care. Privatize the community center next

  • NIMBY (Tuesday, November 22 22 01:19 pm EST)

    Can you believe those heathens are trying to rent the Arrowhead lodge to the bike shop? We already changed Pleasant St and not they want to expand the amenities and conditions of our beloved tubing hill? HOW DARE THEY!

    Oh, just kidding. Rent it out, earn some actual income, and improve and expand those activities. Hopefully the "old guard" doesn't get their way and keeps it one season use and $50 wedding rentals.

  • Factchcker (Monday, November 21 22 10:20 am EST)

    Columbo is wrong. That stuff never happened when the police showed up to handle Councilor Contois. It isn't completely out of the realm of possibility, but that didn't happen. Also, don't email that Allan dude, that's a scam. #factchecked

  • Columbo (Monday, November 21 22 09:46 am EST)

    I’ve seen the video.
    It shows JC crying like a baby, pleading with the Officer not to arrest him. JC tells the Officers he is wearing a “poo poo” bag on his hip and he has to go home and change it.
    When he was told he wouldn’t be arrested he got weak in the knees and offered to preform a sexual act to show his happiness.
    His offer was declined.

  • Matt Mooshin (Monday, November 21 22 08:51 am EST)

    The body can footage is going to show Jim Contois arguing in favor of the natural land and show Gomes being a fat loser capitalist

  • Marty Mcfly (Monday, November 21 22 04:02 am EST)

    Camcorder? Is this 1994?

  • Gloria (Sunday, November 20 22 07:45 pm EST)

    I hope the committee receives the camcorder footage from the three officers who came to the scene at the Ford dealership to deal with Contois’s trespassing. I hope the committee broadcasts it so the people can see what really happened.

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