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  • Jim Sullivan (Friday, March 24 23 09:14 am EDT)

    Will the real Jim Sullivan please stand up !!!!!

  • Jim Sullivan (Friday, March 24 23 08:39 am EDT)

    I don't need to say this but the posts below are not me. If I was a tool I would be a wedge (it's the simplest human tool). For breakfast I eat half a dozen Little Debbie cinnamon mini donuts and wash it down with water straight from the Sugar River (I piss Claremont, literally). Ad update, my computer is still down so I broke into my neighbors house and am using their Commodore 64 to set the record straight that none of the posts below this one claiming to be me are actually me. I will post articles when my Apple IIe is up and running again.

  • Jim Sullivan (Thursday, March 23 23 08:15 pm EDT)

    That last post is fake !
    I have 6 raw eggs for breakfast, a box of Ring Dings for lunch .
    For dinner I have boiled spinach and liver on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On the other days I fast.
    For desert I have prunes.

  • Jim Sullivan (Thursday, March 23 23 07:58 pm EDT)


    Breakfast: Eggs with garlic and dry rye toast
    Lunch: Tuna or PB&J sandwich and lays chips and Diet Coke
    Dinner: Meat (salt only) and Potatoes (dry)

  • Tony Boy (Thursday, March 23 23 06:10 pm EDT)

    Jim, what do you normally eat?

  • Jim Sullivan (Thursday, March 23 23 03:39 pm EDT)


    1. I will post a photo but mostly I look handsome. I am working on a feature to post pictures. I am calling it the book of faces.
    2. I would be a Milwaukee tool or a Swiss Army knife.
    3. I spend an average of 30 hours per week working on exposing the local governments shenanigans.

  • Bob (Thursday, March 23 23 02:02 pm EDT)

    Jim, what do you look like? You always post pictures in your articles of other people but you’ve never shown yourself.

  • ToolsRus (Thursday, March 23 23 01:10 pm EDT)

    Jim, if you could be any type of tool what type of tool would you be and why?

    And as a follow up: Exactly how much free time do you have to harass the city employees that our tax payers fund? An average per week would be sufficient. Thanks!

  • Jim Sullivan (Thursday, March 23 23 09:06 am EDT)

    My computer is still broken, I’m currently in the library.
    I will answer any and all your questions.
    The last post is fake, I’ll be in the library till noon finishing up this weeks articles which will be posted later this afternoon if anyone would like to stop by and say hello

  • Jim Sullivan (Thursday, March 23 23 09:02 am EDT)

    My computer is now fixed and I did not write the last posting.

  • Jim Sullivan (Wednesday, March 22 23 08:28 pm EDT)

    While I wait for my computer to be fixed I’d like to try something here. Ask me anything and I will answer it.

  • Bruce (Tuesday, March 21 23 11:33 pm EDT)

    Nate, insignificant ? This page would only be insignificant to the illiterate, or those with an extremely low IQ.
    The Sullivan Report is the best source for what's really going on in Claremont.
    Sorry you have insignificant intelligence to know how valuable the Sullivan Report is to Claremont.

  • Nate B. (Tuesday, March 21 23 08:35 am EDT)

    Probably because you are moron. Anything posted here under a real name is automatically fake and anything under a fake name is real. The fact you think Nicky Boy or Greg have time to even pay attention to this insignificant page is rich. They are neighbors and friends so quality try on your part.

  • Patrick (Monday, March 20 23 07:20 pm EDT)

    “Thou without sin cast the first stone”- Jesus

  • Huh (Monday, March 20 23 05:31 pm EDT)

    Not sure how having an affair on your teacher wife with a stripper and having a child equals being a gentleman.

  • factchecker (Monday, March 20 23 02:50 pm EDT)

    Mr Smith is Nicky Boy. Jim Sullivan is also Nicky boy. That said, Nicky Boy isn't actually Nicky Boy.

    Pat is Patrick Adrian.

    This message was independently factchecked and was paid for by the Claremont Democrats. (TM)

  • Johnny Mac (Monday, March 20 23 02:34 pm EDT)

    Did anyone else notice Jim has been absent and not doing his job writing articles?

  • Mr. Smith (Monday, March 20 23 10:04 am EDT)

    Why do I get the strange feeling "Rod" and many other names on here is actually Nicky Boy?

  • John J.O’Connor (Monday, March 20 23 09:07 am EDT)

    I seriously doubt you did anything like that. I can tell from your posts you are a coward.
    You only use a first name and then challenge people to find you.
    There is no shame to my game, I use my God given name because I can back up the checks I write but you talk shit and hide behind your keyboard.
    It seems you spend a lot of time drinking at the elks, maybe it’s time to get some help. It’s obvious, your drinking is clouding your judgement and causing you to embarrass yourself.
    Gets some help Rod, before it’s too late.

  • Rod (Monday, March 20 23 08:49 am EDT)

    Jonny. I wrote the check. Greg knows this. Swing by the Elks next time and see how tough flappy mouth is. He is all mouth. Good day keyboard junkie.

  • Rod (Sunday, March 19 23 09:40 pm EDT)

    Yeah they are both pretty tough.

  • John J. O’Connor (Sunday, March 19 23 02:56 pm EDT)

    I’m not sure what your beef is with Greg and Mark other than jealousy.
    Don’t hate the players, hate the game.
    I’ve know both men for over 25 years, they have been complete gentleman. Greg has honorably served the communities of Newport and Claremont risking his life and safety and now along with Mark, provide quality housing during a time when quality housing is at a premium.
    These men have invested large sums of money in Claremont, they could have gone anywhere but they remained in their hometown after so many have fled.
    They stayed and continue to invest in Claremont even though they could do much better financially anywhere else in the state. Claremont’s tax situation is a deterrent to business.
    I’m a world of villains, these two men are not it. All they are trying to do is protect their investments.
    Rod, you act like a keyboard tough guy.
    Don’t write checks your ass can’t cash but if you’re feeling froggy, jump… I’m sure Greg won’t mind teaching you a lesson.

  • Johnny Rotten (Sunday, March 19 23 01:19 pm EDT)

    Success is who has the most toys in their yard. I have what all of you want.

  • Robert (Sunday, March 19 23 09:02 am EDT)

    Oh no Lisa. You can't buy cars locally. It is the first rule of being a volunteer on a board. Those bastards. You get em girl!

  • Rod (Sunday, March 19 23 08:57 am EDT)

    Success is gauged in many forms. Is it the respect of the community friends and neighbors? Your own families love? The size of your credit line? How many tax loop holes you take advantage of. Surely those that build their own empire by taking advantage of others is what you call success. I happen to know it's all a sham and they stress over things. I do not and have a pretty fat purse on top of things. Bragging about your wealth is a sign of success by the way. Greg and Mark. I am a tough guy and you know that. Try me or offer to buy me another drink at the Elks. I don't need the keyboard. Use your real name.

  • Harvey (Sunday, March 19 23 07:09 am EDT)

    Where’s the articles Jom? Taking the week off or sumthin?

  • Roderick (Saturday, March 18 23 08:36 pm EDT)

    They took massive PPPbailouts.

  • Lisa (Saturday, March 18 23 04:07 pm EDT)

    I would think Arrowhead Motors loves all these lower income people, keeps them in business. I wonder if they are giving kickbacks to the democrats in Claremont to keep bringing them in. Taxes go up, so does the price of a junk car they have to buy, they won't be shopping at Claremont Ford like some councilors.

  • Tony (Saturday, March 18 23 03:03 pm EDT)

    G and M drive out the welfare. Donk brings them back in.

  • Joe (Saturday, March 18 23 03:01 pm EDT)

    Unlike the welfare rats that flock to Claremont for all the free handouts. Some of us work for a living, and that includes working for someone else or being in business for yourself with the goal of making money. Welcome to the real world. Stop making Claremont a welfare destination.

  • Pete (Saturday, March 18 23 11:25 am EDT)

    Leave the business people alone. They are good people doing good things for the community.

  • Uncle Richard (Saturday, March 18 23 08:41 am EDT)

    Ok. Now you’re a tough guy on the internet. Who’s the most successful?

  • Rod (Saturday, March 18 23 08:24 am EDT)

    My birth name is Roderick if you need clarity. I am certain you posted with your real name. I own my words like Oconnor and won't hide my identity like the rest of the cowards here. I am sure there are less than 10 Rodericks that resides within 20 miles. I am not concerned about being confronted by that mouth piece. It would not be the first time he has gotten yappy. He knows who I am. He was present at the Halloween party at the Elks tanked. I told him what I thought of him then. If he has any issue he can come see me. He won't as he is all talk and just runs his mouth. If you praise him you really have no idea of his temper, arrogance and demeanor. That would mean its Greg himself. Hi Greg. Use your real name and don't hide behind a keyboard.

  • Tom Ron (Friday, March 17 23 06:01 pm EDT)

    Rod use your real name

  • Rod (Friday, March 17 23 05:27 pm EDT)

    Besides Greg and Mark posting here to puff themselves up please provide ANY example. Picking up trash is the excuse for pushing snow onto someone else property? Cool. That is something Greg would say. Greg is and overweight pussy and couldn't make it as a cop. So many people have talked smack. What is he going to do threaten you with a lawyer? Oh no. My heavens. Sit down and shut up.

  • Johnny Cakes (Friday, March 17 23 03:45 pm EDT)

    Not one of you has the backbone to say a word to Greg. He is a strong man of character who will not be pushed around.

  • Tanker (Friday, March 17 23 02:48 pm EDT)

    Jessica, the City does not pay for tires you blowout when you hit a pothole. It is considered a roadside hazard. Check with the City's insurance company, but I doubt they will pay.

  • franklin (Friday, March 17 23 11:00 am EDT)

    Kalen "Gobbling up apartment buildings to line your own pockets is very generous so please provide other examples of their non selfish nature." How is making money selfish? You must be another section 8 leech angry that people actually work for a living

  • Jessica (Friday, March 17 23 09:52 am EDT)

    Can someone please advise if the city pays or how to get a tire replaced from my daughter hitting a pot hole this morning on way to school called the city offices they said they don't do but I heard a story years ago they had for my neighbor for one they hit by Bible hill

  • Donky dunk pick up your trash (Friday, March 17 23 09:32 am EDT)

    I see them picking up trash on Washington street dunkin cups almost every morning when they get to work but don't know them but seems they do there part keeping stuff up

  • Carla (Friday, March 17 23 09:27 am EDT)

    They do more for the community than anyone else. Period.

    You should run people through the mud who can’t defend themselves on here and they don’t know who you are. Why don’t you bring your complaints to their face and see the real truth instead of writing it on this website. Good people running good companies that give back to the community.

  • Dunky (Friday, March 17 23 09:20 am EDT)

    I work at Dunkin. I like it when they push their snow from the car lot on to Dunkin property. Super cool. Our general manager has asked to stop. They don't care. Generous people giving like that.

  • Kalen (Friday, March 17 23 09:04 am EDT)

    Please tell us the estimated number of jobs THEY provide. Gobbling up apartment buildings to line your own pockets is very generous so please provide other examples of their non selfish nature. Can't wait to hear it. Google Arrowhead Motors and Banking Commission. Stellar dudes. Only out for themselves. My heart is so full with all their goodness of pumping out heaps of junk cars with high interest rates to repo them and begin again out of the goodness of their precious little hearts.

  • John J. O’Connor (Friday, March 17 23 06:04 am EDT)

    I can’t think of two people who care more or do more for the community than Greg and Mark. That is who Donk wants to become when he grows up.

  • Tim Mulligan (Friday, March 17 23 03:55 am EDT)

    You should not comment on respected citizens like this. They provide so much for the city, more than any other person. Jobs, housing and other services.

  • Mitt Nulligam (Thursday, March 16 23 05:35 pm EDT)

    Do you have any information on Jim’s connection to the owners of Arrowhead Motors? He deleted several posts about their business practices recently. And they are well known republican donors, which would connect to Jim’s weekly diatribe on the Claremont Democratic Party.

  • Tim Mulligan (Thursday, March 16 23 12:04 pm EDT)

    I’m glad Jim can not delete my messages now. I have some information that I will be sharing while Jim’s computer is being fixed. stay tuned. This is regarding things that have been hidden and deleted.

  • Uncle Randy (Thursday, March 16 23 05:57 am EDT)

    Jim, more excuses.

  • Snidely Whiplash (Wednesday, March 15 23 08:37 pm EDT)

    John - You all didn;t learn from Croydon last year about showing up to vote. The weather was fine for NH in the winter.

  • Jim Sullivan (Wednesday, March 15 23 04:40 pm EDT)


    There will not be any articles published this weekend. The reason is my computer is not working properly and I will be delivering it to the repair shop tomorrow morning to be fixed. Until it is fixed I will not be able to research, write or publish any articles. The website will still be working but I will not be able to add any new content until my computer is repaired. This is only a temporary problem. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

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