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  • J Dubbs (Monday, April 15 24 06:41 am EDT)

    Jim the biggest story right now is my story.

  • J Dubbs (Monday, April 15 24 04:29 am EDT)

    Jim sure knows how to ignore the truth and turn a mountain into a mole hill. He ignores my plight, and won’t even address it. He worked with the city to make sure he had info about a wrong property so it looked like he did his job. I know who is the puppet master, and it ain’t Jim. He also ignored the safety of the city building and the obvious fact that

  • I. Ron. Eee (Sunday, April 14 24 09:37 pm EDT)

    Seeing Jim calling others out on their ego and overinflated sense of self importance may be the most ironic thing that has ever happened.

    You do see it, right Jim? I mean, you’d have to be a pinball wizard to not.

  • Connor (Sunday, April 14 24 09:30 pm EDT)

    No James. You are trying to create a scandal. There is the difference.

  • Jim Sullivan (Sunday, April 14 24 09:04 pm EDT)

    I never praised Nick Koloski for influencing decisions on the Claremont Planning Board in a good way or in any way whatsoever. I simply wrote that Koloski tries to influence the decisions of the Planning Board. Big difference! Anyone who watches the Claremont Planning Board meetings knows that it is true. In regards to Chief Spaulding, I stated that I would like to believe that Nick was for once not acting in his own self-interest and trying to be the center of attention. No insinuation there whatsoever, what I stated was straightforward. In regards to the business operated by Mister Giosi, I know absolutely nothing about it. However, running a business out of a residence is not relevant to applying for a position on the Claremont Planning Board. Yet Koloski was trying to turn it into some sort of scandal.

  • AI (Sunday, April 14 24 08:44 pm EDT)

    Rich and Kevin M are both Nick Koloski.

  • Rich (Sunday, April 14 24 07:52 pm EDT)

    Your previous article praised Koloski and how he influences decisions on the planning board in a good way. This week you trash that opinion. Are you bipolar James? You are a flip flopper when it fits your narrative. I was at Koloskis today for lunch. Despite your trashing him non stop he still didn't have a negative word to say towards you. Not for lack of trying. I did try to get a rise out of him. Whatever helps you sleep at night James.

  • Kevin M. (Sunday, April 14 24 07:46 pm EDT)

    It is apparent you watch the meetings of the council in the same manner someone who already decides they are going to have a distaste for a movie or a meal does. Your bias could not be more apparent. How insulting. Is this page the Koloski report? Really that jealous Jim? You lost me at attacking or insinuating when you did in regards to Chief Spaulding. Those of us who have actually served the region and retired with honor are aware of Mr. Koloski and what he has the backbone to do for others. He doesn't need to defend himself to the likes of you. Chief Spaulding had a long record of service with Koloski. You apparently have no idea of anyone characters and just clearly do not like someone in this case because they are well more rounded in character than you are. I seem to think if you uncovered Andrew Os boyfriend operated a registered business from his commercial property and any council member missed it you would be creating yet another rambling article. Nothing improper to see here. I as other readers here have also stated actually watch the meeting. There was no grilling. There was a question asked if a box was improperly checked that there was no business dealings with a city council member. Due diligence sir. We understand now with your version that Andrew's Boyfriend as you put it does not pay rent in a commercial space next to Andrew's home and does not pay Andrew any funds whatsoever. Not certain how you know that but Thank you for clearing that up for us. The only person any one is disgusted with is you sir.

  • Jim Sullivan (Sunday, April 14 24 06:35 pm EDT)

    Four new articles published today on the News Flashes page of this website.

    1) April 10, 2024 Claremont City Council meeting synopsis.

    2) Sullivan County Republicans issue a statement of support for New Hampshire House Representative Jonathan Stone.

    3) Can't the Manale Administration even manage to fill potholes in Claremont?

    4) Sullivan County Commissioner Joe Osgood makes news in Lakeland Florida.

  • J Dubbs (Sunday, April 14 24 05:42 pm EDT)

    The only thing that matters right now is my case and that pot hole on washingtin

    None of you care! None! We need more better reps on the council. I will run and win. I am always success.

    That one guy that gets upset when I truth drop. You are working for the city, you are working at the planning department to sue me

  • J Dubbs (Sunday, April 14 24 05:32 pm EDT)

    I am just like Trump. Jim you are like the Main Streem media. You don’t care about the successful working man.

  • J Dubbs (Sunday, April 14 24 05:11 pm EDT)

    You could write about the effort to destroy my successful business. So far you have IGNORED this completely as you are probably part of the group that is trying to put me out of business. I laugh at 3,000$.

  • Jim Sullivan (Sunday, April 14 24 05:09 pm EDT)

    There will be no stories this week as there is nothing going on that is news worthy. Also, my dragon software is acting up so I will need to bring it to the computer store again.

  • Don't worry, Stone's changed...give me a break! (Sunday, April 14 24 02:08 pm EDT)

    Walt Stapleton's response to Stone's appalling actions...

    Subject: Re: NH Representative jONATHAN sTONE

    Before you all call for the man's head, let's pause for a moment and think about this.

    That happened some 18 years ago, not recently. Since those very troubling events and disturbing outbursts, Jonathan has served his community well in business, on boards, committees, City Council and now a Representative on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in the New Hampshire House. In spite of his faults and faux pas, he is a veteran public servant who knows the law and the street very well, and brings valuable experience and insights to that work.

    Until we hear otherwise from that Committee, House leadership, and others that his service has been problematic, rushing to hasty judgements and emotional reactions on unsettling newspaper articles, some with political overtones, is unwise, unbecoming, and counterproductive to true justice.

    Who of us are the same person we were 18 years ago? Who among us has not improved our lives, outlooks and maturity in the intervening years? I have, and looking back, I'm displeased and regretful about some of my deeds and actions done contrary to maturity and good sense. Wish I could do them over, but of course that's impossible. So, instead we move forward, overcome the negative and strive to improve our lives while we still have time on this earth to do so. I believe that Jonathan has worked and succeeded in doing so. But each one of you have to reach into your heart to look and see the extent to which that may have occurred in his life, or not. And you know you must do it out of a profound sense of humanity, charity, forgiveness.

    As Jesus said, "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone".

    Step back, cool off, let the responsible leaders and authorities deal with the issue in the context of where this man is now and not where he was 18 years ago.

    Rep. Walter A. Stapleton,
    NH House Representative
    House Judiciary Committee
    Past Environ. & Agriculture Cmte.
    Past Health & Human Svcs. Elderly Affairs
    Sullivan County Dist. 6
    Claremont & Croydon
    Cell: (603) 995-1034

  • John J. O’Connor (Sunday, April 14 24 12:41 pm EDT)

    Thanks Paul.
    Law enforcement is one of those professions where you have to take a psychological exam and evaluation before being offered a position . You don’t do that at Walmart or Crown Point but you do it if you want to be a Police Officer.
    The issues Jon Stone had at the end of his police career were not there when he started or his Psychological exam would have Red Flagged him and he never would have been hired.
    Being a Police Officer is a stressful profession and most professional Police departments have a Psychological unit to help weed out problems but more importantly to help Cops cope with the stresses associated with the job.
    Those in charge knew there was a problem, instead of helping the person and thereby help his family and community, the city turned its back on him and its citizens.
    It’s a sad situation all around with no winners and only losers.

  • paul (Saturday, April 13 24 09:29 pm EDT)

    john j o'connor. that is probably the most intelligent thing you have said in jons defense. perhaps the pd did fail him. perhaps he should have been placed in mandatory counseling. this being said though, most dont get that. they get caught, prosecuted, and go to jail. when was the last time a thug got counseling, and actual rehabilitation? whats the recidivism rate? even those who defended him, didnt advise him.

  • paul (Saturday, April 13 24 09:09 pm EDT)

    curious. it is my understanding the entire force was corrupt. what the city got was jon stones secrecy. remember when george santos got kicked out of congress, and started a revenge tour? im sure the pd wanted to keep their skeletons hidden. so they hid jons.

  • Wendy (Saturday, April 13 24 12:45 pm EDT)

    Yeah Andy was only just Stones cousin who clearly tossed a bitch fit during a patrol meeting and stormed out and cried about a D day calendar but when questioned had no recollection. So odd that these 2 made the moves to appoint the police commissioners we have now. Really odd that Mark Limoges put his name in for police commission this last time around. Put your head around that. The 3 member commission would have been 3 members that do their bidding. You guys ever see the emails from Ed Morris telling O'hearne he can't be meddling in police business during the Lafont shooting? How about the emails angry Andy sends demanding to be informed as a councilor of any fire related incident in the city? Those are more than rumor. This bad apple has to go.

  • union info (Saturday, April 13 24 10:26 am EDT)

    this was with union attorneys in Boston that made the deal with stone saying he would leave not andy he just a local union rep which means nothing

  • Andy Needs to go (Saturday, April 13 24 10:07 am EDT)

    Apparently you have never been in a union and have union reps negotiate on your behalf. Perhaps you should ask Jon Stones cousin and Union Rep, currently City Councilor Andrew O'Hearne.

  • Let’s Make A Deal (Saturday, April 13 24 09:49 am EDT)

    Let’s see the deal in writing, who got what

  • Curious (Saturday, April 13 24 08:57 am EDT)

    But they didn't need to give him a deal to get rid of him. They had plenty already. Why make a deal.

  • And not all that bright (Saturday, April 13 24 08:43 am EDT)

    The city got rid of officer stone.

  • Curious (Saturday, April 13 24 08:32 am EDT)

    No Gregg, I'm wondering what the city got. They had plenty to fire him. They didn't need to negotiate.

  • Gregg (Saturday, April 13 24 08:30 am EDT)

    Stone got to resign and save face. Easier to tell a new potential employer you resigned as you didn't like the Chief. City got rid of him meaning they both got something. That really needed to be explained? You arrive concerned Stone didn't get something fair?

  • Curious (Saturday, April 13 24 06:55 am EDT)

    Something I wonder. If you watch the Supreme Court argument by Stone's lawyer. He says that when the agreement was reached "the city got something and Mr Stone got something ". Basically saying if the files are released that's not upholding the deal of Mr. Stone getting something so it's not fair. Because then only the city got something. Well what did the city get for making the deal?

  • Anonymous Insider (Saturday, April 13 24 04:34 am EDT)

    Be careful

  • Horse Blinders Jim (Friday, April 12 24 05:27 pm EDT)

    That can be your opinion. The difference between us is I called and asked him yesterday. I suspect you didn't ask. He really had interest in having it sooner to alleviate concerns of lower voter turnout. There is question if it could be piggy backed on to a federal election and would have required more than Mr. Tetus opinion to answer that. Mr. Koloski stated to me given the timeframe it needed to be acted upon so rather than delay or toss a monkey wrench in the mix after not hearing any additional from any council member when asked the mayor moved the vote forward. He is correct as I watched it. He gave me valid points on lower turnout and the fact voting on something in 2025 that is brought forward now seems ridiculous. His words. It is very simple to reach him rather than just speak ill. I didn't vote for him but I would now.

  • Jim Sullivan (Friday, April 12 24 04:15 pm EDT)

    If Nick Koloski had made a motion to amend the motion on the table to place the Proposed Charter Amendment on the ballot for November 2024 and assuming that Jonathan Hayden seconded the motion and if that amended motion failed then the previous motion to put the Proposed Charter Amendment on the ballot for November 2025 would still have been voted on and it presumably would have passed as it had on Wednesday night. Absolutely no harm would have been done and neither Nick nor Jonathan would have been in violation of anything if they had bothered to make a motion to amend and seconded that motion. It would have been the right thing to do and I believe that Nick Koloski was being disingenuous when he said that he supported placing it on the ballot for 2024 because he did not follow through and try to make that change. That is my opinion.

  • True (Friday, April 12 24 03:07 pm EDT)

    John that would be true leadership helping him instead of kicking him but no we never have anyone in positions that have the ability of real leadership they are more polical hacks like Mr Alex Scott was couldnt lead a dog with a leash NOW that is SAD!!!!

  • Paul B. (Friday, April 12 24 03:01 pm EDT)

  • DUH (Friday, April 12 24 02:59 pm EDT)

    9/25/2000 Issued warning after 2 other incidences of "at fault" accidents and chronic speeding with cruisers (Issued by Colby)
    12/2000 Assault disabled man (Andrewski reported it)
    3/9/01 Crashed police cruiser. At fault. (Chief Ohlsen suspended him on 3/26/01 after state police finished investigation)
    6/2002 Vulgar language incident and warning (Issued by Colby)
    4/23/04 issued warning for being at his own house while on shift without communicating )Stukas issued warning)
    Summer of 2004 recieved written warning for not responding to a victim or filing required reports. (Issued by Chief Scott) after victim complained.
    8/27/04 was reminded of rules about parking by Chief Scott.
    8/31/04 Issued written warning from Chief Scott for again not following parking rules.
    1/2005 Made disparaging remarks about Lebanon Police over the radio with Belisle. Lebanon Chief Alexander made complaint.
    3/2005 Coyote Creek incident with drunk woman. (Lebanon Officer Zullo was hanging out with Stone at the bar)
    Summer 2005 Harassed 2 women walking at night
    8/2005 Started meeting teenage girl
    10/2005 Broke evidence/confiscated item inside PD. (Stukas reported)
    12/2005 Let Jessica Jordan DWI go. (LT Jordan of Windsor Police reported, Officer Jonathon Adams involved) (Dispatcher Boisclair involved)
    -Odd note about this incident. While with Jessica Jordan Stone calls Stuka. While on the phone with Stone Stuka says he did not smell alcohol on her either. How did Stuka not smell alcohol when he was on the phone with Stone? When did Stuka smell her? Later he says Stuka may have been at the scene for a short time. But then why call him? (file:///C:/Users/16035/Downloads/IA%20Report%20%239%20(REDACTED)%20(3).pdf)
    2/2006 was informed by PJ Slovik that Stone had a relationship with a teenage girl. 2/17/06 interviewed Stone about this girl. Stone says she is an informant but Andrewski, his supervisor has no knowledge of this.
    3/6/06 Confidential informant told Chase about Stone and teenage girl and comments about killing him and Chief Scott, while in DA Hathaway's office. Within days Matt Foss mentioned that Stone made veiled threats regarding his children 2 years before (2004)
    3/15/06 Hannaford employee contacted Chase to tell about an uncomfortable employee. 2 women talk about this incident of sexual harassment the summer before. While being questioned later he admits that he did not call in stopping these women.
    3/24/06 administered polygraph by NH State Police. Failed. Placed on administrative leave. Immediately called other officers afterwards, despite being ordered not to contact witnesses.
    During the investigation a deputy from the Sheriff's dept helped. Deputy Lockhart. During the investigation these people were interviewed.
    On 3/9/06 Deputy Lockhart and Casey met and decided to interview officers. At 7am. At 7:27am they started interviewing officers. The interviews ended that day at 4:04pm.
    Officer Crystal Dole
    Detective Vezina
    Detective Andrewski
    Officer Matt Foss
    Detective Hallock
    Corporal Mataruso
    Detective John Simmonds
    Sgt Burnham
    Cpl Wilson
    Officer Noll
    Andy O'hearne
    -Would only say Stone makes comments about not liking people
    Officer Binder
    Officer Belisle
    Officer Heighes
    -Said he has no contact with Stone
    Marcie St Pierre, communications supervisor
    LT Stukas
    -walked out during the interview and quit.
    Every officer interviewed, with the exception of Andy and Stukas had the same experiences with Stone.
    3/15/06 Sgt Burroghs of Newport Police said that Stone made comments to him about fellow Claremont officers. Chief Marshall of Washington NH said that Stone was disrespectful and offensive.
    Officer Patrick Zullo of Lebanon PD was interviewed.

    John O'Conner did all the people mentioned conspire to RAT on Stone? All of them. That's alot. And all of this is not ONE incident.

  • See The Good (Friday, April 12 24 02:42 pm EDT)

    Who’s the a** now. Damien Fisher and Jim Sullivan are dragging many city former and present city and county employees through the mud with many accusations that can be questionable. Most if not all of these employees have done more good in their careers than harm. I hope Damien and Jim’s ego trip is worth it. Never liked Fishy and am loosing respect for Jim. Can’t imagine what would be found in their closet if it had open doors.

  • Jake (Friday, April 12 24 02:39 pm EDT)

    Jim. See how you had to take posting internal affairs reports and the regurgitate all the other stuff that not a single person had bit at to puff yourself up. I tune in and again see you choose to twist words. Councilor Koloski said much more than what you claim and stated he felt no one else would support it at the council level. Besides Hayden no one else made a comment. If he had made the motion and it failed he would be in violation and you would again claim he broke the law. Which is it Jim? You really have to stop talking out of your ass. It was very, very clear to watchers he had solicited other to weigh in before a vote was called and indicated the catch 22. You omit all of that for your idiotic insulting narrative. There is a reason Koloski is the longest serving in Claremont history and you served 1 single term before being booted out. As with everything you stand for you are in the minority. I signed the petition and understand what he was saying.

  • Jim Sullivan (Friday, April 12 24 02:15 pm EDT)

    Special Report!

    Jonathan Stone Internal Affairs Investigation Documents paints a very disturbing picture! More people implicated in Cover-Up!

  • Insiduh (Friday, April 12 24 01:37 pm EDT)

    So you are saying the community has now failed him by not having him step down from boards and seek help?

    I see Patrick OGravys article about charter was pussified now. Like he got his hand slapped. Trust me, he did.

  • John J. O’Connor (Friday, April 12 24 01:28 pm EDT)

    Hahaha.. Jim’s trolls strike again.
    I found those files extremely disturbing but what I found more disturbing is the Superior Officers of CPD knew that Jon had some serious issues and no one thought of getting him help.
    They knew they had a distress Officer and instead of getting him much needed help, they kicked him down the road for someone else to deal with.
    The department failed Jon Stone, at the very least he should have been ordered to have a Psychological exam.

  • JO Big C (Friday, April 12 24 01:28 pm EDT)

    And jerk him off in our weekly Thursday circle jerks when Wendy is out with the ladies.

  • John J. O'Connor (Friday, April 12 24 12:37 pm EDT)

    I did not make the comment at 12:10PM. The only thing I find to be sad about is that those RATS conspired to get Jon Stone in trouble for words. I still support representative Stone, unconditionally.

  • John J. O’Connor (Friday, April 12 24 12:10 pm EDT)

    Just read the files…

  • Fed up (Friday, April 12 24 10:35 am EDT)

    JoC, have you read the records. It was 6 years of bad incidences, not one. Jon did not accept the punishment. The punishment was 5 days suspension, day shift, and not to contact the minor. He then threatened fellow officers and their families and contacted the minor. That started another investigation which led to his termination. Seriously, shut your old mouth unless you actually read and can respond based upon facts. Everything you are saying is exactly why rules with the police have changed. Noone gives a shit about your archaic opinions anymore.

  • Johnny (Friday, April 12 24 09:03 am EDT)

    If it don’t fit, you must acquit.

  • Fraud O'Connor (Friday, April 12 24 08:56 am EDT)

    John O'Connor thinks OJ was innocent.

  • John J. O’Connor (Friday, April 12 24 08:54 am EDT)

    I worked in the similar environment and sometimes things had to be settled outside, after working hours.
    I agree, working in the civilian world is different than working in a semi military organization and I do see your point but unless you put on the uniform and did the job it’s difficult for outsiders to understand.
    One bad incident shouldn’t wipe away a lifetime of public service.
    I haven’t seen any evidence that he had an improper relationship, the alleged victim stated nothing of a sexual nature occurred.
    That’s why no charges were ever filed but it was determined he didn’t conduct himself properly with confidential informant and he was suspended.
    The threat allegations all stem from that initial investigation. Jon excepted the punishment but apparently the department didn’t because they continued to prosecute him .
    That’s not my opinion, those are facts

  • Is JoC for real? (Friday, April 12 24 08:40 am EDT)

    JoC he didn't just make these threats to grown men. He threatened children. Babies. Children of the men he worked with. Wives.

  • Garret (Friday, April 12 24 08:33 am EDT)

    John. Switch this around to any other work environment. Let's just say this was Rugers. Employee A makes all these same threats and fails a polygraph when answering questions about. Rugers should do nothing. You feel the employees that were named or intimidated should go to Employee A and have a face to face about it. Good thing you don't work in human resources. All the companies that have had workplace shootings should have used your logic. Keep in mind the people in this case carry a sidearm and still were afraid enough to speak up. You really have something wrong in your brain.

  • Ben (Friday, April 12 24 08:26 am EDT)

    That is a good point. OHEARNE should really be watched. That arrogant pos can't be bothered to return a single contact to any voter. Shorts and a hooded sweatshirt and sandles are not proper city council attire. I see he is trying to place his boyfriend who has a criminal record on boards and committees. He even voted for him at the last meeting. He now has a seat on the planning board.

  • John J. O’Connor (Friday, April 12 24 08:26 am EDT)

    I’ve been consistent since day 1, what Jon Stone said was completely inappropriate and completely out of line.
    He allegedly made this threats to and about grown men. Where I come from you handle that directly, you go to the source of the threats and deal with it.
    That didn’t happen here.
    These grown men apparently were too afraid so instead of talking one on one, they ratted him out.
    These grown men were so afraid that after Jon left the department they still continued having a professional relationship with him and his business.
    If those alleged threats were directed at me or mine, I would have handled it differently and not involved the administration but I can’t expect people to act like I do.
    If what was alleged is true, Jon should have been arrested or at the very least confronted by those he insulted but neither happened.

  • Jen (Friday, April 12 24 08:21 am EDT)

    It would take anyone 10 minutes in a conversation with Jonathan to hear the words retard, sped and more. Scroll his social media pages and tell me what has changed. A changed man says they have sought the lord, been to therapy or offer an apology to the community. He spent how much on his attorney to keep things hidden? He cost taxpayers how much in his quest. He sued the Claremont taxpayers. Does anyone understand this? You all miss the fact a city councilor sued the city they represent while in office. Let's all just forget about that as well. O'Connor what years did your wife work at the Claremont Police Department?

  • Duh (Friday, April 12 24 08:16 am EDT)

    JoC, Stones defender position is already filled btw. I think at every council meeting when Andy starts rambling about rules there should be someone to ask "are you speaking as your cousin's union rep or a city councilorm"

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