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  • Private Contractor Accountant (Friday, January 28 22 07:55 am EST)

    Tony Baker, do your homework! Every community that has had the balls to privatize departments including fire departments saves big bucks. Privatized companies run the show not the employees.

  • alicia (Friday, January 28 22 07:30 am EST)

    I have no choice you try a mile in my shoes

  • Alicia's landlord (Thursday, January 27 22 08:33 pm EST)

    Alicia you live in a dump cause your a pig get a job work harder you wouldn't need to live in a dump pretty simple stuff but instead be a scumbag and complain or clean the dump up take pride in YOUR dump

  • alicia (Thursday, January 27 22 05:52 pm EST)

    Landlords can lower rent, they are too high anyways. Don’t blame the taxes. Blame all the slumlords because they don’t maintain their buildings and take advantage of the tenants. We all know who they are. If everyone maintained their buildings the tax rate would be lower. Believe me I live in a dump.

  • tony baker (Thursday, January 27 22 04:17 pm EST)

    Oh I see that now. You would sell the building and then a for profit gym would run it. Well if you can find one which believes there is a profit in running a facility like that in Claremont then it would work. The price would go up, and it would no longer be a Community Center.

  • Donk (Thursday, January 27 22 04:06 pm EST)

    I propose selling the center outright.As one of the lowest per capita income with the highest taxes we really cannot afford such luxuries.
    Let them do with it as they please.I don't think we have a whole lot of choices to make.I certainly don't think higher taxes that pushes people out of apartments and houses in the name of keeping a spa functioning is such a good idea.

  • Tim Mulligan (Thursday, January 27 22 04:06 pm EST)

    Oh stop your complaining and pay up. If we already have the highest tax rate then who cares if it’s a little bit higher? Boo hoo, get to work and pay up.

  • tony baker (Thursday, January 27 22 02:35 pm EST)

    Donk you propose that the contractor would pay the insurance and maintenance out of funds not collected from Claremont? Dream on. they will cut services and raise fee's or they simply won't do the contract. No profit, no bids.

  • Donk (Thursday, January 27 22 02:26 pm EST)

    Tony, the liability insurance,and maintenance would be on the new owner.Also no more health insurance and salaries for whatever bureaucracy they have there.
    It's an albatros around Claremont's neck.

  • tony baker (Thursday, January 27 22 01:42 pm EST)

    Still can't see how privatizing will save money when the private contractor will be taking 20% of your tax dollars off the top as profit. They will limit services or pay even lower wages.

  • Donk (Thursday, January 27 22 01:37 pm EST)

    Tim, we already pay the highest tax rate in the state,by a large margin I might add.I don't think the trash bags renting from landlords can handle the rent as it is.Raise the taxes and the rents have got to follow.Heating oil is already causing rents to rise on it's own.
    How about selling the community center to a private party? How about privatizing snow removal? How long until the fire department gets tired of their toys and tell us we need the newest gadget to come down the pike?

  • Tim Mulligan (Thursday, January 27 22 11:16 am EST)

    If you can’t give people adequate pay and benefits or keep the roads paved, I think a walking trail is the very last thing you should prioritize. What we need are some counselors and a City manager that aren’t afraid to raise taxes to get the funding to get the job done. Enough messing around. You want a nice city with well taken care of infrastructure and competent employees then pay for it!!! Enough level funding bull crap.

  • Guy (Thursday, January 27 22 09:51 am EST)

    I believe that area was purchased with the intention of making it a water front walking trail. That was over a decade ago, why hasn’t there been progress in making it happen?

  • Joseph (Thursday, January 27 22 02:42 am EST)

    Thanks for bringing this up on the Sullivan Report, and also contacting the City Manager Jim.

  • tony baker (Wednesday, January 26 22 08:29 am EST)

    Great to see a quick reply to the pictures and comments on What's up Claremont.

    Oh and your threats here as well Jim.

  • Jim Sullivan (Wednesday, January 26 22 06:37 am EST)

    New article updating the Sullivan Smokestack situation.

    Rapid Response!

    The article appears on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • tony baker (Tuesday, January 25 22 04:07 pm EST)

    Wow, Jim, really venting today. I lost count of your journalistic exclamation points today. Great assault piece today but I think you should have put it as an editorial, you said " in my opinion" way to many times to parade it as news.

  • Johnny Cakes (Tuesday, January 25 22 02:39 pm EST)

    The public shouldn’t be down there, trespassing.

  • Jim Sullivan (Tuesday, January 25 22 07:57 am EST)

    New article.

    Claremont Officials ignore dangerous situation – Public safety in jeopardy!

    Article appears on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Pete (Monday, January 24 22 05:58 pm EST)

    You can pop down and ask Councilor Kiloski. I did years ago when this page was blasting him for such. He has every stitch of paper showing all payments made and never owed fica just owned rooms and meals at one point. By the way many restaurants do. I understand the other info about fica was just added fake infortmation which this page does. He had no problems showing me the documents even though it wasn't really my place. I said that was ok and he insisted. They hang right there in the restaurant. You think they would still be there open? I thought that was open and honest to answer when asked. Maybe you should try that instead of poking around here under a fake name. They are yellow pages if I remember correct that show all paid from Revenue Admininstration. Says Revenue Admin right on them. I asked if he was aware what was being said here. I recall him explaining at the time the only people trying to spin it to something it is not are those that don't bother to really ask. Have some nachos while you are at it.

  • Educator (Monday, January 24 22 04:59 pm EST)

    Does councilor Koloski still have a lien on his place for unpaid rooms and meals and I think workman's comp and FICA for employees?
    With inflation running the way it is, teachers and administrators are going to need a lit more money going forward.

  • Becky (Monday, January 24 22 04:46 pm EST)

    Anyone know how to look up rooms and meal tax licenses? There is a taco place in town that I go to and I have not seen a license posted. They are suppose to be on display I think. Have not seen a liquor license either. Seeing these sales tax conversations its make me wonder if my money is going to the State.

  • Concerned C. Citizen (Monday, January 24 22 12:35 pm EST)

    I like John and Jim’s idea to copy the Chinese. Or the movie Boss Baby, with the Acorn school. Cool concept.

  • Can we fit that in budget probably not (Monday, January 24 22 11:57 am EST)

    Not to mention how to manage money but hell why teach them that let them learn on there own after first 2 loans that go bad they have learned they will pay for that the rest of there lives why bother trying teach them we teach them so many other more important things lol

  • $38 million a year each year (Monday, January 24 22 11:52 am EST)

    Kids don't learn how to sign there name that should tell you about everything ask the majority of high school kids if they learned how

  • Concerned Citizen (Monday, January 24 22 11:48 am EST)

    I think that idea was taken from the very successful Chinese model of education.

  • John J O’Connor (Monday, January 24 22 11:22 am EST)

    No, the articles, if I remember correctly, was about having 1 teacher teach multiple classes remotely at different schools at the same time with the help of paraprofessionals stationed in the classroom.
    Again, if I remember correctly, one teacher could teach the same subject remotely to thousands of students that would be in classrooms.

  • Concerned citizen (Monday, January 24 22 08:55 am EST)

    Privatize all education?

  • John J. O’Connor (Monday, January 24 22 08:42 am EST)

    Now would be a great time to reinvent education.
    Sully…. If I remember correctly, didn’t you do a series of articles a number of years ago dealing with “remote” teachers teaching kids in class ?
    You were ahead of the times.If you can find those insightful articles, I’d appreciate it if you could re-post them for your new followers.
    Please and thank you !!!

  • Contractor (Monday, January 24 22 08:24 am EST)

    Yes! turn all of the city services over to for profit contractors and watch the cost shrink!

  • Charles Marcus Fenhois (Sunday, January 23 22 07:55 pm EST)

    Privatize all City services and implement school choice. This City will be a shining example of how to do it for the rest of the State.

  • Ill Warbemkaul (Sunday, January 23 22 05:08 pm EST)

    School choice is the answer, through and through. Let the money follow the student.

  • Ryan (Sunday, January 23 22 04:45 pm EST)

    The Claremont school board members are trying to do what is right for everyone. The nutjobs who want to increase the budget size and the tax rate are going to screw that up. They are tax and spend liberals who do not care about the average working citizens.

  • Alex (Sunday, January 23 22 03:23 pm EST)

    If they cut my position down to part time I lose my health insurance.
    You don't want that,right?

  • Brian (Sunday, January 23 22 03:11 pm EST)

    Why are they trying to steal our tax break? The director will still be full time just doing a little different job that's all. These people are nuts.

  • Tom (Sunday, January 23 22 02:12 pm EST)

    Those scheming to keep Mr. Herzog in a full-time position as only the director of a presently failing facility should not be listened to by anyone. They do not have the community's best interest at heart. Mr. Sullivan offered some solid suggestions in his article as to what the next steps should be. I think we all agree that more technical courses must be offered in the technical center but Mr. Sullivan is right that first a good plan of action has to be created. Throwing more money at a director who in nearly four years has failed to create any programs at all is incredibly stupid. The superintendent should be considering Mr. Herzog's future with the school administration instead of offering him continued employment. Positive changes are needed.

  • Joseph (Sunday, January 23 22 02:07 pm EST)

    No sales tax needed.
    State has a surplus and some are to stupid to make the state pay more back to communities, and instead come up with additional tax burden ideas

  • Tim Mulligan (Sunday, January 23 22 12:34 pm EST)

    Time for a City sales tax. All are in agreement.

  • Jim Sullivan (Sunday, January 23 22 10:22 am EST)

    Two new articles published today.

    1) Will the public's tax break be sabotaged?

    2) No Deal!

    Both articles are published on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Hard work determination is right (Saturday, January 22 22 11:38 am EST)

    Hard work is the problem look around we have non working citizens everywhere

  • Old Man Wisdom (Friday, January 21 22 04:29 am EST)

    The key to fixing Claremont is hard work and determination. Stop pretending you are a victim of your circumstances. Develop a 100 year view of where Claremont should be and start working towards it every day, together.

  • City Insider (Thursday, January 20 22 05:43 pm EST)

    Tax Walmart to pay the City workers more.

  • tony baker (Thursday, January 20 22 04:07 pm EST)

    Donk I think you are wrong on the city pay scales. the people doing that work here would get those same benefits at any other city or town, and a higher base pay. It is fine if Claremont wants to be the lowest paying town in NH. Just accept that you will also eventually have the lowest performers in all of the positions. The you will have departments with limited managers who can't manage a budget, and end out spending more to try and correct the problems.

  • Donk (Thursday, January 20 22 11:33 am EST)

    It's only a matter of time until small city/town New Hampshire goes bust.
    The problem is that the state has no income tax to assist with things like education,pensions and health insurance for city employees.When you add in health insurance premiums and pensions into city employee pay you will find they aren't as low paid as they would have you think.Now that just may be the way it is everywhere,but without state help we are sunk.

  • John J O’Connor (Thursday, January 20 22 08:18 am EST)

    Don’t get your panties in a twist, people here like to bully.
    Don’t be intimidated!!!
    I appreciate your suggestion. In Claremont’s present condition, no idea is a bad idea. Creating a sales tax, even as limited as you propose would be aggressively challenged on the State level but it’s a worthy idea for discussion.
    Don’t lose faith, I was a big fan of your Dad and we know he wouldn’t let a few mental midgets run him off.
    Stay strong !!!!!

  • Ray Hughes (Wednesday, January 19 22 08:55 pm EST)

    Here’s my email
    Hit me up for real (Bob or John). Cause i really didn’t intend share anything on this useless ass forum until troll boy John took a Facebook thread out of context.

  • Ray Hughes (Wednesday, January 19 22 08:46 pm EST)

    Hey bob, I ran for city council and probably won’t again because from what I learning there isn’t whole lot the city council can do. And that’s who I was having a discussion with on a different platform before it moved over here. Let me know when you thumb wears out. I’m not bitching I’m sharing my ideas as to where I see revenue generating for the city without raising residential property taxes and am learning about the obstacles set in place, so I can continue to formulate a plan. What are you attempting to do for the community? Where are your ideas? You take your opinion and stfu. Don’t even have the integrity to put your last name down when calling me out.

    You realize Walmart is as successful as they are because the government at all three levels subsidizes their business. They keep 95% of their employees at part time to prevent unionization Why do you think they can sell shit so cheap.
    Why do you like Walmart? Most of the people on this thread despise the welfare lifestyle and that’s Walmart’s bread and butter. The American way is crony capitalism and corporate welfare. I dislike Walmart because I worked for Stan Kroenke’s Colorado Rapids soccer team and it was a shitty business and organization.
    You can just target specific business for taxes. There is a specific food and meals sales tax.

    If we can’t change the tax law and tax them without the state doing it, I don’t really care but I can see why city struggles the way it does.

  • John (Wednesday, January 19 22 07:39 pm EST)

    Yeah I don’t think you can tax just one or two businesses. It ain’t the American way. I’m sure Walmart employs more lawyers than the entire population of Claremont and that would be in litigation until the cows come home. Back to the drawing board.

  • BOB (Wednesday, January 19 22 07:15 pm EST)

    All I see is Ray doing a lot of BITCHING and not a lot of problem solving!! hey Ray take your Idea's of how to make Claremont better and go before the city council and present them. If you're not part of the solution you're part of the problem!!! I don't wanna see any BS here go before the council then come back and run it. Otherwise stfu

  • John (Wednesday, January 19 22 05:55 pm EST)

    You are mad at Walmart for being successful and you want to punish them by specifically targeting 3 businesses in town with a tax?

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