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  • Donk (Friday, April 09 21 01:42 pm EDT)

    We as the lowest income community cannot afford to continue supporting and updating the Sullivan County Home.This is where the grant writer to the Federal Government could play a massive part.Otherwise it will have to close wig by wing.

  • Sad but true (Wednesday, April 07 21 08:46 am EDT)

    I have to agree with Bob, close it down.

  • Bob (Tuesday, April 06 21 04:51 pm EDT)

    Is there some state law that says counties have to have a nursing home? If not close the place and save the taxpayers the grief and money.

  • Steve (Monday, April 05 21 08:59 pm EDT)

    I am not a fan of a sober house in Claremont but at least Derick Ferland is looking out for our tax dollars.
    I would much rather see the county going forward with the nursing home. I have watched most of the meetings on that project and it appears some of our reps on the finance committee want to train wreck the plan. It is ridiculous to think waiting will cost less. Ferland has put a good plan forward and we should go for it.

  • Donk (Monday, April 05 21 04:24 pm EDT)

    Why do I have to pay for druggie losers that their own families wont even have?
    I'm having a hard enough time staying in my house without paying for other people.Out of the 8 Billion these are who you would house and feed?

    Let 'em go

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, April 05 21 04:04 pm EDT)

    Sober House Bond Update!

    Details on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Brad (Monday, April 05 21 07:57 am EDT)

    The budget outlook for next year does not look good. Mr. Sullivan calculates at least $1.2 million of expenses or revenue loss that will have to be found elsewhere in the budget to level fund the property tax rate for the city. Then on the other hand we have the city manger and the public works directors buying up new vehicles like crazy with bid practices that do not smell right and the city manager wanted to add over $1.2 million for salary raises for all of the city employees. I do not think the city manager gets the deep you know what the city finances is in or he and his staff members don't care just so long as they get theirs. The council needs to put a stop to this.

  • Joanne (Monday, April 05 21 06:28 am EDT)

    Mr. Gauthier has been very helpful to Jim Sullivan lately. I do not know the man but I am very grateful that he is making the time and effort to help the people of Claremont. I wish Mr. Gauthier would run for the City Council in November. We do not have that many people on the Council that seem to care about the average working-class citizens. I think he would be a welcome addition at least from a citizen’s point of view.

  • Artie (Sunday, April 04 21 09:04 pm EDT)

    And because of a family situation, the Mayor will not seek re-election.
    I was aware Jim and the Mayor were such close, personal friends to a point where she shared family related issues with him.
    Interesting, very interesting....

  • Tony (Sunday, April 04 21 05:49 pm EDT)

    Lying to your boss usually gets you fired. If you are the city manager of Claremont it may get you a pay raise because the city councilors we have today suck.

  • Jim Sullivan (Sunday, April 04 21 04:12 pm EDT)

    I will not play the guessing game with anyone regarding what I deleted from Mayor Lovett's email. I will reiterate that it had absolutely nothing to do with either her elected seat or city government. It had to do with her family, which is why I deleted it. I will not comment further about this matter.

  • Jill (Sunday, April 04 21 04:08 pm EDT)

    I am glad to see the Jim Sullivan is going to make some suggestions about the budget because he is right the councilors will need all the help that they can get. I think it is up to all of us to look at the budget when it is available, come up with suggestions if we have any, and pass them on to the councilors if we do not want our taxes going up higher than they already are. Mr. Morris and Mrs. Walter are just not cut out to be the city manager and the finance director. Fortunately, Mrs. Walter is retiring but Mr. Morris is too young to retire and we have nine city councilors who may all be too spineless to even consider firing him let alone do it. I hope that in November we have many new candidates for the city councilor seats who are not afraid to do what is necessary for the betterment of us all.

  • Another day, another problem (Sunday, April 04 21 03:25 pm EDT)

    The Sober House is experiencing major cost over runs not budgeted or anticipated and they need an additional bond to finish the project.
    Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!!!
    My prediction about the Mayor’s “personal “ note , she will not be seeking re-election in the fall.

  • William (Sunday, April 04 21 03:07 pm EDT)

    The next budget is beginning to worry me because I do not believe Mr. Morris will ever recommend laying off any city employees because he is too much of a union man. I think the reason why the union contracts all went from being stalled to being passed by the councilors is that Mr. Morris did not negotiate on behalf of the taxpayers but on behalf of the union workers themselves so we had no one representing us at the negotiating table. That bothers me and it should bother every other taxpayer. Tack on all of the lying and deception and it is clear that Mr. Morris is not worthy of holding the important position that he has. I am not convinced this pathetic lot of councilors will ever vote to fire Mr. Morris. They would rather have the city go down in flames then publicly admit that they made a mistake by hiring him. Their arrogance and hubris will hurt Claremont in the end.

  • Bill (Sunday, April 04 21 01:57 pm EDT)

    The need for new leadership seems to be the problem for the city, the school and the county governments.

  • Ryan (Sunday, April 04 21 12:43 pm EDT)

    The sober house project has been a disaster from day one as the cost of the project, the number of ex-inmates living in the downtown facility and practically everything else about the project seems to keep changing from week to week and month to month. The construction crew has been there for a few months now doing work on the building and the Franklin Street side of the building is blocked off, it has been for a few weeks. The funding for this project should have been nailed down months ago and now the county leaders are going for a county bond. Is this just complete incompetence from our county leaders or has the project cost shot up again? The same thing has already happened with the Sullivan county nursing home project as a lot of engineering work and tax dollars was wasted and now a completely new project is needed that is even more expensive. As a taxpayer, I am very unhappy about these developments and I am wondering if new leadership is necessary because the present day leadership does not seem to know what they are doing.

  • Steve (Sunday, April 04 21 12:08 pm EDT)

    Our city councilors are a disgrace to the public office that they hold. The city manager and his subordinates are consistently lying to the public and to the entire council and the nine city councilors treat it as business as usual as if this type of behavior is okay and expected. What is wrong with these people? If an employee lies to you the proper response is to fire them, end of story. Their cowardice will destroy Claremont.

  • Dan (Sunday, April 04 21 11:17 am EDT)

    Today’s articles is why I read the Sullivan Report every week. I like to be informed about what is really going on in Claremont because the local newspapers are just recycling old news to fill up space and when there is a Claremont story it is never well researched and instead of telling the truth, the articles are usually politically spun to make government leaders look somewhat intelligent and moderately competent.

  • Ken (Sunday, April 04 21 10:49 am EDT)

    Doesn’t Mr. Morris and the councilors realize that by trying to stop the city employees from legally forming a union they are only creating more animosity between staff and management? They are all taking everything so personally but they do not treat problems intelligently or rationally. Claremont is suffering from an epidemic of bad management and it is weighing a heavy toll on all of us taxpayers.

  • Sarah (Sunday, April 04 21 10:35 am EDT)

    Well this latest article is a real revelation. I never realized the dire shape the city’s finances were in and this new budget is going to be a real doozy because I have no trust in Mr. Morris or Mrs. Walter or any of Mr. Morris’s other staff members with everything that has been going on lately. I would suggest all of the city staff members having to take mandatory ethics classes if I thought it would make a difference but I do not believe that it would. One would need to have a desire to act ethically in order for that to work.

  • Tom (Sunday, April 04 21 09:40 am EDT)

    The new highway director seems like a real idiot and he appears to have no problem lying to the public and to the councilors just like his boss Ed Morris. Misquoting Lebanon’s water and sewer rates by over 60% is not a small miscalculation but an out and out lie. On top of the red truck leasing scandal the public works department is in a shambles just like the finance office, the assessing office, the planning and development office and the parks and recreation department. All of these departments are under Ed Morris’s wretched leadership and all of the city councilors continue to fiddle around and do nothing while Claremont burns.

  • Jim Sullivan (Sunday, April 04 21 07:43 am EDT)

    Three new articles published today.

    1) What's going on with the Sober House?

    2) New revelations regarding very deceptive information within the Morris Administration's Water & Sewer rate increase proposal PowerPoint Presentation!

    3) Delaying tactic?

    All three articles appear on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Stupidity at best (Thursday, April 01 21 08:32 pm EDT)

    Pam is another example of a ignorant stupid person who is running her dick suckers on a computer go get a job and learn something about life

  • Scott (Thursday, April 01 21 06:33 pm EDT)

    Pam, you need to learn how to use the NH SOS website. Alex Scott was the attorney hired to register the llc for the principle owners. Look closer and you will see the principle owners. Please don’t pass on information if you don’t know what you are doing.

  • Pam (Thursday, April 01 21 09:16 am EDT)

    Hello Guys!
    I saw that the active shooter sitch in Claremont yesterday is reported in online newspapers as happening at 247 Sullivan St. It's that building across the river from where you guys at Sullivan Report operate - that used to package herbs etc. for retail distribution. The owmer and operator of the facility is listed as "Sugar River Storage llc" and the registered agent is Alexander Scott, the former Police Chief of Claremont. What a coincidence! He even lists the address as his office being in "Suite C" in the building.

    So what is the opinion of you investigators over on Factory St?

  • Frank Gauthier (Tuesday, March 30 21 08:50 am EDT)

    Does your system charge your customers the correct amount for water? This webinar will help systems answer this question by demonstrating the Water & Sewer Rates Analysis Model, an Excel tool developed by the Environmental Finance Center at The University of North Carolina. This free, basic cash-flow modeling tool allows water systems to input their current rate structure, estimates on number of customers and water use, and the expected costs for the system. The tool then automatically projects the end-of-year fund balance for the next several years, indicating whether revenues will be high enough to cover expected expenses. Users can then enter in another rate structure and compare the end-of-year fund balance side-by-side to the one projected using current rates. This allows users to try out scenarios of adjusting their rates to meet their financial goals in the next few years, and can help users determine whether they need to adjust rates, and by how much, in order to achieve financial sufficiency. The tool can be used by systems that set volumetric charges for water as well as systems that only charge flat monthly fees.

  • Frank Gauthier (Tuesday, March 30 21 08:05 am EDT)

    Good morning, Jim Sullivan

    I have found this tool that you can download. It’s an Excel calculator tool for calculating water and sewer rates and their consequences into the future, perhaps as far as 20 years. I am giving you the link below that you can download. It’s an Excel spreadsheet calculator. Since you have Windows 10, you have Excel. This goes with the dashboard link that I sent you yesterday.

    My personal opinion is that the changes the Claremont Water Sewer Enterprise want to make to the water and sewer rates make it more complicated so they can hide things from the Claremont ratepayers. This calculator, I believe, will unlock all their complications and expose the truth! It would be interesting to plug the data from the Claremont NH City Council meeting sewer and water rates increase presentation into this calculator to see how it really shakes out! What do you think, Jim?

    Use this tool to help set water and/or wastewater rates next year by projecting the utility's expenses, revenues from rates, and fund balance for the next few years. Uniform ("flat") and block rate structures for up to 12 rate structures can be assessed. Data inputs are minimal, and the tool has been updated to offer several new features and improvements to make it easier to test scenarios and help determine whether the utility needs to adjust rates in order to achieve financial sufficiency. This tool is designed specifically for small water/wastewater systems and should be used annually. The tool is free to download and use.

  • adam (Tuesday, March 30 21 05:56 am EDT)

    Wow, you finally found the Union News!

  • Time to go (Monday, March 29 21 08:42 am EDT)

    The only reason the City Council has not fired the City Manager is purely out of embarrassment.
    A majority of the present Council were involved in the hiring and firing of the last City Manager (McNutt) and do not want the embarrassment of firing Morris.
    McNutt and Morris were not their first choices. Their first choices, after being offered the position with a very lucrative financial package, declined the position.
    With Mary retiring there is no way the City Council will fire Morris.

  • Alex (Monday, March 29 21 08:35 am EDT)

    City staffers all have the same affliction. Greed

  • Henry (Monday, March 29 21 07:36 am EDT)

    I cannot believe that the city is buying a bunch of red trucks when red is the color of fire engines. I know from reading the Sullivan Report that that the city manager is probably far more qualified to be a firefighter than as the city manager but this doofus must have a thing for red vehicles because it looks like all the vehicles in Claremont will be red by the time he is done.

  • Kevin (Monday, March 29 21 07:09 am EDT)

    Let me get this straight. The city manager is the employee of the city council. During his time as their employee he has conspired with the mayor and the assistant mayor to hide information that would undermine the veracity of a consultants city employee salary study that had its study criteria manipulated by the city manager and his staff to arrive at a fictitious predetermined outcome that all city employees are grossly underpaid to line the employee’s pockets with more money. The city manager and his staff are also editing audit reports before they are released and altering financial reports for the Claremont Savings Bank Community Center and the monthly expense report to falsify the appearance of the city’s financial health. Old applications for a city board were also altered to create the phony appearance that they were new. The public works department purchased a red truck and influenced the bid outcome by limiting the number of dealers, requesting the previous year’s model of a Ford vehicle and then accepting a bid from a local dealer for newer model and then using the trade-in of two vehicles while understating auction value of those two vehicles to make the numbers work so it is less than the state bid. The soon to be departing finance director and the city manager authorized that purchase despite the irregularities. The public works department is also following a stupid paving plan endorsed by the imbeciles on the city council that will only treat each road once in 20 years and part of that plan is to turn asphalt roads into dirt roads to save money for other things as big pay raises for all city employees. The public works department is pitching a water and sewer rate increase that hides the true cost to the increase to the ratepayers. On top of that mess, the city manager and his staff are now giving out confidential documents to citizens. All the while the city councilors are debating as to how much of a raise to give the city manager for a job well done. And people wonder why Claremont never reaches its unrealized potential.

  • Ray (Sunday, March 28 21 08:34 pm EDT)

    City staffers all think they are entitled to receive more compensation than anyone else gets by working out in the real world where the taxpayers all live who pay for everything that the city leaders spend.

  • Matt (Sunday, March 28 21 05:59 pm EDT)

    I keep shaking my head and wondering how long is it going to take the councilors to finally get off the fence and fire Ed Morris. I talked to a past city councilor the other day and she said that it takes five city councilors to vote yes to fire the city manager. Looking at the members of the city council, I think that Mayor Lovett and Assistant Mayor Damren will never vote to fire Mr. Morris because they are all political bedfellows. Ms. Sweetser and Mr. Contois are also unlikely to vote to fire Mr. Morris because both of them do not seem to live in the real world like the rest of us do. In my opinion that are both a couple of airheads. That still leaves five city councilors. Mr. O’Hearne and Mr. Stone are both in my opinion all bark and no bite. Mr. Koloski talks a good game but that is all it ever seems to be talk. I think Ms. Matteau and Mr. Girard are the only two normal, rational people up there. I also think that Mr. Morris realizes that he is dealing with a weak and pathetic group of city councilors so he and his staff members can do all the antics they want without any repercussions.

  • Wendy (Sunday, March 28 21 04:58 pm EDT)

    Rebecca Vinduska poo pooed a pay raise that was about $2K a year if I remember correctly. She said thank you but we need more. Wow!

  • Dennis (Sunday, March 28 21 04:28 pm EDT)

    Right now, I am just disgusted with our city government and I am terribly disappointed with our elected leaders on the city council. If they do not quickly turn this around then I am hoping enough new candidates will run to throw most of them out of office. Right now, I only see three councilors worth saving Debora Matteau, Dale Girard and Nicholas Koloski. At least they are asking questions and trying to find the underlying cause of things. Andrew O’Hearne does ask questions but he also seems very afraid of Ed Morris. Maybe I am imagining that but it looks that way on TV.

  • Lynn (Sunday, March 28 21 04:23 pm EDT)

    John C's shorts are all in a bunch. I read the Sullivan Report because the news here is not conspiracy theories and all of the government documents that are published in the articles are very hard to refute and all of the other information is sourced which is why this is not fake news. I think John may work for the city or maybe even be one of the merit plan folk wanting to form their union in secret and Mr. Morris and his employees screwed that up by giving Mr. Gauthier those private documents in the thumb file. John C is throwing darts with a blindfold hoping that he hit something. Epic failure.

  • John C (Sunday, March 28 21 04:07 pm EDT)

    Sitting here eating popcorn like a fiend, trying to guess what the next plot you all can spin. More-so why, if Jim Sullivan is such a genius why hasn't he ran. Should be lot's of seats available this fall, so please jump in...You are all so good at ragging on every single person in town, smearing them in any way you can, its disgusting. Everyone of you are finding fault and think jim sullivan is some sort of demigod. Why don't you all get together and have him run for Mayor. Between him and Nick Koloski, Claremont should get lot's done, NOT!!!!

  • Steve (Sunday, March 28 21 02:46 pm EDT)

    Linda you raised a very good point. I saw Jim at Walmart last week and we spoke for a few minutes about what is going on with the city. I told him he was finding a lot of dirt about our city government and how I and a lot of folks in Claremont appreciate his website and what he and AJ do for the community by keeping us informed. Jim told me that what worries him the most are the things that may be occurring that they are not finding. That is a sobering thought.

  • Erik (Sunday, March 28 21 01:43 pm EDT)

    Greg is right. Claremont cannot survive two more years with that buffoon Morris in charge. We need new city councilors if the ones we have now won't do the job and fire a city manager who is just not working out.

  • Linda (Sunday, March 28 21 01:17 pm EDT)

    I appreciate Jim Sullivan’s suggestions about closing the Transfer Station and changing the water rate structure to make if fair for all the ratepayers. Jim cares about our community. I wish I could say the same about our elected leaders on the city council. I no longer have any faith in them because Mr. Morris is still gainfully employed with the city and doing God knows what in secret that will not benefit our community.

  • Tom (Sunday, March 28 21 12:44 pm EDT)

    I think that Ed Morris threw Mary Walter under the bus as he did the ex-dpw director not too long ago to try to save himself from termination. I hope that the departed employees being tossed at their feet do not sway the councilors from terminating Mr. Morris’s employment.

  • Diane (Sunday, March 28 21 12:18 pm EDT)

    I am glad Mary Walter is retiring. She should have been fired years ago. Others in the city government need to go as well. Ed Morris, Jeremy Clay and Nancy Merrill immediately leap to mind. I am sure there are others as well that deserved termination of their employment with the city.

  • William (Sunday, March 28 21 11:17 am EDT)

    Greg, thank you for the nice comment. Jim, thank you for correcting my error. I mistakenly thought that the other dealership donated the fireworks too.

  • Greg (Sunday, March 28 21 11:09 am EDT)

    William summed it up nicely. The Sullivan Report has uncovered a lot of disturbing stuff about what the city manager and his assistants are doing quietly in the background. The city councilors all know about this and they are doing nothing about it. It is as if they condone these reprehensible actions. If the city councilors do not take strong action then they will need to be replaced this upcoming election.

  • Jim Sullivan (Sunday, March 28 21 09:34 am EDT)

    William, I appreciate your comments but I have to make just one correction. It was actually McGee Toyota that donated the Fourth of July Fireworks for I believe the last two years in a row.

  • Nicole (Sunday, March 28 21 09:25 am EDT)

    What is it going to take before the city councilors get together and fire Mr. Morris?

  • Tony (Sunday, March 28 21 09:21 am EDT)

    Just when you think that, you have heard everything. Covering roads up with dirt to avoid fixing the infrastructure to pave the way for higher pay raises for city staffers. Bad priorities from a bad city manager and bad public works managers.

  • William (Sunday, March 28 21 08:58 am EDT)

    Here are some of Ed Morris and his gang’s greatest hits.
    Changing city records and manipulating information to suit their political agenda.
    Altering applications for the Downtown TIF District Board to make old ones look new.
    Using the trade-in of two public works department vehicles to massage the numbers by understating potential car auction prices to steer the business to a local car dealer that donated fireworks and a police car to the city.
    Greatly overstating revenue for the community center.
    Hiding the true taxpayer cost of operating the community center.
    Redesigning the monthly expense report for January, eliminating financial information and using two different accounting methods to embellish the amount of what cash is remaining in this year’s budget.
    Audit reports edited by the city manager and his staff before it is released to the city councilors and the public.
    City employee’s compensation study compromised by meddling city manager and his staff by their choosing which communities to compare with Claremont to inflate salary recommendations for themselves.
    Recommendations to increase Water and sewer rates toned down with the deceptive tactic of only citing the yearly percentage increase of fixed fees and flat rates while intentionally leaving out the higher percentage increases.
    Changing the color of all the public works vehicles to red so people will confuse them with fire vehicles.
    Quietly turning asphalt roads into dirt roads to bring Claremont back to the dark ages.
    Mr. Morris’s routine inability or refusal to answer questions posed by the city councilors.
    Mr. Morris’s routine insubordination of not following through with council orders.
    Mr. Morris and his staff giving out confidential documents to a member of the public that now appears on the Sullivan Report website.
    The finance committee scandal when the city manager, the mayor and the assistant mayor all colluded to withhold inconvenient information about the city employee compensation study.
    So why are the city councilors refusing to fire Mr. Morris?

  • John J.O’Connor (Sunday, March 28 21 08:39 am EDT)

    I’m not sure what would constitute immediate dismissal for the City Manager but I would have to think divulging confidential information would be an extremely good reason.
    It will be extremely interesting to see how the City Council either handles this or spins this.
    I would also like to thank the Honorable Frank Guathier for all his hard work on behalf of the citizens of Claremont. Frank would be an excellent candidate for the upcoming council election.
    Please let’s encourage Frank to run for office, he is the type of person we need as a city councilor!

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