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  • William (Saturday, January 16 21 02:30 pm EST)

    Wow our illustrious Mayor Charlene Lovett sure can politically spin with the best of them. I watched the Council meeting from the comfort of my home and I was amazed by her version of events that placed a positive government friendly spin on every item she touched upon inside her weekly article. The woman clearly has her head somewhere up in the clouds and she wants to bring everyone else up to a similar altitude where the air is thin and one cannot think clearly. I look forward to reading the Sullivan Report’s more down-to-earth realistic version of events that transpired during the city council meeting.

  • Jim Sullivan (Friday, January 15 21 12:06 pm EST)

    New article.

    Remote Learning extended within the Claremont School District.

    Published on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • John J. O’Connor (Tuesday, January 12 21 08:31 am EST)

    Great article Jim, the SAU should be sending you a W2 for doing their job.

  • Travis (Tuesday, January 12 21 08:18 am EST)

    What is up with the Eagle Times not reporting the right news by reporting a property tax rate reduction of $.60 without explaining that $.10 of that reduction is from the state government and has nothing to do with the Claremont school board or Mr. Tempesta or anyone on his administrative staff. That is shoddy reporting and it is deceptive as hell. It sucks that people have to pay to read the Eagle Times and folks cannot trust what is printed in the newspaper. What it amounts to is fake news. The so-called journalist should be ashamed.

  • William (Monday, January 11 21 04:05 pm EST)

    I read an article that sparked my attention on Granite Grok. That article was entitled, the proper use of per-student cost. I suggest everyone finds and reads it. The gist is that the present day cost per student is stacked with a lot of add-ons that are not really necessary. The author suggests taking the student costs from 1995, pre-Claremont lawsuit, and multiply that with the cost of living since then and you will come with a total of about $8000 per student. Then have school administrators and school boards live within those means and deduct from the budget all the other wasteful spending. It would certainly drop the property tax rate a whole bunch and with so many people financially hurting because of the Covid crisis, it sounds like an idea worth investigating. I know we talk about city officials showing some leadership I think it’s time for school officials to show the same thing.

  • Craig (Monday, January 11 21 01:43 pm EST)

    I just wanted to say that I always appreciate reading the Sullivan Report articles. The articles always well researched and I like how we are shown the documents so we can see where they pulled their facts from. If the Eagle Times and E-Ticker did that with the articles they publish then most of the time they would be showing pictures or drawings of the anuses of government officials because that’s where many of the so-called facts for their fake news seem to come from.

  • Todd (Monday, January 11 21 12:00 pm EST)

    I think the city, the schools and the county are all being run right into the ground by a large group of imbeciles that were either elected or hired by the imbeciles the voters elected. It is too bad that Moe, Larry and Curly are deceased because as incompetent as they were on screen they would be a step up from whom we have running the show today.

  • Ron (Monday, January 11 21 10:39 am EST)

    I wonder what the folks in the SAU office do all day long? They are certainly not doing their jobs because they are not paying attention to what they are supposed to be doing. It wasn’t too long ago that there were a lot of school staffers not paying attention on the lunch program collections or getting paperwork into certain government agencies on time and that cost the taxpayers a lot of money. We have school principals and staffers at the high school not doing their jobs and their negligence now has the school district in court. Now state aid is cut more than our local school big shots thought it would be and nobody at the SAU office seems to have a clue about a thing. Mr. Sullivan finds out about it and is once again ahead of the curve in front of everyone else. If the schools were managed by professional administrators then things like this would never happen.

  • Christine (Monday, January 11 21 10:11 am EST)

    I just saw this on Facebook and I had to check the article out. I am new to Claremont but I have to tell you I glanced at several of the articles on this website and I really like what I see and I will be a regular reader from now on. I subscribed to the Eagle Times but in just a few short weeks I see that they do not put much effort into reporting the news and they recycle news articles for several days to fill their daily editions. I also have looked at the e- ticker news and I am not all that impressed with that publication either. It looks slick but the content is heavily slanted towards pro-government views. The biases are obvious and unpalatable and I will never read their publication again because I am not into fake news.

  • Bob (Monday, January 11 21 09:50 am EST)

    I appreciate seeing the handout from Mr. Seaman. I found it very interesting reading. I think shenanigans may be afoot with the special ed trust fund money and I sure am glad to see that Mr. Sullivan is looking into this matter because the school board members are sure not doing the jobs they were elected to do and that is to represent we the people’s best interest. I noticed that the budget expenses are over $1.5 million less but the dollar amount needed to be raised by property taxes is going up by over $500,000. Not exactly a great showing for our school leaders.

  • Gail (Monday, January 11 21 08:43 am EST)

    When rigid Richard Seaman was the chairman of the school board he was very good at glossing over facts and trying to quickly pass spending motions without any real review of anything. In my opinion that is just his work habit style and he is doing the same thing as the school’s finance director. I’m not surprised he left things out. What I am surprised about is how he and the superintendent missed the big October change of state aid. I find it hard to believe that the state would do that without sending notifications to each school district. Is the SAU office in such disarray that mail is lost or important emails are not read? Under the previous superintendent, the SAU office was in a shambles. Is the same thing happening now?

  • Brad (Monday, January 11 21 08:32 am EST)

    A deficit of over $365,000 is a heck of a lot of money. How the heck did Richard Seaman miss this? I hope you are all paying attention and realizing that if Jim Sullivan hadn’t noticed a problem with the numbers that this deficit never would have been noticed until much later in the school year and then school leaders would have an even worse problem on their hands. I think the superintendent bears some responsibility too. He is supposed to be staying on top of things too. This is the problem with the school district nobody ever takes responsibility for anything and nobody is ever held responsible for anything. We still have a principal and other staff members at the high school that turned a blind eye when a special education student was in trouble and they are both still employed with the school district. That situation did not change when the family filed a lawsuit against the school district. With no one being held responsible for their actions there is no professionalism and there is no protection for our students. Heads should be rolling but all our school board members are doing is burying their heads in the sand and doing nothing. They are not showing any leadership at all.

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, January 11 21 06:29 am EST)

    New article.

    Unexpectedly State Aid for the Claremont School District significantly drops for 2021 & 2022! Creating big deficit for FY 2021 and possibly FY 22 as well.

    Article published on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Jim Sullivan (Sunday, January 10 21 09:20 am EST)

    Sorry, I do not know which School Board Members are up for reelection this year. Their elected terms are not stated on the SAU #6 website. I suggest that you call the SAU #6 office tomorrow and I am sure they will tell you.

  • Wondering (Sunday, January 10 21 07:59 am EST)

    Jim, do you know which school board members are up for reelection right now?

  • Dr Paul (Friday, January 08 21 10:10 pm EST)

    Pam has Koloski’s DNA all over it.

  • Jim Sullivan (Thursday, January 07 21 02:05 pm EST)

    SAU #6 Officials issued a public notice regarding remote learning that will begin tomorrow. The notice is published on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Bob (Thursday, January 07 21 11:19 am EST)

    Pam: typical you name call, it is the only thing you have, I could care less about your original post and since the only thing you understand is name calling and degrading of people I would have to say you are one of those Liberal left wing nut jobs who never take responsibility for their own words and actions play the victim and blame all their problems on some one else, if you want to see a real idiot look in the mirror!!

  • Jim Sullivan (Thursday, January 07 21 09:06 am EST)

    Two COVID-19 reported within Claremont School District.

    Article published on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Robert (Tuesday, January 05 21 03:54 pm EST)


    Since when does Mark Limoges sit on the police commission? Sounds like you are clearly uneducated and have an ax to grind. Maybe you should try posting factual information if you want to sound credible.

  • John J, O’CONNOR (Tuesday, January 05 21 01:41 pm EST)

    Pam... if you had any balls you would post your real complete name so Mr.Stone , Mr. Belisle, and Mr. Limoges could sue you for slander and libel.
    But since your a coward, I wouldn’t expect you to do that.
    Remember, free speech isn’t always free, there is a cost for everything.

  • Pam (Tuesday, January 05 21 12:49 pm EST)


    Please explain to me the topic of my original post - which is now gone or shut up.

    Since Sullivan is your God tell me, exactly what document are you referring to that Sullivan has that disputes my post and proves that this site is very, heavily anti-Koloski - posts which he NEVER deletes

    Since you can't you are jousting with windmills

    Kiss Kiss

  • Pam (Tuesday, January 05 21 12:44 pm EST)


    Why are yo Trumpanistas so obsessed with butts?

    Also, please tell me the original topic which was deleted or shut up because you are ignorant.


  • Bob (Tuesday, January 05 21 11:37 am EST)

    Pam: "WEAK" and if you don't like this site so much and it's owner may I suggest you start your own site and collect all the facts and refute any evidence posted here with proof. Oh and by the way this is a private page and all the name calling and degrading of the owner of this page does not make you virtuous or grant you any special rights to post what ever you want and then call it censorship when it is removed. Get your own page so you can write whatever you want. Nobody listens to buthurt people ranting like a child who can't get their way.

  • Steve (Tuesday, January 05 21 11:30 am EST)

    Pam, give it up. Jim never writes anything that he can't back up. Read his articles, they are all sourced with documents. Let it go.

  • Jim Sullivan (Tuesday, January 05 21 11:09 am EST)

    Pam or whoever you really are that is a very simple question to answer.

    Claremont 4 Real published an article on August 20, 2019 entitled "The “Sullivan Report” Slurs Claremont4Real -Due To A Forum Full Of Stoopid Rubes" with a picture directly underneath of what appears to be two hillbillies. I kept a copy of the article. The entire article was about poor Nick Koloski being blamed for the "City's woes" and how great his restaurant is. The article also credited me for deleting the comments that went too far making allegations that could not be verified. Essentially doing the same thing that I'm doing to you "Pam" as has been always our policy from the very beginning. Fortunately this is something I rarely have to do as most people who comment do not cross the line. Hopefully you will see this as a learning experience because I do not like to delete anyone's comments.

  • Pam (Tuesday, January 05 21 10:26 am EST)

    Hey Sullied Man,

    I just went back and reviewed.

    The Claremont 4 which doesn't have a single "pro-Kolosky" article as you wrote just below.

    Prove me wrong and post the link.

    You can't. You are projecting.

    What you run is an "incredibly supportive website" of all things anti-Kolosky.

    Projection is an early sign of dementia - I suggest you get a proof reader/fact checker...

  • Jim Sullivan (Tuesday, January 05 21 09:49 am EST)

    To Pam or whatever your name is since according to your email information (that is never shown on the website) you are somehow affiliated with the apparently defunct Claremont 4 Real website that was incredibly supportive of Councilor Nick Koloski. The reason why I deleted both of your comments is because there is no proof that anything you're claiming is the truth. However to be perfectly clear I am not calling you a liar because what you state may be true, I simply don't know and there is no way to verify it. Since you state that your intent is to contact Councilor Nick Koloski, my advice is for you to reach out to him directly either by his City Councilor Councilor email address found on the City of Claremont website or call him at his restaurant when it's open later today. You could also contact the Claremont Police Department with your concerns. Those are the proper channels to use. Please with all due respect,do not post those unfounded accusations here again because I will only have to delete them again. Thank you.

  • The Mayor Knows (Tuesday, January 05 21 08:27 am EST)

    The entire City Council is either too stupid to see the problem or they are the problem.
    The Mayor is extremely involved in the day to day operations of the City, she has been seen in City Hall on an almost daily basis.
    I want to know what she knows and when did she know it because there is no way she was not aware of this 300k slush fund, her silence on this issue is an indicator that she knows a lot more then she is letting on.
    I’m sure she will plead ignorance but no one will believe it because of what a control freak she is.
    My only hope is maybe one of the newer Councilors will step up and DEMAND action be taken but I won’t hold me breath.
    Seems they all share the same brain.

  • Nathan (Monday, January 04 21 11:01 pm EST)

    I think it is time for a forensic audit of the two TIF Districts as Mr. Sullivan suggested. I also think it is time for the councilors to show some leadership, transfer that $300,000 and change into the city’s general fund accounts, and spend the money on road paving. I know $300,000 will not go to to far but it will be better than what we have put aside in the budget now, which is practically nothing because of bad councilor leadership.

  • William (Monday, January 04 21 05:23 pm EST)

    Read an article from the Center Square about a report done by the Tax Foundation that they entitled, Where State Unemployment Compensation Trust Funds stand in December. The source data for the report comes from the US Department of Labor. The report lists all the states in the union and New Hampshire is not looking too good. The net trust fund balance is $123,072,715 as of December 17, 2020. Through the week ending December 12, 2020 there were 20,743 beneficiaries receiving an average weekly benefit of $346. I did the math and the fund will run dry into deficit spending in 17 weeks. I know that will be some money replenishing that trust fund but let’s be realistic just how much do you think New Hampshire brings in each week when they are paying out on average $7,177,070 each week. Things are not looking good.

  • Don (Monday, January 04 21 05:02 pm EST)

    As long as you have folks like Nick Koloski and Charlene Lovett and Allen Damren on the city council, it will be nearly impossible to make any good changes because they are there to only support the wishes, the desires and the greed of special interests with political influence. No one else to them matters. We are beneath their notice except when they want our vote at election time then afterwards they forget all about us again for two more years.

  • Teri (Monday, January 04 21 03:28 pm EST)

    I would like to see the councilors transfer that $300,000 out of the Downtown TIF accounts and put that money towards road paving for this spring. Forget about the low traffic roads such as Franklin Street and fix up the higher traffic roads for the taxpayers who are paying a very high tax bill every year to support a city with a very small population.

  • Tom (Monday, January 04 21 02:35 pm EST)

    It looks to me as if our city leaders created an off the books slush fund for themselves that already has over $300,000 in it. I wonder if the money is still there or if the loot was embezzled and split up between one or more shady characters.

  • Gary (Monday, January 04 21 12:21 pm EST)

    Claremont city government has always been shady but it has gotten much worse over recent years. Mr. Morris does not like government transparency and the city councilors are aiding and abetting by not holding Mr. Morris's feet to the fire and making him act as a professional city manager. Pathetic leadership leads to pathetic and unsatisfactory results. I do not see anything changing for the better until maybe next year and that depends on the November election results for the city council.

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, January 04 21 10:04 am EST)

    To Just Asking: The Council packet for the January 13 meeting is not available yet. It will not appear on the City website until sometime on Monday, January 11 at the earliest and then it will only be available for a very short timeframe. If you want to read it I suggest you download it onto your computer before it disappears. You will also notice that the PDF will say reduced, suggesting that certain documents are not made available to the public. More of the Morris Administration's "public transparency".

    To John O'Connor: Thank you for the kind words they are greatly appreciated. I agree that a focused forensic audit is in order not only for the Downtown TIF District but for the River Road TIF District as well. Millions of dollars passed through those accounts and in my opinion, several questionable accounting practices took place such as the River Road TIF District collecting more money than it needed to meet expenses for several years and then lending those funds totaling $2,979,745 to the Downtown TIF District, which was never repaid. I have found no state legislation that allows that practice. Based on my research of the state legislation TIF funds collected must be spent on expenses for that TIF District only not some other one. Yet the municipal government did it anyway.

  • John J. O’Connor (Monday, January 04 21 08:52 am EST)

    Good work Jim.
    All this time I thought you were slacking or in semi- retirement, little did I know how in-depth you were getting with the city finances.
    As our former City Manager was fond of saying, “ this doesn’t pass the smell test.” It might also explain why during an extensive nationwide search for a new City Manager, the best and brightest candidates turned down the position. Leaving Claremont no choice but to select the runner up, twice!
    It’s time for the City Council to listen to Councilor Stone and hire a Forensic accountant to finally get to the bottom of all this.
    If you know a felony has been committed and you don’t report that felony, you have committed a felony.
    Words of wisdom for all our elected Officials.

  • Just Asking (Monday, January 04 21 07:21 am EST)

    Anyone want to share how one gets the Council Packet off the new and improved city website.

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, January 04 21 06:54 am EST)

    New article.

    Finally some answers regarding Claremont's Downtown TIF District.

    The article is on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Steve (Thursday, December 31 20 05:02 pm EST)

    Mostly Uncensored used to be cutting edge with truth reporting and editorial cartoons that showed our government leaders and their actions for what they really are. Lately except for the Sullivan Report articles that are posted there it is a wasteland of mediocrity. I've been very disappointed with page for some time as it seems to be taking a pro-government direction. Maybe some of the government leaders are influencing this new direction.

  • Jen (Thursday, December 31 20 03:31 pm EST)

    Maybe Mostly uncensored has drank the same Kool Aid as Eagle Times, and E Ticker news, and is getting kick backs for not exposing all that's wrong with Claremont.
    Come on Mostly uncensored, and not follow the pays of the other Claremont news sources.

  • Rick (Thursday, December 31 20 02:13 pm EST)

    I see that NASA is looking to the New Hampshire business community for help with their next moon mission. Maybe we could send the entire City Council and Mr. Morris to the moon and call it an exploratory economic development fact-finding trip but make it a one-way voyage only. That would certainly be a boon for Claremont. Cheers everyone and have a Happy New Year.

  • William (Wednesday, December 30 20 11:56 am EST)

    Something else that has been missing on Mostly Uncensored is more about the new unqualified director of public works. The man has no credentials or work experience at all in regards to the position he was hired for. Managing buildings for a public works department is a far cry from managing the largest department in our fair city. What does this new director know about street maintenance, cemeteries, recycling and the operation of water and wastewater treatment facilities? Absolutely nothing but he seems to be an unemployed friend of the city manager so it's okay for Mr. Morris to hire an ignorant candidate to this high paid position and the councilors do absolutely nothing about it. Amazing. We have the worst management in New Hampshire for our city and county governments and the school administration is not all that stellar either. I remember years ago when Mr. Santagate said he would hire the best of the best for Claremont's municipal government. Today we seem to have hired and elected the worst of the worst.

  • Bob (Wednesday, December 30 20 11:30 am EST)

    That's why I'm a fan of Mostly uncensored. The one who runs that page isn't affraid to post anything. Very surprised that Mostly uncensored has'nt been posting more on this Morris character, and the current City Council.

  • Janice (Wednesday, December 30 20 10:01 am EST)

    I am appalled by the behavior of the city councilors. Mr. Morris is out of control with his unprofessional behavior and actions. His willingness to give special treatment to certain individuals at taxpayers expense and connive and manipulate to give city employees enormous salary raises to the detriment of all other city services is in my view more than sufficient grounds for his termination. However I do not see this group of councilors working up the nerve or the energy to fire Mr. Morris. City services will continue to deteriorate in quality while our tax burden increases until a change of leadership is made. I believe next November is when the entire city council is up for reelection, I suggest we as voters make a New Year's Resolution to replace all of them.

  • Joe (Tuesday, December 29 20 07:53 pm EST)

    Everyone is looking but only a few, a very small few, too few to make a difference, care.

  • Tom (Tuesday, December 29 20 01:32 pm EST)

    It sickens me to see how Ed Morris conducts business at City Hall when nobody is looking. Back room deal after deal benefiting friends and colleagues seems to be Mr. Morris’s modus operandi. A quick review of recent events all reported in the Sullivan Report is all that is necessary to create an unassailable case that even the most gung ho, diehard, true believer city councilor such as Nicholas Koloski for example could not shake the confidence of with lies or half-truths or innuendo. The selling of the Junior Sports League Building with the large property assessment reduction dramatically lowering the annual property tax bill presumably requested by the interested buyer and the low $5,000 bid price handed in by that buyer, the only bidder. The corrupted municipal employee compensation study with unrealistic municipal community comparators preapproved by high-level municipal employees with a conflict of interest, culminating with an outrageous set of conclusions and recommendations. Manipulation of data to reach predetermined conclusions regarding senior citizen exemptions and veterans tax credits to maintain current income and asset levels not changed in I believe the article reported for 12 years to contain increased expenditures to divert taxpayer funds to increase municipal employee compensation. Manipulation of data to reach predetermined conclusions regarding a dramatically revised and obviously unrealistic road-paving plan that cuts costs in half to divert taxpayer funds to increase municipal employee compensation. Funds spent to demolish a downtown building directly benefiting a local developer of low-income housing. This same developer received millions of dollars of public funds with assistance from the city of Claremont’s municipal government. Sullivan County officials announce their intention to purchase the former Eagle Times building and subsequently receive a very large property assessment reduction, and an extremely generous three-year term payment in lieu of taxes agreement with a one-year deferral and apparently free infrastructure upgrades courtesy of Mr. Morris and the taxpayers of Claremont. Mr. Morris also hired a new public works director that seemingly has no practical job experience and possibly a friend of Mr. Morris from his days working as town administrator for Wethersfield Vermont. All the while, our nine elected city councilors meekly sit and say or do nothing. One can only imagine what will happen next and what those actions will cost Claremont taxpayers.

  • Jim Sullivan (Tuesday, December 29 20 07:41 am EST)

    Some sobering news regarding Sullivan County Sober House.

    Article published on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Steven (Monday, December 28 20 08:57 pm EST)

    Dale Girard would be an excellent choice but let’s be honest, if he is chosen, his wife would be pulling his strings.

  • Seat (Monday, December 28 20 08:51 pm EST)

    I hear Dale girard was putting his name in the hat for kiers at large council seat but being a business owner who has obligations of keeping people employed and figuring out budgets im sure that we will push him aside and get this fuck stick mooshian who is a looser

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