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  • Spending yo money!!! (Tuesday, January 28 20 08:54 pm EST)

    We should be happy Damren out of our school system how come these beauracrats dont just leave with his retirement he wants to make sure he can continue to spend other people's money wastefully like he has for years I guess addicting maybe ??????

  • Haircut (Tuesday, January 28 20 08:45 pm EST)

    Damren needs a haircut another liberal squirrel I hear he really losing his mind or whatever he has had left of it

  • Vote in another libtard (Tuesday, January 28 20 08:39 pm EST)

    Contois is a looser black lives matter signs and Bernie signs all over that idiots lawn libtard

  • Bob (Tuesday, January 28 20 08:35 pm EST)

    Thank god Damren and the Mayor are off the planning board, but only to be replaced with the air head Contois and Morris is no help either...shit back to square 1 god help us

  • Jim Sullivan (Tuesday, January 28 20 12:09 pm EST)

    Two articles today.

    1) Claremont School Officials do an abrupt about-face on Grammar School Restructuring.

    2) Political maneuvering – squabbling continues at the January 22, 2020 Claremont City Council meeting.

    Full details on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Jim Sullivan (Wednesday, January 22 20 11:17 pm EST)

    Bob, Cottage Courts might be a good thing but I am concerned that it will set a legal precedent to allow a larger more expansive open space ordinance to follow. That could cause a large influx of school age students into the school district forcing expansion of facilities and staffing and the tax revenue increase will not come anywhere close to what it will cost to place and educate all the new students. Large property tax increases is not what Claremont needs now. Bob, as far as your other question I have no knowledge about it.

  • Bob (Wednesday, January 22 20 04:36 pm EST) CAN you give all the details about Semans wife and what her business is and when she tried to implement it in Claremont. and I need all the details because I know there is someone on the forum that will confront them and call them out at a SB meeting in the future. thank you

  • Bob (Wednesday, January 22 20 04:00 pm EST)

    Jim Sullivan: what is your take on the cottage courts it seems if done right could be a good thing. I am very interested in your opinion.

  • Jim Sullivan (Wednesday, January 22 20 06:26 am EST)

    County Officials to present Sober Housing Project to the Planning Board.

    New zoning changes and housing initiatives proposed.

    Details on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • My throat hurts (Wednesday, January 22 20 04:42 am EST)

    This county commissioner group along with FERLAND needs to all be sent packing like without Jobs just keep shoving junk down the throats of claremont most if the population that actually work and pay Bill's dont wish to keep hearing your bullshit we dont want your beds for junkies and shitbag convicts in claremont keep it at the county complex if your program is so great

  • Bob (Tuesday, January 21 20 12:12 pm EST)

    The problem is our elected officials are compromised. Whether they are with the County, the School District or the corrupt City government it does not seem to matter. All but a few all seem to be on the same page of spend lots of tax dollars on big projects to expand the size of government and create more public jobs for the taxpayers to fund. Reducing the size of government or the size of government budgets is never part of the thought process. Until that changes the taxpayers will continue to be taken advantage of by those they elect.

  • Charles (Tuesday, January 21 20 11:06 am EST)

    Liz, the new car dealers,the travel agencies,and the restaurants depend on the bloated administrative government hierarchy.
    The halfway house,or the disability or Social Security check people don't buy new cars or go on vacation.

  • Liz (Tuesday, January 21 20 10:44 am EST)

    I never realized how heavily burdened the Claremont taxpayers are relative to an overabundance of school administrators with their inflated salaries and much too generous benefits packages. Our school board members are doing a terrible job representing the best interests of the public and the students. All of these wasted tax dollars on useless and unnecessary administrators could be reinvested into the school district and used to reduce the much too heavy property tax burden in Claremont. A lower property tax rate could ignite economic development. It certainly would not hurt.

  • Jason (Tuesday, January 21 20 07:33 am EST)

    Charlene Lovett has a soft spot in her twisted heart for the farmers market. She used to run the thing for God sakes until she began taking over the city government. She has never seen a government program that she does not like or tax dollars that she does not like to spend. She supports turning Claremont into a sanctuary city and she has been supporting project after project to get all of the pieces into place. More low-rent housing for Kevin Lacasse’s company to the tune of $1 million in federal taxpayer money for just two projects in Claremont to bring in those low-rent apartments. All kind of government benefits for social service programs for local nonprofit agencies to create more social services for the refugees when they arrive. An expanded dental clinic for the refugees. A music center for them to entertain themselves in. Transitional housing for teenage runaways with children and the County’s transitional housing for at least 50 drug-addicted ex-convicts. A needle exchange program and other rehab programs to care for the population that she is trying to migrate to Claremont. Mayor Lovett is out of her mind but then so many others on the city council are as demented as well because they all seem to be lining up right behind her with their rubberstamp vote of yes ever at the ready for everything that will eventually destroy our wonderful way of life here.

  • Lynn (Tuesday, January 21 20 07:19 am EST)

    If the Claremont farmers market cannot survive on its own, it should die the death of all failed businesses. The Claremont taxpayers do not need to support another failed program with our tax dollars.

  • Decisions (Monday, January 20 20 04:06 pm EST)

    Lovett was a admin nothing in the military and is an admin nothing as our mayor self serving idiot and then she in control of idk what she couldn't make a decision on anything without legal counsel. bunch of idiots !!!!!! I'm sure all these opinions from these legal geniuses is cheap

  • Bob (Monday, January 20 20 03:13 pm EST)

    Claremont Voter's really dropped the ball on the last municipal election. "You reap what you sow" for the next two years. Enjoy Mayor Lovett's "Progressive" Agenda and the price tag that will come with it!

  • Charles (Monday, January 20 20 02:44 pm EST)

    Can Am is in all likelihood closing.The new trade agreement will allow the bridge components to be fabricated in Canada.
    The labor cost savings will more than justify the move.Health Insurance in Canada is provided by National health care.Canada is also importing thousands from the middle east.Many of these newly minted immigrants have experience in metal work,and they have youth and numbers on their side.
    I'm sure that the Quebec based firm is also working on Canadian grants for immigrant jobs,as well as big tax breaks for the relocation.

    It's too bad that Claremont squanders tax breaks,tax forgiveness,and contruction grants to slum lords and low life bar owners.You snooze,you loose,and Claremont is downright narcoleptic!

  • Tom (Monday, January 20 20 02:11 pm EST)

    The Sullivan Report scoops everyone else again. Great job on the Canam story get guys.

  • Jim Sullivan (Monday, January 20 20 12:39 pm EST)

    Special Report!

    Canam Bridges sold!

    Article is on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Scott (Monday, January 20 20 11:08 am EST)

    They all sound like a bunch of DemocRATS to me!

  • Todd (Sunday, January 19 20 04:48 pm EST)

    In regards to hiring Morris and McNutt before him, what do you expect from Lovett and her misfit band of loonies?

  • Bridge to nothing (Sunday, January 19 20 04:44 pm EST)

    Our police dept has been in shambles since Alex Scott took over. The Santagate regime of liberals hire that spineless no experience in leadership of anything to ruin a dept our city is what it is from the hiring practices and liberal policys for 10 plus years let's name another bridge for him he loved the incompetant dept heads so he could micro manage pretty smart actually if you can get away with it which same thing our council just did in hiring Morris

  • Jeremy (Sunday, January 19 20 02:51 pm EST)

    I was on vacation last week so I’m just catching up with the news on the Sullivan Report. I know this comment is a little dated but I need to get this off my chest. I cannot believe how dumb our city council is. Who in their right mind allows an employee to make up the criteria that they will be rated on for their job performance review? The job performance review is the process that decides if the city manager will get a pay raise or a termination. This is the tail wagging the dog. Why doesn’t the city councilors understand that?

  • Rick (Sunday, January 19 20 01:11 pm EST)

    It used to be that you could trust a cop. Now you sometimes cannot tell the honest cops from the dishonest ones. I used to have great respect for Mark Chase but no more. Andy O’Hearne was right about how Mark used the turnover numbers to his own advantage without qualifying what they mean. Mark is using those numbers to justify bigger salaries and greater compensation for his police officers, who are doing a terrible job keeping the crime rate down. Mark seems to be hiding the crime statistics from everyone. Mark is definitely not on the side of the taxpayers so why should we support him as chief?

  • Charles (Sunday, January 19 20 11:23 am EST)

    Why is a city with the lowest income in the state paying the highest wages in the state to it's employees?

  • Sad Times (Sunday, January 19 20 11:13 am EST)

    Just read your article on Claremont's view buy outsiders and I am not one bit surprised. As an insider I can see this too. Claremont is run by passive leaders in every department. I have trouble believing some of our leaders claim to be conservative. Conservatives would recognize that Claremont’s size does not justify the pay scales for tax payer funded employees. Unions are running the city and don’t you forget that. City, Police, and School leaders are backboneless when it comes to negotiations. Hard to turn back now. City government is a giveaway at tax payer expense without weighing the cost group. Since the retirement of Chief Prozzo the Claremont PD has become a passive lack of enforcement department and the downtown district is living proof of that and it is bleeding into the school system. The school leadership is so top heavy that it has fallen under its own weight. Between that and the union control of the education system it will take generations to fix it. Admitting that an era is over and not saving old buildings at government expense would be a great start. Outsourcing or Bankruptcy is in our future.

  • Jim Sullivan (Sunday, January 19 20 09:37 am EST)

    Three new articles published today.

    1) Local government meetings galore this week in Claremont.

    2) Claremont Farmer's Market fails to cultivate public's interest.

    3) How outsiders are viewing Claremont.

    Full details on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Jim Sullivan (Sunday, January 19 20 09:35 am EST)

    The answer to your question is that the $500,000 CDBG grant paid for with public tax dollars to renovate a building that is not even worth half that amount will create seven low-income apartments.

  • No sanctuary city (Saturday, January 18 20 09:17 pm EST)

    Educator it would seem that plans have begun with revising the schools so students are not all sent to one school but by the grade and more teachers staff and busing will be needed. Also the city seems to be doing there part with the new apts on pleasant street and all the fed grants coming in. How many apts will be in Main Street after all that grant money and city help is given

  • Educator (Friday, January 17 20 11:33 am EST)

    If we are to become a sanctuary city,we will have to budget all of the expansion that thin entails.We will need additional classrooms and possibly even an additional school.We will need bi-lingual teachers and support staff,and that costs money.
    On the city's responsibility front,additional monies will be required to house our newly minted Claremont residents.I always remember what Hillary said,"It takes a village."

  • Liberal loser Richard seeman (Friday, January 17 20 06:33 am EST)

    Retiree is referring to Richard seeman they are bleeding heart liberals he is a ego driven snowflake who have done nothing but suck money out of this town and pushing there ideas they are implants go back to your town you came from and push your agenda we don't need you idiots the guy is the biggest idiot actually she pretty stupid herself Bernie Hillary loving libtards

  • (Thursday, January 16 20 10:10 pm EST)

    The realignment isn’t the only change coming. Please remember, the mastermind behind Johnson Controls and the big savings is the SAU CFO. Watch for an increase in ancillary educational spending as the district begins moving outside “education” into the schools. For example, the CFO’s spouse runs an outside agency and she has tried for years to bring her curriculum into Claremont but has been rebuffed because it’s not age appropriate for younger kids. With only grades 4-5 in a building, her target audience will be ripe for the picking. Or fleecing of tax dollars. Look at the sheer number of teachers on the payroll that do not teach in a class but instead have the word “specialist” in the title.

  • Jim Sullivan (Thursday, January 16 20 06:53 pm EST)

    New article.

    FY 21 School Budget – Elementary School Restructuring.

    Full details on the News Flashes page of this website.

  • Charles (Thursday, January 16 20 03:01 pm EST)

    You know,I was thinking about this city manager wanting to do a compensation study beyond administrators to encompass cops and firemen too.Who the hell does this guy think he works for? Why would we want anyone that works for us try to remove more money from OUR POCKETS?
    We have contracts already in place.They have benefits far beyond the average Claremonter,but it's never enough.It's always about what some other town is paying their help.Has anyone shown our manager what the per capita income is for Claremont? Since we have the lowest income,shouldn't our help be the lowest paid as a consequence?
    I don't need anyone working for me that has nothing better to do than devise ways of taking more of my hard earned money.

  • Bill (Thursday, January 16 20 09:52 am EST)

    Lovett’s membership in that mayors club is not a good thing for Claremont. All she is doing is pandering to the liberals and Claremont is suffering because of it.

  • Morons (Wednesday, January 15 20 09:46 pm EST)

    Imagine having a doctorate degree and not knowing how to collect lunch money help these morons please please please

  • Sau no confidence (Wednesday, January 15 20 09:42 pm EST)

    Exactly right these are the most incompetant people ever old Richard seemans and Benware I'm sure those two stroke there egos spending our money with there liberal principals

  • Jill (Wednesday, January 15 20 09:31 pm EST)

    No faith in the school board, they can't handle a lunch program and they want to make massive changes? Time for the SAU to be disbanded!

  • Benware please go with Bernie (Wednesday, January 15 20 09:24 pm EST)

    Benware fix stuff that you should be able like getting lunch money you dumb asses can't do that proven fact now you want to change the world just like Bernie will I hope you end up in Vermont with him after he fails too problem is we can't afford your ignorance in claremont so if you want to head to Vermont now and wait for him more power to you

  • Keep paying the taxes (Wednesday, January 15 20 08:58 pm EST)

    Good thing we are all paying the Bill's for these morons because if it was run like a business they would be gone thank God for idiots in local government that would never make it in the real world

  • Smarts (Wednesday, January 15 20 08:51 pm EST)

    These overly educated people can't figure out how to collect lunch money lol. How are they to implement changing the entire systems transport and staffing of the schools I really don't know

  • Liberal idiots another excellent plan (Wednesday, January 15 20 08:32 pm EST)

    K 1 will be Maple ave 2 3 will be Disnard 4 5 will be Bluff so that will be great maybe that will help these idiots learn how to collect school lunch money oh that's right Benware the bleeding heart is giving lunch and breakfast to everyone go vote Bernie we will all be at the schools eating so good thing they will have all this food liberal idiots

  • School mess no more walking to school (Wednesday, January 15 20 08:19 pm EST)

    Let's see the new plan for the restructuring of the schools so if you were to buy a house in maple district because you didn't want your kids to go to disnard or bluff wait till you see the proposal from another round of idiots that because there mommy and daddy bought them a college piece of paper they can change the world what a joke and the ignorant school board is right into it if you bring anything to our elected dubs they would think it's great keep letting these idiots on our council and boards

  • Matt (Wednesday, January 15 20 07:21 pm EST)

    Why does the city keep bending over for Kevin Lacasse of New England Family Housing? Seems like he has someone or some people in his pocket.

  • Mcnutts and Eddie (Wednesday, January 15 20 06:45 pm EST)

    Good luck if we were to get him out like the last idiot with lovett damren in place we will get the same result have a fake smoke and mirrors search committee research and waste there time for them to put the best guy forward and never even give him a chance hire a bumbling idiot that knows nothing from vt

  • Charles (Wednesday, January 15 20 01:40 pm EST)

    With managers like this one.who needs enemas?

  • Peter (Wednesday, January 15 20 01:23 pm EST)

    Boy Eddie our new city manager is a tax-and-spender isn’t he. The firefighters are very happy with his contract offer. Of course they are he is an old firefighter from out west and he wants to remain true to the firefighter’s brotherhood and he doesn’t give a damn about the Claremont taxpayers. Now he picked a company without doing a competitive bid to do a compensation study and then he expanded it to not only do it for the directors but to do it for all the city employees too. Then Eddie the big spender wants to give everybody big pay raises all at once, even if it means changing contracts early that are still in effect. This moron has to go. So does Lovett and all the other liberal snowflake lunatics on the Council.

  • Tom (Wednesday, January 15 20 11:09 am EST)

    It looks like the Farwell project will be another half ass project done by the city and I have no doubt that the pleasant restaurant project will end at the same way. The CDA is nothing more than a country club for political cronies and it looks like games are being played with these projects to cheapen up the finished product. Once again, the public is getting the wool pulled over their eyes. Thank goodness, Jim and AJ are looking out for us and getting the proof about their lies and deception.

  • Gloria (Wednesday, January 15 20 10:05 am EST)

    Sullivan and Maranville made a very good point about the inconsistency of the planning office’s enforcement of the building codes and protecting the safety of the public. The property on Main Street that Ed Morris is saying must come down is in much better shape than the Topstone property if you look at the tax cards from the assessing office. I think the only reason why the Topstone property is still up and operational and open to the public is because a city councilor is the biggest tenant in the building. Political influence is trumping public safety. Folks like to say there is no corruption at City Hall but those that say it are kidding themselves. Corruption and political favoritism is all around if you open your eyes to see it.

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