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  • Dave (Friday, December 14 18 05:38 pm EST)

    A recent Stevens HS Grad would probly have more common sense than the Department Heads we currently have running this city!!

  • Tony (Friday, December 14 18 04:17 pm EST)

    Wow, that's not good news for Claremont's future as department heads leave and positions go unfilled. You will have to hire from the local high school graduates to fill department directors positions.

  • Jim Sullivan (Thursday, December 13 18 03:04 pm EST)

    Last night the Claremont City Council strongly rejected City Manager Ryan McNutt's 15%-29% across-the-board pay raise for Claremont's highest-paid non-union municipal employees (A.K.A. Merit Plan Employees). Councilwoman Claire Lessard was the only Councilor who supported the outrageous pay raises. Mayor Lovett was noticeably absent from the meeting. Voters need to remember how Councilor Lessard voted on this issue if she ever dares to run for reelection!

  • Titanic Survivor (Thursday, December 13 18 02:52 pm EST)

    Bob Jackson (RIP) was the problem. Then Guy Santagate. Now Ryan McNutt.

    In my youth while growing up in town, I eventually realized that no community circles the wagons better than Claremont. The only problem? Instead of aiming outside of the circle, everyone fires within.

    I'm just thankful that I was airlifted from the Titanic before it hit the iceberg. It is, nevertheless, sad to watch.

  • Todd (Tuesday, December 11 18 01:22 pm EST)

    Mr. McNutt has violated the public’s trust as well as the trust of the Council. That said, there is no other choice but to terminate his position and the sooner the better.

  • Shawn (Tuesday, December 11 18 09:56 am EST)

    Jim Sullivan and AJ Maranville are both former city councilors who knew their stuff when they honorably served. Today they still know more about what’s going on than all the councilors combined. They say that the councilors have the power to give the union workers of the public works department and the clerical employees a fair raise and a new contract. Well okay then boys and girls of the Council get busy and put an end to this embarrassment once and for all.

  • Abigail (Tuesday, December 11 18 09:44 am EST)

    Well that communications training that McNutt just received from MRI really worked out well didn't it? I wonder if the nitwits on the city council will rehire MRI for thousands of more tax dollars to give McNutt even more training. Sensitivity, negotiating, general intelligence, etc.

  • Laura (Tuesday, December 11 18 08:51 am EST)

    Ryan McNutt is out of control as city manager. He is abusing his power and disrespecting city councilors, municipal employees and the taxpaying public at every opportunity. He should be fired.

  • Kevin (Tuesday, December 11 18 08:04 am EST)

    The city manager is crazy to pull a stunt like this. He must think he can do anything because the Council is too lily- livered to a stand up to him and fire his sorry ass. He may be right because I have no faith in this Council of fools.

  • John (Tuesday, December 11 18 08:02 am EST)

    Just a quick question.... where will all this money come from ?
    Considering the City is working with a “bare bones “ budget , I wonder if the administration has already “projected “ what the increases will be in the updated property evaluations before these evaluations have even occurred?
    Being a City Manager is a difficult position, even on a good day. It seems Mr. McNutt goes out of his way to make his professional life difficult.
    If I didn’t know better I’d think someone wants to be fired.

  • Dave (Tuesday, December 11 18 07:19 am EST)

    Because Stephan Hamilton owns his own consulting company, I wonder if Ryan McNutt negotiated a secret deal with him to allow Hamilton to continue working consulting side gigs if he becomes the permanent city assessor?

  • Donna (Tuesday, December 11 18 06:45 am EST)

    I can only imagine how the employees must feel when they hear the truth about how they are not worth 2% raise when their bosses are worth 15-29%. This is going to demoralize the employees. The city council must step up and make this right. I wish Jim Sullivan and AJ Maranville and other old-timers were back on the Council right now because they would make this right because they would never stand for this crap. The councilors we have today are all weak willed idiots who want the job and what little glory comes with it but they all have no idea how to do the job even moderately well.

  • Ryan (Tuesday, December 11 18 06:40 am EST)

    Ryan McNutt’s bungling of the Topstone abatements, the assessor position grade change and this current faux pas with the obscene pay raises for top administration officials while throwing crumbs or nothing at all to the people actually do all the work is the last straw. It’s time for the Council to fire McNutt.

  • Gail (Tuesday, December 11 18 05:16 am EST)

    I find it hard to believe that any of the city councilors will give this outrageous pay raise any serious consideration. The taxpayers will not swallow any more frivolous spending.

  • Greg (Tuesday, December 11 18 04:51 am EST)

    What the hell is McNutt thinking? The nine a measly 2% pay raise for dedicated employees of public works and municipal clerical positions of giving their overpaid bosses a 15% – 29% pay raise instead. If the councilors grant this wacky request then they all have to be voted out of office.

  • Jim Sullivan (Tuesday, December 11 18 03:05 am EST)

    City Manager Ryan McNutt is proposing a 15% – 29% pay hike for Claremont’s highest-paid employees while refusing to give Public Works & Clerical Workers a 2% pay increase! Full details on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Sarah (Friday, December 07 18 11:42 am EST)

    I am not a fan of Bill Chaisson either. I do not like his writing style as he has a propensity to leave out important facts and details that do not support his position or political predisposition. For example, his recent editorial about how in his opinion Claremont needs a high price city assessor, when he failed to come clean and admit his conflict of interest regarding his close connection with one of the owners of Topstone Holdings LLC. Bill Chaisson should have disclosed the fact that the Eagle Times is a tenant of one of those owners. Especially when he takes a very unpopular stance supporting Ryan McNutt and Joseph Lessard and their decision to grant outrageously high property assessment abatements and tax debt forgiveness to the owners of Topstone Holdings LLC. In another editorial he wrote that also was published this week he stated that market rate valued apartments for Downtown Claremont is the answer to local economic growth. Bill Chaisson neglected to state that the Goddard building project does not meet that standard, as most of the apartments will be for low-income Section 8 residents, who will all probably turn to the city’s welfare department to pay their rent and that will increase our property tax burden immensely. I do not trust Bill Chaisson’s editorials as they appear to be slanted to his own thoughts, they lack balance and accuracy and they are far too local government official friendly to the point of being government propaganda, much like the news articles throughout the Eagle Times newspaper.

  • Jerry (Wednesday, December 05 18 07:31 am EST)

    I just finished reading Mr. Bill Chaisson’s editorial in today’s edition of the Eagle Times. He admits to being an apartment dweller living in Unity. Therefore, in my opinion, he should not be trying to use his editorial position with the newspaper to promote his liberal ideas and influence increased taxing and spending increased taxation burden on Claremont property owners and apartment dwelling citizens forced to pay higher rents as a result of increased taxation. Mr. Bill Chaisson has no skin in the game, as he is not a resident.

  • Chris (Tuesday, December 04 18 03:12 pm EST)

    Boy, that Joe Lessard is a terrible property assessor. He undervalued the Farwell property by 47% after devaluing the Topstone property by 76% and given the owners of the Topstone property a property tax bill right off of almost a quarter of one million dollars. Since the Farwell property is owned by the CDA, a government agency of the city of Claremont that somehow pays property taxes on the building, it makes me wonder if it was undervalued on purpose to give the CDA a break like the owners of the Topstone property received. Once again the taxpayers take it on the chin for the special interests.

  • Richard (Tuesday, December 04 18 11:59 am EST)

    An editorial appeared in today’s edition of the Eagle Times, written by editor Bill Chaisson about his cockeyed opinion of how the city councilors of Claremont are basically totally screwing up property assessments in Claremont with their recent decisions. Mr. Chaisson is totally against the idea of forming a Board of Assessors, he also claims that this was some sort of knee-jerk reaction to the Topstone Holdings LLC property abatements controversy, which he seems to fully support the large property abatements and past tax debt forgiveness granted to the owners by Mr. Lessard. Mr. Chaisson never mentioned his conflict of interest, one of the owners of Topstone Holdings LLC owns the building where the Eagle Times offices are located. Apparently, Mr. Chaisson does not want to get on the wrong side of his landlord or the person whom it is my understanding collects the rent and handles any nuisances regarding the property located on Crescent Street. Of course, I am referring to Councilman Nick Koloski. Mr. Chaisson is also hypercritical of the position of city councilors to not increase the salary range for the city assessor because one applicant is demanding more money. I do happen to agree with Mr. Chaisson’s comment that the city assessor must be dispassionate and value properties correctly. However, that as far as our mutual agreement goes. Mr. Chaisson once the city councilors to cave into this unknown applicant’s salary demands, not create an assessing board and stop doing things as he says on the cheap. In other words, spend taxpayer’s money and do not stop. Mr. Chaisson fails to take into consideration the fact that all assessors are state certified so throwing more money at any applicant will not guarantee increased professionalism or competency. The funny thing is Mr. Chaisson resides in Newport, so he pays no taxes in Claremont. He also was not much of an editor. Underneath his photograph under the website version of his editorial the caption reads Beth Chaisson instead of Bill Chaisson, showcasing his abysmal editorial eye to detail professionalism, either that or Mr. Chaisson is revealing something about his personal life that I do not care to know about.

  • Jim Sullivan (Tuesday, December 04 18 10:24 am EST)

    Two new articles published on the Sullivan Report today. Full details on the News Flashes page.

  • Andrea (Friday, November 30 18 08:28 am EST)

    There has to be a way to get these dim-witted people out off office before it's to late. They are all on the road to bankrupt Claremont. None of them have Claremonts best intrests at heart with all the mismanaging of money, lying, and corruption. We need to get them out NOW.

  • Tom (Wednesday, November 28 18 12:14 pm EST)

    That Nancy Merrill is useless. Every time she goes to the podium to speak, she knows very little about the topic that she is talking about. This is not a volunteer job she is doing this is her paid position and she is paid much more than she is worth. She should have fired her years ago but somehow she has managed to keep her job that she seems to be extremely unqualified for in just about every way possible.

  • Steve (Wednesday, November 28 18 10:56 am EST)

    The councilors are dragging their feet with the Board of Assessors policy work. At the rate, they are moving it may take a year before we ever see one. By then a lot of damage can happen as all the property assessments can be jacked up by then.

  • Dan (Wednesday, November 28 18 10:00 am EST)

    Charlene Lovett, Allen Damren, Ryan McNutt, Nick Koloski, Scott Pope, Claire Lessard, Joseph Lessard. It kind of says it all doesn’t it? You want to know why Claremont’s going down the tubes, the clowns I just mentioned is your answer.

  • Linda (Wednesday, November 28 18 09:39 am EST)

    I remember when we thought that Debbie Cutts was a terrible female Mayor, those were the good old days compared to now.

  • Gail (Wednesday, November 28 18 08:05 am EST)

    Little Miss Lovett sat on her tuffet wondering “my oh my what ever shall I do”?
    “I know” she said, “I’ll turn my head and hope all the bad things will go away”.

  • William (Wednesday, November 28 18 06:57 am EST)

    It is not surprising to me to find out that even with the addition of over 24 million dollars to the city’s property assessment valuation due to Municipal Resources Incorporated’s assessing representative Mr. Lessard’s grossly inflated property assessments that the municipal property tax rate is still rising while the school, county and state local property tax rates have all decreased. Our city manager and city council are out of their minds and out of control. The Topstone tax rebate sent a chilling precedent that will have very negative ramifications for Claremont taxpayers. Every property owner who files a property tax abatement can now file for rebate of prior-year taxes that they paid. I have no doubt in my mind that the deep-pocketed utilities and business property owners will now do just that to recoup their losses and then some. Do not forget if we lose any case, we also have to pay their legal fees as well. In the case of the utilities, I think we will lose every single case just looking at the disparity between what Claremont has highly assessed the properties for and what the state says the properties are worth. Taxes are going to go up far more than anyone may think with the all of these abatement cases that will be filed against the city. The welfare budget expansion means more welfare cases are coming in, the $5 million downtown rehabilitation project to benefit the downtown building owners and developers with parking for the welfare residents living there, the growing taxpayer subsidy for the community center and pay raises for the merit plan employees but not for public works and clerical workers. I am sure I have missed several things because this Council cannot stop spending money on things they should not while not spending money on things they should like road pavement repairs and upgrades. We all have the Sullivan Report to thank for educating us about all of the important issues that our city leaders wish to keep hidden from all of us because they do not want us to know the truth. It is a shame that the other members of the local news media only report what they witness at meetings that are usually well controlled to maintain a political spin of city leaders and carefully worded press releases that are handed to reporters from city officials.

  • John Bennett (Tuesday, November 27 18 05:49 pm EST)

    I thank you for noticing the error. I will inform the NHSCon the Arts of the mistake. I will tell them to insert a $.00 in its place. I volunteer. Thanks again for noticing.

  • Jim Sullivan (Tuesday, November 27 18 10:48 am EST)

    Claremont's 2018 property tax rate set! Full details on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, November 26 18 02:33 pm EST)

    Mr. Bennett,

    The Grantee Information Form for Organizations document that was included in the grant application clearly states that it is asking regarding Claremont Opera House Incorporated for the annual salary of the administrator of the grant. The reply is your name and plus or minus $69,000. Yes, it does state the word retired after your name but the document specifically asked for the annual salary of the administrator of the grant.

    Also, we never stated that you ever took a salary from Claremont Opera House Incorporated in the past, as IRS 990 Filings for Claremont Opera House Incorporated clearly state. This grant application cross-referenced with those past IRS 990 Filings implied that the $69,000 administrative salary was something new that would occur during Fiscal Year 2019.

    That being stated, we most certainly want to set the record straight if it needs to be. That is simply a matter of accuracy and fairness. We will gladly do so provided you answer just a few clarifying questions.

    1) You state that the $69,000 (give or take) represents your annual income. Based on your resume, do you mean your retirement pension from the Claremont School District and possibly Social Security and possibly retirement pension from The College of Lifelong Learning?
    2) If so, then why was the $69,000 amount stated in the grant application as administrative salary?

    With all due respect, since personal retirement benefits paid by entities other than Claremont Opera House Incorporated is clearly not administrative salary paid by Claremont Opera House Incorporated, the amount stated on the grant application regarding administrative salary should have been zero.

    I look forward to your response so we can set the record straight.

  • Louanne Lewit (Monday, November 26 18 02:00 pm EST)

    Dear Mr. Sullivan,

    I really wish that you had called like a journalist would asking for clarification instead of hastily putting your comments in your forum. Thanks for your congratulations on the grant. However, Had you called I would have told you that John Bennett has never received a salary from the opera house. He has, in fact, offered his services for FREE many, many times over the years which is one of the reasons he was voted Citizen of the Year. The salary that we probably incorrectly put on the grant was his "personal" retirement income that has absolutely nothing to do with the opera house. Please do not confuse his personal, hard earned retirement income. That is why I had put the word "retired" in front of the income. And, I would also have told you that we are required to have someone from the City Council on our board. I believe that was the case when you were on the council and John Formidoni was on our board....and then Debra Cutts...John Bennett has given much of himself over the years to the opera house and he has been deeply hurt by this. He has loved the opera house and has done whatever he could to keep it viable for the community of Claremont. He was even instrumental in saving the opera house decades ago. Everyone here selflessly gives of themselves and is here because of a love for the opera house and what it brings to the community. I personally work for less than what the executive director earned 20 years ago and I also do the office manager and assistant positions that were once done by others. Please understand how hurtful your comments have been and try to make amends for it. We all make mistakes. I understand... In looking at the grant I can see how you could potentially have misunderstood it but a phone call would have cleared it all up and no harm would have been caused to someone who only ever gave everything he could to help save and keep the opera house running......and to keep history alive. Feel free to call me at the opera house. 603-542-0064.

    I'm sure that you didn't intend to hurt anyone. I just ask that you clear up the misunderstanding.

  • John Bennett (Monday, November 26 18 11:48 am EST)

    This is a sad day for me who has VOLUNTEERED 50 year of my time and money to the Claremont Opera House. Mr Sullivan has taken my personal income required with my resume as a qualified person to administer the grant and erroneously connected it to the income of COH,INC.
    I have never received any salary from COH,INC.

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, November 26 18 09:55 am EST)

    New article entitled “Look What Is Hiding Behind The Curtain”. You won’t believe what the Board of Directors of the Claremont Opera House Incorporated non-profit recently did until you read for yourself the irrefutable documented evidence that we uncovered and have now published! We were shocked when we discovered it! Spoiler alert! Mayor Charlene Lovett is a member of this particular Board of Directors. Full details on this website’s News Flashes page.

  • Dennis (Friday, November 23 18 03:44 pm EST)

    I see the Eagle Times finally got around to report about the Nov 13 council meeting a week and a half later. They focused on the assessor position not getting filled right away, the council's blessing to start an assessing board and the mess that Arrowhead is in. I think they got a lot of their information from the Sullivan Report articles.

  • Todd (Wednesday, November 21 18 10:52 am EST)

    If you think things through you will see that Jim and AJ are using the Sullivan Report to paint a very realistic picture of Claremont’s local governments. Frankly, I do not like the way the direction the city government is going. Mr. McNutt and the city council through their actions, indecisiveness or intent to do nothing are taking unfair advantage of senior citizens, veterans (extremely low exemptions and tax credits), clerical and public works municipal employees (no pay raise or signed contract) and commercial, industrial and utility property owners (over-taxation through inflated property assessments to generate tax revenue for the wastrel city government. This is done to directly benefit special interests such as firefighters, police officers, the developer of the Goddard building and the owners of Topstone Holdings LLC (and Councilor Nick Koloski indirectly) to name a few.

  • Papa Jupiter (Wednesday, November 21 18 09:53 am EST)

    How many public works employees are leaving to go work in the private sector?

    ans. They are already overpaid and enjoy benefits that are unheard of in the private sector.

  • Papa Jupiter (Wednesday, November 21 18 09:49 am EST)

    If the clerical worker pay is so bad why did the latest hire quit working at a local bank and start working at Claremont City Hall?

    ans. The pay and benefits are already higher than the private sector.

  • Peter (Wednesday, November 21 18 09:06 am EST)

    Today’s city councilors are a disgrace. They accomplish nothing of true public benefit. They only seem interested in benefiting friends and colleagues and to hell with everyone else such as the municipal clerical and public works employees, elderly and veteran homeowners and the at large public in general.

  • Tim (Wednesday, November 21 18 07:08 am EST)

    It’s simple; the city councilors of today are sellouts to those with the most political influence. If you do not have any influence then you do not exist in their eyes.

  • Linda (Tuesday, November 20 18 02:01 pm EST)

    I watched a repeat telecast of this last city council meeting because the Sullivan Report article sparked my interest. I cannot believe that Mayor Lovett is so gung ho about investing a lot of money that Claremont taxpayers do not have in Arrowhead. What has me even more stunned is that other councilors are in support of joining her to appropriate our tax dollars on something like this when they tell the city employees from the public works department and all the secretaries that city leaders cannot give them even a modest raise after giving big raises to the firefighters and the police officers. I do not understand the thought process of this latest collection of city councilors. It is time for new leadership.

  • Richard (Tuesday, November 20 18 12:55 pm EST)

    This Council has a pattern of behavior. Put all decisions through countless committees to send back recommendations to spread the blame if anything goes wrong with any decisions they make. They are more interested in political correctness and political cover and catering to the special interests then they are doing what’s right for you, me, and all of the other hard-working citizens of Claremont.

  • Walter (Tuesday, November 20 18 11:39 am EST)

    Don’t forget McNutt was the Council’s second choice. This makes me wonder about the quality of the applicant pool and why they didn’t re-advertise the position instead of hiring an inferior candidate.

  • Todd (Tuesday, November 20 18 11:32 am EST)

    I am getting sick of Mr. McNutt’s 50,000-foot high management too. Is unfair treatment of members of his city staff is unforgivable. The city councilors must be displeased with his work as they are performing quarterly job performance review checks when Mr. Santagate only saw a job performance review once a year.

  • George (Tuesday, November 20 18 10:17 am EST)

    Wow! The welfare budget is really getting out of control. Why are Mayor Lovett and the rest of the city councilors sitting on their hands and doing nothing about this? Don’t they realize this housing scam of Mr. McNutt’s is nothing more than subsidized housing for the poor and working poor? Claremont is already doing more than enough for welfare recipients it is time for other communities to step up and do their part. Mr. Santagate understood that but Mr. McNutt does not. Of course, I don’t think he really cares because I do not think that he will last nowhere near as long as Mr. Santagate did.

  • Sharon (Tuesday, November 20 18 09:29 am EST)

    Most of the city councilors are opportunistic social climbers and for them the wants and desires of special interests always trumps what is best for the general public. The only way you can change that is to change the people who are representing you on the city council.

  • Tom (Tuesday, November 20 18 08:17 am EST)

    I think it is terrible how veterans and seniors are treated by the Claremont city councilors. Other communities with lower property tax burdens treat their veterans and seniors better. Mayor Lovett and the other city councilors are such phonies. They say how much they care for the citizens but they really only care for certain segments of the population. Their primary concern lies with police officers, firefighters, certain developers, certain non-profit agencies and oh yes themselves, Nicholas Koloski and his landlord for example. It is shameful the way our city government is manage these days.

  • Jennifer (Tuesday, November 20 18 02:41 am EST)

    These bonehead councilors want to spend more of the taxpayer's money to benefit top municipal administrators, developers of new welfare housing and non-profits like the Arrowhead crew and the Dental Clinic. At the same time these same bonehead councilors do not want to appropriately spend our tax dollars to treat clerical and public works employees fairly like the police officers and firefighters. They also do not want to treat senior citizens and veterans who own homes in Claremont fairly as other surrounding towns do with their citizens. I do not know where the heck their priorities are but they sure do not reflect my values and I am sure they do not reflect the values of most if not all of my fellow Claremont citizens. That is the reason why these bonehead councilors do not deserve our support and trust anymore. It is time to elect new leadership that represents the way we think and act.

  • Rebecca (Monday, November 19 18 08:02 pm EST)

    I watch all the city council meetings as I like to keep abreast of what my locally elected officials are doing with our tax dollars. What bothers me are the contradictory rationalizations and excuses that city councilors use to either spend or not spend taxpayer’s dollars. The city councilors ordered a study of the grade 11 positions for the non-union merit plan employees to be followed with a study of all the other pay grades for merit plan employees. The city councilors, or at least most of them, appeared to have the intention of pay scales for merit plan employees. City councilors expressed an interest in giving the Arrowhead nonprofit agency several items on their wish list with the use of our tax dollars. City councilors seemed to be on board with spending over $5 million to create a better environment more parking for what will presumably be for welfare recipients who immigrate to the downtown region. City councilors balk at the opportunity to order the city manager to give the public works and clerical employees a modest pay increase and leave their health benefits as they are. They claim there is no money for the pay increases but they had no similar concerns when it came time to give pay increases to firefighters and police officers and they seem to have no concerns about giving pay raises to directors and upper management of the administration. The city councilors are hypocrites.

  • Industrial Property Owner (Monday, November 19 18 06:22 pm EST)

    Another great exposé by the Sullivan Report as Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Maranville once again looks past the obvious on the surface that the inferior local press disburses to their readers and delves deeper with investigative reporting to uncover the truth and report superior, documented news to their readers.

    I share the concerns about the growth of the Welfare municipal department expense budget and the conclusions drawn by Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Maranville are quite astute. Mayor Lovett’s efforts with other local officials to expand social services, for example, drug rehab clinics, needle exchange programs, expansion of the dental clinic, facilitation to assist the non-profit agency to purchase the building on Main Street that is becoming a hub of social services, etc. could very well be perpetuating the influx of welfare recipients. The Goddard building construction project will undoubtedly create housing for more low-income residents. If I recall correctly 60% or more of the apartment dwellers must be very low income, with income levels of around 70% of Claremont’s very low median income if memory serves. Zoning changes that would assist other downtown building owners to replicate Mr. Lacasse’s project in their respective buildings and Mr. McNutt’s $5 million downtown renovation plan to create infrastructure for these low-income residents should concern every taxpayer. Only the Sullivan Report has the old-fashioned work ethic to follow journalistic professionalism and ethics hold government officials accountable for their actions. That is the true function of the fourth estate, referring to the watchdog role of the press, which is important to a functioning democracy. Something the reporters and the editorial staff of the E- Ticker News, the Valley News and the Eagle Times all seem to have forgotten.

    The inconsistent treatment of union personnel by City Manager Ryan McNutt is also cause for concern. Robert Picard voiced what many people are thinking. Give the clerical and public works personnel a modest raise and retain the same insurance coverage and policies currently given to police and fire personnel. The administration can try to negotiate for something different the next round of employee contract talks. Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Maranville voiced their support and I add mine as well. Many in the community would do the same in the spirit of common courtesy, mutual respect and fairness.

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