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  • Jim Sullivan (Friday, July 12 24 05:01 pm EDT)


  • Robert & Helen (Friday, July 12 24 04:53 pm EDT)

    Is it a Macintosh?

  • Jim Sullivan (Friday, July 12 24 04:40 pm EDT)

    Robert, no worries regarding my computer. A few weeks ago, I bought a brand-new modern computer from Esscor Electronics. I love it. It works way faster than my old one. I am sure I'm not the only one who will miss Steve and his terrific staff as they gave phenomenal service to all of their customers. They will be greatly missed.

  • Robert Insider (Friday, July 12 24 01:44 pm EDT)

    Let’s hope Jim’s computer doesn’t go on the fritz with escor going out

  • Bible Hill Spectator (Friday, July 12 24 11:15 am EDT)

    So odd not seeing some expose on the environmental drilling operations happening at Sweet Fire BBQ. Walking my dog yesterday I could hear the owner yelling at them to get off his property which they said they couldn't. Probably not Sullivan report worthy as it would prove all of Jim's attacks to be wrong against another landowner. Where is Joe Osgood demanding and encouraging people not to frequent the business due to environmental issues that he does not understand? Oh, the locally owned business is not owned by someone who gives his time serving for free on local boards. I understand. Speaking of I can't recall Jim ever volunteering for a single thing. No boards, no committees ever since he was voted out of office. Really odd watching a narcissist pout and stomp and tattle when they don't get their way.

  • Where is the progress? (Thursday, July 11 24 10:26 pm EDT)

    How is Pleasant street revitalization working out? The homeless drug induced zombies are a great look for us. Good job putting benches out.

  • Fact (Thursday, July 11 24 10:03 pm EDT)

    74% of Granite Staters agree: Girls should NOT be forced to share locker rooms with biological males. HB 396 protects girls' rights to privacy & safety. Now it's time to get this bill across the finish line. Ask Gov. Sununu to sign HB 396 today!

  • Insider (Thursday, July 11 24 08:58 pm EDT)

    Tremblay will be the new director soon. Jim would have the scoop if he had the emails. Count on your local IT pro to intercept all.

    Someone should do a background check on Merrill and on this Helen girl.

  • Rob (Thursday, July 11 24 08:56 pm EDT)

    I had. Girlfriend once

    Donate for my campaign

  • John Johnson (Thursday, July 11 24 10:22 am EDT)

    Helen and Robert, sitting in a tree….

  • Helen (Thursday, July 11 24 08:24 am EDT)

    Stoney use your real name like O'Connor. This is how dumb this gets. A response accuses Nick of writing a comment but he is sitting in a televised council meeting. Attend meetings and participate in government on occasion and you would see the doers don't have time for this nonsense. The fake posters grow up and use your real name and that will allow you to hash out your differences without the immature back and forth like children. I stopped at city hall to advocate for a crosswalk by the Towles Home. Strength is in numbers.

  • Stoney (Thursday, July 11 24 08:00 am EDT)

    Ahh I see we’re playing “attack the messenger.” Good luck getting that to stick. Don’t forget that this all started because Jon Stone had an inappropriate relationship with a teenager when he was in his 30s. I guess she’s a rat too!

  • Fake News (Wednesday, July 10 24 09:55 pm EDT)

    Open Letter Response to InDepthNH 7/10/2024 article titled “Rats Overrun State Prison for Men in Concord, Conditions Called ‘Shocking’: Reports

    “Today’s article by InDepthNH, written by Damien Fisher, shares an irresponsible and one-sided article to garner fear and cause alarm.”
    This is a response posted on a FB that seems to fit basically most articles written by InDepthNH and Damien Fisher. It is obvious that InDepthNH is a shield for Fisher to avoid deformation charges. Using the free press 1st amendment of the press is a way that Fisher can exaggerate and outright lie to crate hate and discontent.

  • Norm is sigma (Wednesday, July 10 24 09:49 pm EDT)

    Norm is cringe. Bro.
    Tragic, no cap. Norm your doing to much. guy. Serious. Not alpha, not even in the zone bro.

    Bus driver tuen blabbing Pensioner. Bro.

  • Rats (Wednesday, July 10 24 08:03 pm EDT)

    Open Letter Response to 7/10/2024 article titled “Rats Overrun State Prison for Men in Concord, Conditions Called ‘Shocking’: Reports

    Today’s article by, written by Damien Fisher, shares an irresponsible and one-sided article to garner fear and cause alarm. For starters, the article references inspection reports going back five years, however, fails to make any mention of the monumental steps that the Department has taken to correct issues. In fact, the Department has no open violations in the October 2021, September 2022, May 2023, July 2023, or September 2023 reports.

    The article states “the Department of Corrections did not respond to a request for comment.” Mr. Fisher sent an email to the Department’s public information officer inbox around 1:15PM without indicating any deadline for a reply, a standard practice among journalists writing a quick story. Yet the article was published on around 3:30PM offering the department a little more than two hours to reply.

    Mr. Fisher writes that the facility has been cited “for violations at every inspection since 2019” which is inaccurate. Due to the hard work of NHDOC staff, contracted agencies and resident workers, the kitchen has corrected every noted violation on all kitchen inspections.

    Rodents have been a significant issue at the NH State Prison for Men, one the department has spent a great deal of time and resources mitigating. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the department was not experiencing a rodent issue. When many restaurants in downtown Concord closed down due to the pandemic, the prison became one of the only operational food sources and the rats sought out food at the prison.

    Further, I have not been shy about publicly sharing my concerns and the tremendous efforts made by department staff to mitigate the rodent issue. For months, I shared updates at Governor & Council meetings about the progress made in both the kitchen and with the rodents throughout the men’s prison while also providing tours to legislators that have asked to see the kitchen firsthand. The department, along with the assistance of pest control vendors, has identified several exterior points of entry for rodents to enter the kitchen area and these holes have been sealed.

    The department currently has its pest control vendor visiting the prison weekly to assist with checking the traps and making recommendations for additional remediations. The department’s vendor has even utilized rat terriers in an effort to capture rodents in the kitchen. While this attempt did lead to several captures, it was not the most successful method utilized thus far. The department began using a product called ContraPest in 2023, which has proven to be the most successful tool in battling the rodent issue in the kitchen. ContraPest, while not a poison, is a form of birth control for rodents, and we have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of rodent activity since the use of this product began. The department has implemented every idea presented to us by the vendors.

    Starting in September 2023, the department began contracting with professional cleaning companies to provide deep cleaning services for the kitchen, not to replace the daily cleaning that occurs. At present, this contract ensures the kitchen is deep cleaned on a quarterly basis.

    There is water leaking from the ceiling in the kitchen, which the department is currently managing by using tarps with hoses to divert the water into trash barrels, this has been frequently presented as imagines in the department’s request for capital budget resources. The leaking of the roof is currently being worked on as part of a separate capital project, where we are replacing the existing concrete walkway/plaza deck above the kitchen which doubles as the kitchen roof, which was a poor construction decision originally given our four seasons. This will include the removal of the existing walkway surface and insulation layers, repairs to existing drainage, and installation of new insulation and lock-down pavers.

    While our current conditions in the kitchen at the NH State Prison for Men are challenging, the department takes this issue with the seriousness that is requires and is making every effort to address any concerns as quickly as possible while also recognizing we have a responsibility to serve more than 3,000 healthy and safe meals to residents every day.

    We are excited by today’s Governor and Council vote to contract the existing $10 million allocated to begin the process of replacing the NH State Prison for Men. We are encouraged by the Governor’s continued strong advocacy, and the legislature’s recent approval of $40 million in bonding authority given to the Department of Corrections that will enable us to complete the planning and engineering for a replacement for the NH State Prison for Men. Prison design has come a long way since the NH State Prison for Men was built in 1878. The Department is excited that we are one step closer to providing a better environment for staff, as well as a more rehabilitative space for residents.

    Helen Hanks


  • John J. O’Connor (Wednesday, July 10 24 07:47 pm EDT)

    The more you use an offensive word, the less offensive it becomes..
    I know in this new world we live in, words hurt and those people will probably need a safe space to process the cruelty of a spoken word.
    My advice, toughen the Fu*k up cupcake.
    I look at a situation like this in terms of would this be offensive 50 years ago…the answer ?
    Absolutely NOT.
    So why is it now ?

  • Stoney or I mean nick (Wednesday, July 10 24 06:44 pm EDT)

    If they are fagit or CUNT I hope he does people need to know if they are fagits or CUNTS you weak bitch

  • Stoney (Wednesday, July 10 24 05:49 pm EDT)

    Well presumably he hasn’t done anything newsworthy there like call his coworkers “faggot” or “cunt”

  • Question (Wednesday, July 10 24 05:08 pm EDT)

    Why is there never an article on what stone does or doest do at the state house?

  • John J. O’Connor (Wednesday, July 10 24 05:01 pm EDT)

    It seems being a Rat is socially accepted.
    I’m old school, it will never be acceptable to me.

  • Robert Merrill (Wednesday, July 10 24 03:30 pm EDT)

    vote me, im nice guy. fix city up more free stuff for you

  • Truth (Wednesday, July 10 24 03:25 pm EDT)

    Sounds like Greg is right, a lot of "Rats" out there these days

  • J Dubs (Wednesday, July 10 24 03:08 pm EDT)

    In depth is afraid of Gregg and Marc so he went lite on this one.

    The true news is PressNHNow on YouTube

  • Greg (Wednesday, July 10 24 02:36 pm EDT)

    New article on about Jon Stone just released. He was fired from his job as a correctional officer for pretty much the same shit. Guess our golden boy just keeps finding himself surrounded by "rats" right O'Connor?

  • Special intrest group leader (Tuesday, July 09 24 09:51 pm EDT)

    Anyone looking to change anything is a "special intrest group " to jim bob.
    I applaud Melissa (if it's actually her) & fuck Jim.
    I say let's go to all the mother fuckers who have a special intrest in Claremont.

  • Insider (Tuesday, July 09 24 09:19 pm EDT)

    Jim how about them emails?

  • John J. O’Connor (Tuesday, July 09 24 08:00 pm EDT)

    It pains me to say this… but Jim is right.
    That building and organization will be an albatross for the city.
    It will never be able to be self sufficient and it will be a drain on City finances for years to come.

  • Jim Sullivan (Tuesday, July 09 24 05:27 pm EDT)

    I did not write the comments attributed to me today at 5:01 PM. However, it does not mean that I disagree with those comments.

    Mike, some of the things you mentioned occurred because local officials put special interests above the best interests of the citizens of Claremont and they do not care about the consequences of their actions in regards to the taxpayers of Claremont.

  • Mike (Tuesday, July 09 24 05:03 pm EDT)

    Look at what happens to those who draw Jim’s ire and ignore it. Did Jim keep the bike shop from moving into Arrowhead? Has he gotten Nick Koloski remove from the council? Did he keep the ink factory from moving into the JSL? Has he gotten Merrill or Manale fired? If Melissa’s smart, she’ll ignore Jim and continue to do the impressive work she and her organization have done.

  • Jim Sullivan (Tuesday, July 09 24 05:01 pm EDT)

    Note the phrases “credible sources” and “official channels”. So the government is the only legitimate source of information? Your funding sources are “confusing” and “complicated”?

  • Nancy (Tuesday, July 09 24 04:57 pm EDT)

    Oh Melissa, you shouldn’t have done this. You let them see you sweat and we will never hear the end of it.

  • Rick (Tuesday, July 09 24 04:23 pm EDT)

    Did everyone notice that Melissa Richmond only threw shade on Jim Sullivan's article without offering any specifics of any possible errors. She also did not comment on the $2.3 million earmark, why she did not announce receiving that huge stack of money and why city officials still think they need to raise money to finish the building renovation when her organization has the funds to do it. As John O'Connor likes to say this does not pass the smell test.

  • Melissa Richmond (Tuesday, July 09 24 03:17 pm EDT)

    Dear Mr. Sullivan (and readers),

    Thank you for your interest in our project. I’m sorry that you feel the need to insult and disparage with negative intent people who are working with only great intentions and care for the community. We are very proud of the responsible and smart ways that we have leveraged the limited resources we have to do something incredible for the community. All of the correct information about these projects is readily available, publicly reported, and in full compliance with requirements. Some of the funding sources and project details are very complicated- though quite common for those experienced in this area- it is easy to be confused, and easier to be mislead by those that feed off of negativity and arrogance. The actual information is available from credible sources. I would urge you to consider why you feel the need to spend your time spreading negativity in a community that is trying to overcome decades of very difficult economic and social challenges. We need to move past toxic attitudes and see just how far we have grown in the last few decades. It’s truly staggering, and we should be very proud of the work we have done in Claremont. Is there more to do? Surely. Is it good to watch and keep people accountable? Absolutely. But that’s not what this report is about. Maybe try to not judge from ignorance or your desire to feel powerful through hurting others. We’re all on the same team trying to live and thrive in this lovely community. Please do not continue to misrepresent me, my organization, or this project that I and my incredible team of colleagues have spent 10 years laboring with great love over. This is a time to celebrate and support this incredible new asset in Claremont.

    Please note: I will not be monitoring this forum, and so if there are actual questions for us you should use our official channels.

    Melissa Richmond

  • Rob (Tuesday, July 09 24 01:30 pm EDT)

    Some . People make
    Things happen.
    I . Am. One of
    Those . People

  • Normin (Monday, July 08 24 09:37 pm EDT)

    Get the potatoes out of your ears and wipe the tears from your eyes. This city needs action from all the grumpy old fucks if we want to stop all this tomfoolery. Before the septic backs up, the pavement crumbles and yous people go completely insane, yous need to accept me as your leader.

  • Rob (Monday, July 08 24 09:28 pm EDT)

    I called. Arty Demoulas
    To pave the. Market Basket
    More for your dollar
    And. They will do it now
    Your welcome

  • The governor (Monday, July 08 24 09:28 pm EDT)

    Rob. How will you deal with the pest problem? Aka Jim Sullivan.

  • Rob (Monday, July 08 24 08:17 pm EDT)

    the health. Dept
    Should be . Free
    And clean up. The trash
    Have you. Seen . The couches
    On the front. Lawn in town . Free service from. The city is. Needed

  • Casual observer (Monday, July 08 24 08:00 pm EDT)

    Robert, whats your stance dealing with trash in Claremont? Specifically Tetu and his band of deceitful, Ill intended, social anarchist? How will you, if elected protect not only the citizens of Claremont but the state of NH from this pure slithering evil? (You may not know but Jim has close connections deep withing this A coup d'état. Use caution)

  • Rib (Monday, July 08 24 07:48 pm EDT)

    Y’all are sick
    Jim you should be investigated by Patrick and Damien for wasting taxpayer moneys

  • Robert Merrill (Monday, July 08 24 05:32 pm EDT)

    I go see Mr. Nic, get to his bottom of CDA thing. You all see

  • Rob (Monday, July 08 24 03:17 pm EDT)

    Duh you are.
    It is America. We
    Can call
    Who we want. When we. Want

  • Duh (Monday, July 08 24 12:01 pm EDT)

    Robert, first state reps do not handle city matters. So you are just showing you have no idea what the position entails. Second, if you were thinking of being a city councilor in order to work with local matter a councilor calling property owners themselves would actually be grounds for removal from office.

  • Greg (Monday, July 08 24 11:57 am EDT)

    Jilliam, I mean Jim, I mean William…what sane person reads an article and comes to the comments to rehash everything they just wrote and talk about what a “public service” Mr. Sullivan has done. Either you’re Jim Sullivan or you’re his live-in boyfriend. As for the article, it was a 4/10. Needed more bashing of councilors, calling Manale lazy, and you didn’t even mention how much money he makes. *yawn* Play the hits Jim.

  • William (Monday, July 08 24 08:37 am EDT)

    I am not Mr Sullivan. I do appreciate his efforts to inform the public about the hidden activities of our city leaders and his efforts to suggest solutions and take action when the need arises.

  • Narc (Monday, July 08 24 08:28 am EDT)

    William is Jim Sullivan stroking himself. Jim, nobody cares. Imagine being such a sore loser. In high school Jim used to literally rat out people for being in the hallways. Some things never change. Narcissist behavior Jim.

  • William (Monday, July 08 24 06:35 am EDT)

    Our city government is corrupt. Elected and appointed officials pervert the truth and abuse their authority to push a political agenda that always costs the taxpayers money, wasted resources and precious time. Claremont will never thrive with these people in charge. Nancy Merrill, Yoshi Manale and the CDA Directors are at the core of this untenable situation with 56 Opera House Square. The music center is broke as their tax filings indicate so what was Melissa Richmond and her Board of Directors thinking when they placed themselves in this precarious situation of responsibility for a building they cannot hope to remain within as the burden of expenses is far too great. Melissa Richmond and Nancy Merrill have set the music center, the CDA and the city up for complete failure. The price of that failure is $875,000 that we the taxpayers may have to bear. Our city councilors allowed this travesty to happen. Nicholas Koloski has been on the city council for far too long. Nancy Merrill should never have authorized the occupancy permit for this derelict building at 56 Opera House Square. I agree with James Sullivan that the Topstone building occupancy permits are a reasonable comparison as a 2% building good rating certified by professional property assessors should force the building to be condemned for public safety reasons. The environmental issues with the property further support the rationale for condemning the Topstone building. How anyone cannot see the correlation between Councilman Nicholas Koloski’s occupancy permits for his three businesses and his status as a councilman is beyond me. This shows a pattern of behavior from Nancy Merrill’s office of political favors for politically connected individuals without any concern for public safety. The city councilors are responsible for allowing this to happen by not performing their due diligence to protect the interests of their constituents the citizenry of our community. Nicholas Koloski and Andrew O’Hearne bear more responsibility as they agreed to transfer the property to the CDA and support the community development block grant of $500,000 for the renovation project that we the taxpayers may need to reimburse the government for if this project fails. In my view James Sullivan did our community a great service by exposing the truth and taking it one step further by reaching out to Senator Jeanne Shaheen informing her of the situation and asking for her help to ensure that the $2,300,000 federal earmark that she obtained for this project is spent properly to finish the renovation project of the building. I agree with Mr. Sullivan that something appears to be wrong as a sudden $2,300,000 windfall for this project is kept a secret for two months, city officials are unaware of how the money may be spent and no forward progress has been made towards completing the renovation project now that adequate funds have been secured. I am confident that Senator Shaheen and her staff will get to the bottom of this and the renovation project will be completed thanks to Mr. Sullivan’s actions. City leaders were aware of this $2,300,000 earmark so I fail to see why they did not take action to move this project forward and allowed two months to lapse when the roof is leaking and causing further damage to the building that will only serve to increase repair costs and the unsafe conditions within the building.

  • Robert (Monday, July 08 24 04:58 am EDT)

    CDA and. ACDC
    Do you. Get it
    I will. Look. Into the
    Top of the stone
    And. Call. Killoski
    To make sure. The. Environment
    Is safe
    When I speak people listen

  • Jim's a cunt (Sunday, July 07 24 10:06 pm EDT)

    You lost me at Topstone again you fucking retard. Tell me you know nothing about real estate and life safety code without telling me. Oh, there you did with your "article". Same whiny bitch stuff over and over. We get it. You are jealous of a Merrill, Koloski and the arts. Well, basically anyone who has made something more of themselves than a sad old man who has nothing to show for his 2 years as a public official.

  • Duh (Sunday, July 07 24 09:36 pm EDT)

    Robert, you really need to give up. If you want to be a state rep then state reps have no control over city issues.

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