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  • Donk (Thursday, August 13 20 11:53 am EDT)

    Thanks for L@@kin' out Jim.
    You do this community a great service and all without the ridiculous paychecks we pay our civil servants.
    I wonder if they all see the great reckoning that's coming,concerning their benefits?

  • Jim Sullivan (Thursday, August 13 20 10:59 am EDT)

    Donk, in regards to the notches I have no idea. I sent Ed Morris a request for information regarding this issue just now and I will publish his response once I receive it.

  • Donk (Thursday, August 13 20 07:53 am EDT)

    Laying off city,state,or federal employees anymore is a big taboo.The only shrinkage we will ever see is city employees retiring.
    Giant notches cut into Sugar River Drive and it appears no work to be done.It is beginning to damage people's tires and rims on their cars.
    Do you know anything about this Mr. Sullivan?

  • John J. O'Connor (Wednesday, August 12 20 03:47 pm EDT)

    Great insight Chris, failure to answer is an answer.
    I'm not sure why Claremont would want to do this? The cost would never be split down the middle because Claremont would be using more of the services.
    Maybe some thought should be given to a Regional High School instead of a dispatch center.

  • Chris (Wednesday, August 12 20 09:40 am EDT)

    Morris avoided Sullivan’s question about layoffs in the 911 dispatch office. Common sense dictates that if a new separate government entity manages a new facility then new employees will be hired. Depending how many dispatch offices are affected like Claremont and Newport for example it will be a free-for-all as to who is hired to work in the new dispatch office. It will be a game of musical chairs where some employees may be from Claremont do not end up with a job anymore. The layoffs will occur in Claremont that will be for sure and the fact that Mr. Morris would not answer the question really answered the question as that layoffs are a certainty if Claremont’s forward with the regional dispatch project.

  • Tom (Tuesday, August 11 20 02:38 pm EDT)

    Reader is assuming honesty from dishonest public officials. I am sure that any incriminating emails were deleted once Sullivan asked Morris for copies of any correspondence. I think that Morris is covering for Kier to save her Council seat because he needs every Councilor on that board who will favorably vote for everything he wants every time no questions asked. Kier is such a Councilor.

  • Scott (Tuesday, August 11 20 01:06 pm EDT)

    I am not comfortable with the $250,000 contingency because that money could be better spent on roads. The quilt patch design on Broad Street and in the municipal lot is, excuse my French, butt ugly and a disgraceful blemish on our fair city. How will we ever generate any real economic development that will create well-paying jobs instead of just more residential housing if Claremont’s city government will not professionally and properly maintained the main thoroughfares of our great city. The terrible leadership is turning Claremont into the laughing stock of the Upper Valley.

  • Laura (Tuesday, August 11 20 12:19 pm EDT)

    I found it highly insulting that city manager Morris does not believe that the average Claremont citizen possesses the intellect to know the difference between a municipal bond and a municipal note. I found that very condescending and arrogant. I have thought that he was acting very aloof with the public and I thoroughly disliked his routine behavior of answering questions with vague answers and his predilection to keep the public in the dark. I presume he does the same thing with most if not all of the city councilors. I do understand from friends that work with the city that Mayor Lovett and Assistant Mayor Damren are constantly inserting themselves with city affairs. It seems that it has not come to the level of interfering per se raising it to the level of a violation of the city charter but it is extremely close. They were called on the carpet about it once before but they seem to have not learned their lesson, just hide their clandestine actions a little better. It seems most of the city councilors do not adhere to rules and regulations very well as they arrogantly seem to feel that they are all above the law.

  • Gail (Tuesday, August 11 20 11:05 am EDT)

    Not being sure if there will be enough teachers, janitors or bus drivers to operate the schools and transport the students to and from the schools on the four days of operation is one of the most stupid things that I have ever heard. That is not a fully formed plan that a majority of the school board members blindly rubberstamped, while bowing at the feet of Mr. Tempesta. Claremont’s sorry excuse for leadership rears its ugly head again.

  • William (Tuesday, August 11 20 10:32 am EDT)

    I thought Mr. Tempesta was a top shelf administrator. He is clearly of the bottom shelf variety. Recommending a plan without an inkling about the school district’s ability to achieve the staffing levels necessary to bring the reopening plan to fruition is indicative of gross incompetence. It is the very definition of insanity, yet it is business as usual here in Claremont and the school board members who voted for this unfinished plan and just as stupid as the administrators presented it for passage. Mr. Morris is doing the same thing with the Rethink Pleasant Street Downtown Renovation Plan by not nailing down the public parking spaces prior to proceeding with the passage of a $4.8 million municipal bond. The revised truck route is also insane because it diverts the truck traffic right past the schools, which was the reason for the original change many years ago because education was important to our community and the truck traffic noise was distracting students. I have no illusions that city councilors will any raise objections to all of the incredibly obvious flaws of that plan. It seems that the die is cast and the $4.8 million municipal bond will gain councilor approval with little or no discussion. Claremont’s brigade of imbecilic leaders is selling the taxpayers down the river once again.

  • Reader (Tuesday, August 11 20 08:23 am EDT)

    May want to look into why Keir was not using her official council “gmail” address for correspondence. May just do a 91a for all Emails to and from between the first and last that you already have.

  • Richard (Tuesday, August 11 20 07:45 am EDT)

    There is nothing about George Caccavaro's sentencing in the Eagle Times today. Boy oh boy, those newshounds are right on the ball aren't they? Are they quaking in their shoes about the controversial two-month sentence that was nothing more than a slap on the wrist? Or the Judge's outrageous comments about what a pillar of the community Mr. Caccavaro is? Perhaps that was true at one time but it does not excuse his actions with this young woman and the sentence does not fit the deed. Is the Eagle Times afraid of printing the truth?

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, August 10 20 06:40 pm EDT)

    Ex-Claremont Mayor George Caccavaro sentenced to a two-month jail term!

    Full details on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Allison (Monday, August 10 20 03:39 pm EDT)

    How are parents going to be able to hold down a job and pay the exorbitant property taxes in Claremont when at least one parent has to stay home three days per week so their children can remote learn? What are all the single parents of Claremont going to do?

  • Mike (Monday, August 10 20 12:34 pm EDT)

    I think Jim and AJ raised an excellent point about no email responses. I do not believe that Ed Morris released all of the correspondence and I am of the opinion that shredding and deletions may have occurred. Of course, we will never know the truth but all of the non-responses is frankly unbelievable. I have two teenagers and everything is done with electronic messaging. The same is true in business and government day-to-day communication. I believe the missing emails or text messages contain compromising or contradictory information from the well-crafted narrative Mr. Morris is releasing to Jim Sullivan and to the public. My opinion.

  • Alex (Monday, August 10 20 11:34 am EDT)

    One thing that struck me about the property abatements is the high percentage of approvals. I am a retired mathematics teacher so numbers are my thing. Here is some very simple math that will not make anyone’s eyes glaze over. There were 82 property assessment abatement applications filed with the city assessor’s office. Of those 82 filings, 45 of those applications were approved and another 18 were granted cash payments, which is also an approval of a sort. Adding 45 to 18 equals 63, which rounded upwards is 77% of 82. I do not know about you but I think a 77% property assessment abatement application approval rate is extraordinarily high. The high approval rate is quite encouraging and strongly suggests that property assessments throughout Claremont are overstated. I concur with Sarah that all property owners should file for a property assessment abatement during the first quarter of next year. I know I certainly intend to do so.

  • Sarah (Monday, August 10 20 10:02 am EDT)

    Some pretty significant property owner savings on the Sullivan Report’s property assessment abatement chart. Jim and AJ also made a very sobering subtle point that the city leaders are not operating in our best interests concerning property assessments. The property assessments can be wrong and if they are wrong, they are usually overstated to the benefit of the city. As we can all see from this list as property owners we may all benefit from filing property assessment abatements during the first quarter of next year.

  • Yawn (Monday, August 10 20 09:28 am EDT)

    Craig, you do realize that a lot of the "leaders" are not Claremont natives, nor their parents. So how are they a product of Claremont inbreeding? And Guy, when you make a comment about intelligence spell correctly.

  • Craig (Monday, August 10 20 09:12 am EDT)

    I am not pleased with the hybrid approach that the school board passed. Once again, brain-dead rubberstamp elected officials ruled the day as it is easier for them to approve whatever is laid out before them by the school administrators then it is to come up with something themselves. That requires brainpower and there is not a lot of that on the school board. I remember when that Mr. Zimmerman character representing a consulting firm made an inflammatory public statement that enraged our little community. Mr. Zimmerman essentially stated that Claremont’s population was the product of inbreeding as the children possessed less intelligence than those in other communities. I am not so sure about that but Mr. Zimmerman’s conclusion certainly seems to have merit in regards to Claremont’s elected leadership on the school board, city council and county delegation as well as with the administrators of all three government entities.

  • Yawn (Monday, August 10 20 08:24 am EDT)

    Are you guys a bunch of grumpy old men? You realize the only time there's chatter here is after a news release comes out. What the fuck do y'all do inbetween? Watch Wheel of Fortune and wish for Viagra?

  • Guy (Monday, August 10 20 07:55 am EDT)

    Councilor Sweetzer is AOC without the looks of intelligence.

  • Marie (Monday, August 10 20 07:32 am EDT)

    I do not believe for an instant that the city manager ever gave Councilwoman Abigail Kier permission to work hand-in-hand with a city employee to write that resolution about the Police Department. Councilwoman Kier has shown on CCTV in vivid living color that she is rabidly obsessed with national causes like Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ community, etc. I find it extremely unlikely that she showed one ounce of restraint or a monochrome of common sense when she sought out help for writing her resolution so she could once again bask in the public limelight. Councilwoman Kier seems to have the same psychological malady of extreme narcissism and a desire to be in the public limelight as her city council colleagues Charlene Lovett, James Contois and Nicholas Koloski. I am also beginning to believe that Erica Sweetser should perhaps be added to that list of narcissists. There elected positions have clearly gone to their heads and they all seem to believe that laws and rules of conduct do not apply to them. I am of the opinion that Mr. Morris requested an extra week’s time before providing Mr. Sullivan with any documentation or reply to his politically charged question so he could contemplate any consequences before taking any revocable action and he decided to take the path of action that we see before us. I am not convinced that what we see in this documentation is the truth.

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, August 10 20 05:40 am EDT)

    Four new articles published today.

    1) Claremont School Board approves hybrid approach teaching method!

    2) City response does not pass the smell test!

    3) Morris Administration releases information regarding 45 Abatements.

    4) City Manager answers questions about the proposed $5.8 million municipal bond.

    Full details on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Guy (Thursday, August 06 20 06:49 am EDT)

    The reason everyone picks on St.Nick is because we know him better then you do. You only see “politician” Nick, we know the real Nick.
    The real Nick never does anything for nothing, free publicity is his payment. Taking credit for the hard work of others is his drug.
    And this my real name.

  • Seamus (Wednesday, August 05 20 08:36 pm EDT)

    When your hate of someone clouds all your logic you are plainly a simpleton. If you read any of Kolosky posts it states thank you all no credit taken over and over. Medical equipment included. I deliver produced that he purchases. so pardon me if I call bullshit on your attack. Which fake farm do you think donates goods? Its cute you think that is a real thing. No overhead, no time, no organization all just free from some magical non existent giving farm and the rest just does itself. You must be so pissy that media picks up good stories and passes on the garbage posted here. I have volunteered and been on the end of good deeds by everyone that helps out. I found these people based on purchases made. Those that take action are not bothered by your cowardly posts. If you had the balls you would state your issues with a real name. Own those words. Take off the hate blinders. The same person writes about the endorsement being blasted all over commenting on a shirt. How dare someone wear a t-shirt. The nerve of this guy. Well as always your many attacks on this page over the years just makes him cooler to all of us that voted for him and help out. Keep on hating its so cute. He helps the homeless so you attack and characterize him. Very mature.

  • Guy (Wednesday, August 05 20 04:37 pm EDT)

    How dare you criticize St. Nick!!!!
    St. Nick takes in all the charitable contributions, calls the local newspaper and lets everyone believe it all comes from him.
    St. Nick takes in food from the farms and vendors and redistributes it through the community taking credit for it all.
    How dare you criticize someone that has taken the good actions of others as his own.
    St. Nick scorns you!!!!!!!

  • Rick (Wednesday, August 05 20 11:25 am EDT)

    Good point.

  • Susan Prentiss for Senate (Wednesday, August 05 20 10:43 am EDT)

    "he looks like a homeless person wearing a wrinkled T-shirt and a look of unintelligent bewilderment on his face"

    How is this different from the other 364 days of the year?

  • Rick (Wednesday, August 05 20 09:55 am EDT)

    I just saw the Nick Koloski endorsement of Sue Prentiss for Senate. Yikes! For a City Councilman representing Claremont, he looks like a homeless person wearing a wrinkled T-shirt and a look of unintelligent bewilderment on his face. They might as well have wrote Morons for Prentice for the caption. This Democrat candidate must really be desperate for endorsements.

  • Susan Prentiss for Senate (Wednesday, August 05 20 09:14 am EDT)

    Have you seen the new Sue Prentiss "endorsement" from Nick Koloski that he, of course is sharing all over social media? I suggest you change your stock photo of him to this new one. He looks even more stupid in this one.

  • Donk (Tuesday, August 04 20 01:04 pm EDT)



  • Jeanette (Tuesday, August 04 20 12:52 pm EDT)

    I am deeply concerned about the school reopening plan. I have two granddaughters and one grandson in the elementary school system and I think this corona virus has not gone away yet if you watch the news reports on television. You also see that all the cases of corona virus deaths seem to occur in closed spaces with many people inside. For example, nursing homes, prisons and hospitals. Schools will be the next in that category once the children arrive and interact with each other. Trying to get the very young ones to social distance and wear masks will be like herding cats, an impossible task. Teachers many of whom are older and more susceptible to the corona virus will be at high risk to catch the virus. This is an incredibly bad idea that will yield only one thing disaster. Fortunately, my daughter has decided to quit her job and homeschool our grandchildren to keep them safe. My son-in-law has a good job and my husband, my daughter’s in-laws, and I will be helping them financially through this crisis as we all come together as one family keep our grandchildren safe. We are doing what is best for our family but I know that other families do not have the wherewithal to do what we are doing and for them I truly fear for the health and safety of their children. The world is simply opening up too soon due to inpatient politicians seeking reelection and the calming of everyone’s nerves. It is a temporary gesture just before the elections and it will produce a greater pandemic crisis down the road.

  • Charles (Tuesday, August 04 20 11:04 am EDT)

    I tend to agree that Councilors Abby Kier and Jim Contois are intentionally diverting attention away from exacerbating city financial problems with all of these national social issues and the personal vendetta they both have with Councilor Jonathan Stone. That is a gross misuse of their political office. Mrs. Kier’s haunty nature and inconsiderate attitude in regards to the following of rules and regulations such as the code of conduct and the city charter are not qualities for anyone supposedly serving the public good of the city council. I do not believe Mr. Morris’s unverifiable statement of him giving permission for Mrs. Kier to work with the city employee as he could easily have done that after the fact to answer Mr. Sullivan’s query and save his boss Mrs. Kier from further public scrutiny and embarrassment for her increasingly out-of-control bazaar behavior. Mr. Contois seems to be Mrs. Kier’s lackey and willing to ignore rules, regulations and all reason to keep his colleague out of trouble but he has no problem acting the hypocrite holding Councilor Stone to a standard higher than any other Councilor has ever been held in the history of our fair city. All in the name of hatred and vengeance. Mrs. Kier and Mr. Contois are truly deplorable people.

  • Jim Sullivan (Tuesday, August 04 20 07:49 am EDT)

    Tom, I listened to Mr. Morris’ radio interview as well and on July 31 I submitted a request for information to Ed Morris asking that same question (it’s actually a $250,000 difference) and a few other questions as well that I will state here for full transparency.
    The City Manager said that $340,000 worth of municipal bonds will be retired and he had previously stated that three municipal bonds were being retired. I examined the Debt Retirement section of the Claremont Municipal Budget Book, a PowerPoint presentation given a few years ago by Finance Director Mary Walter on the City’s debt and the most recent City of Claremont Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2019. I only found two municipal bonds being retired at the end of Fiscal Year 2021 with an annual savings of $285,620. The Audit Report has a schedule of debt reduction for future years and between Fiscal Years 2021 and 2022 (through municipal bond retirement and the reduction of annual payments in regards to the remaining bonds) the savings only totals $318,870. Still well short of the $340,000 that Mr. Morris is publicly stating. I asked for an explanation and for him to state what the third municipal bond is because it may be possible that I may have missed it with the limited information stated in these documents. We will see.
    Ed Morris stated during his interview that the annual cost on the tax rate for the Rethink Pleasant Street Downtown Project is now $302,000. However he stated to me in a letter dated June 9, 2020 that the annual payment on a $4.8 million bond at 2.1% interest for 20 years for the General Fund would be $253,168.79 – Water Enterprise Fund $24,699.39 – Sewer Enterprise Fund $18,524.79. I asked for an explanation regarding the large differential.
    In regards to the proposed $1 million Claremont 911 Dispatch upgrade, I asked why the City of Claremont is moving forward with this project, if as the City Manager stated during his interview on the radio that he and other municipal officials from more than one Sullivan County community are looking at other facilities to locate a Regional Dispatch Center. It obviously seems to be a colossal waste of $1 million worth of taxpayer’s money that could be better spent on road paving if the Claremont 911 Dispatch Center is going to be upgraded now and then closed in the very near future.
    Ed Morris stated during the podcast that it was going to cost Claremont $800,000-$1 million to upgrade the radios and it was going to cost Newport $800,000-$1 million to update their radios and that there was a potential $500,000 savings if Claremont & Newport purchased the radios together. I asked him to verify that comment. I also asked if these radios are only for Police or if they were for other municipal departments as well.
    I also asked Ed Morris another question regarding the proposed Regional Dispatch Center. Based on the several vague comments made so far, this new plan will require a new facility, a separate government administrative bureaucracy, staff to work under this new bureaucracy, etc. I asked the City Manager, how much is the City of Claremont expected to save annually if the City goes along with this regional dispatch plan? I also asked Ed Morris if some of those savings would come from Claremont Municipal Employee layoffs and if so how many jobs will be eliminated to achieve those savings? I will publish Morris’ answers to those questions once I receive them.

  • Tom (Tuesday, August 04 20 06:31 am EDT)

    I listened to Mr. Morris’s radio interview and I heard that he is still pushing for $4.8 million for the downtown renovation project when the presentation during the televised city council meeting stated the cost at roughly $4.5 million. Mr. Morris is now requesting nearly $300,000 more than what is necessary for the project. So where is this money going? Pay raises for the city staff perhaps because Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Maranville exposed the truth about Mr. Morris’s budget, that it came with a property tax rate increase instead of a decrease as Mr. Morris and Mrs. Walter were saying. Then in response, Mr. Morris and Mrs. Walter added back in meals and rooms tax revenue they had grossly understated and purpose to give them a slush fund of about the same amount. Just me speculating but the nearly $300,000 difference is very real and it does need to be explained.

  • Brenda (Monday, August 03 20 01:00 pm EDT)

    Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Maranville thank you very much for all the information about the school administration's intentions for reopening for the new school year. Personally I want to keep my two children home and remote learning full-time until this corona virus burns itself out and is no longer a danger to anyone. It does not seem that I am being given that option and I intend to address that with school administrators. Publishing the PowerPoint slides was really a wonderful public service because he gives us the information we need as parents without having to go through and read 99 pages of what is probably useless information in regards to most of it. Thank you once again.

  • Kevin (Monday, August 03 20 11:47 am EDT)

    I read an article about Windsor not doing the budget allegiance no more during the select board meetings. I thought how incredibly unpatriotic and I also thought that the brain addled snowflakes on the Claremont city council would jump on that in a heartbeat to create more division amongst the councilors when they should be working together to help our city. These children on the council just cannot get along so at the next election will be up to us voters to give all of them a well deserved permanent timeout by voting in other candidates if hopefully any run. For those of you who do not know what a snowflake is it is a person, that has an inflated sense of uniqueness, an unwarranted sense of entitlement, is overly-emotional, easily offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions. Sound familiar in regards to any of the councilors?

  • Kaitlyn (Monday, August 03 20 11:40 am EDT)

    I noticed that the Eagle Times posted an article about the school reopening plan after the Sullivan Report published earlier this morning. The Eagle Times article did not make the morning online edition and it says it was posted three hours ago. I read the Sullivan Report article with all the PowerPoint slides little after 6 AM. I guess this article gave Patrick the kick in the butt that he needed to get is article in as many families are quite interested in this particular story. Although Patrick wrote a pretty fair article about opinions the Sullivan Report article offers far more facts and details and useful information to families with young children that will be affected by this plan if adopted by the school board. So much for our hometown paper.

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, August 03 20 11:20 am EDT)

    Two new articles published today.

    1) Windsor Select Board ceases Pledge of Allegiance; will Claremont be next?

    2) Claremont School District announces Hybrid School Reopening Plan.

    Articles appear on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Steve (Sunday, August 02 20 03:27 pm EDT)

    It is time to kick Morris, Lovett, Damren, Koloski, and Kier to the curb. The longer they stay in charge on the council the worst it is going to be for the taxpayers.

  • Chris (Sunday, August 02 20 12:05 pm EDT)

    Mr. St. Pierre may be gone but Mr. Clay remains and he is the face and the driving force behind this terrible roadway plan that is turning Claremont into a ugly community because roadways are always the first impression to outsiders because that is the first thing that they see. Do you see any business or family wanting to move to a community that takes a little care to maintain their main roadways? The condition of Broad Street is disgraceful and Mr. Clay and Mr. Morris should be terminated posthaste. The city councilors should also be removed from public office for authorizing this new plan would make mostly rubberstamped Mr. Morris’ municipal budget proposal for the current fiscal year.

  • Ethan (Sunday, August 02 20 11:19 am EDT)

    Talk about low standards, there are no standards when it comes to the local press. You have to go a little further away from Claremont to the Valley News or the NH Union Leader for somewhat accurate news as their reporters are far away and only see Claremont through binoculars as their reporters are not part of the community and they do not see the real Claremont as so many of us do. If my public interactions are any indication, and I encounter local people every workday, more and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the city council and the city manager and many attribute their dissatisfaction to articles they have read in the Sullivan Report. Some have commented that local officials say the Sullivan Report is fake news but these citizens are not taken in by those comments because they have read the public documents the Sullivan Report published to improve the accuracy of their articles. Claremont’s leadership needs a complete makeover. Mr. St. Pierre’s departure should be the first of a long list of ousters.

  • Bill (Sunday, August 02 20 09:57 am EDT)

    I read Lovett’s column and having just watched a John Wayne Western I will say it in that vernacular, is nothing but a pack of lies beginning with her title progress on many fronts right down to the final word of her op-ed piece of crap. The Eagle Times and presumably the E- Ticker News that also prints her weekly op-ed pieces have no journalistic ethics to allow something like that to be published for their customers to read. Many people will believe the half-truths and deceptive content. This is a betrayal to their publication’s readership.

  • Denise (Sunday, August 02 20 07:10 am EDT)

    I cannot believe that anyone would honestly think that Ed Morris is at best anything more than a mediocre city manager. He has had the job about a year and the only thing he is accomplishing is brainstorming or agreeing to terrible plans for our roadways and for the downtown business district. The roadways look dreadful and Broad Street is a blot on the beautiful historic Claremont landscape. The downtown plan for $4.8 million is a travesty. The public parking plan is undefined, as the Sullivan Report has shown us that over half of the purported new parking spaces are located on private property with no plans from the city as to how they are definitely going to change them from public parking to private parking. That is a key element in this $4.8 million plan, it remains undefined, and our city councilors are all thrusting their heads in the sand and ignoring the deficiencies of this plan. They will not give senior citizens are realistic property tax abatement exemption and they will not give all the veterans who served our country a small token of our appreciation for their service with the tax credit but they will support increasing salary levels for mediocre city employees. They will gladly devote public funds to developers of public housing and to non-profits who cater to those populations that add to our tax burden and attract more to come to Claremont. Mayor Lovett, Assistant Mayor Damren and Councilors Contois, Kier and Koloski have all made their views crystal-clear with their support for more public housing and an eventual change to Claremont becoming a welcoming community, which is better known as a sanctuary city. I do not know Councilor Matteau’s views but she may support this never as well since she has many apartments she needs to keep filled in regards to her day job. I also have no faith in Councilor Sweetser as she is fully supporting a $4.8 million plan that is not really a completely thought-out plan at all. None of these nine councilors is saying anything critical about this $4.8 million plan or the terrible roadway plan that has already destroying the look of our fine community. These nine councilors are not representing us, the average hard-working citizens of Claremont, in any way, shape or form.

  • Randy (Saturday, August 01 20 05:24 pm EDT)

    Good riddance to St. Pierre. If Ed Morris is serious about changing the old guard in the city administration he needs to terminate all the weak links. The directors who are just so much dead wood, they take up space in jobs that exceed their competence level. Mary Walter and Nancy Merrill should both be at the top of that list. I would add Rebecca Vindeska too because she and Merrill are not bringing any economic development into Claremont that is creating new good paying jobs. I would also add Jeremy Clay for pushing this new stupid paving plan that does not pave any streets at all. It just spends millions of wasted tax dollars to patch and skim coat our streets. Lame-o thinking like that is not welcome here, especially in any management position with the city.

  • Don (Saturday, August 01 20 04:29 pm EDT)

    The patchwork effect might look nice in a quilt but it certainly does not look nice on city streets and municipal parking lots. I am afraid that all of Claremont’s roadways and parking lots will look like this eventually because of our inept city manager and the nine morons on the city council that allowed this to happen.

  • Tony (Saturday, August 01 20 02:19 pm EDT)

    Donk, why are you pissing all over the fantastic economic development plan dreamed up by Ed Morris and Nancy Merrill? You're supposed to drive over the road, wreck the shit out of your car and go to your local garage to have it fixed. Great for the car repair and body shops but not so great for your wallet. That's economic development in Claremont folks. Crappy services for more money every year.

  • Donk (Saturday, August 01 20 01:56 pm EDT)

    They cut notches in the road on Sugar River Drive 2 mos. ago.
    When the fuck are you going to do something? It's destroying people's cars.

  • John J.O’Connor (Saturday, August 01 20 01:53 pm EDT)

    I’m sure Vic did just enough to justify his hefty salary but even you can admit he did the City a disservice is how he paved the roads. If you’re going to claim he did all he could with the limited cash available, then why are we even considering the Pleasant Street project when we don’t have enough money to properly maintain our roads?
    The next DPW Director can learn a lesson about doing more with less from Mark Beslin. Every year he has to beg for pennies, doesn’t get them but still manages to run a top flight Community Center and Fitness club.

  • Ken (Saturday, August 01 20 12:24 pm EDT)

    Councilwoman Erica Sweetser has her heart in the right place I think but it is where her head is that I am worried about. She seems to have join the cult of tax-and-spend liberals led by Mayor Charlene Lovett and Assistant Mayor Allen Damren. I thought Erica would be a strong, solid voice of the people instead; she became a voice of the misguided leaders of Claremont who represent the special interests over the best interest of the average hard-working citizens of Claremont.

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